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JKP! Ep.173: It’s a Job – Jump Kick Punch!

“Row, row, earn your paycheck!”

Insensitive, stereotypically Irish greeting to you, JKPeers! This week finds Brandon, Eric, Harrison and Tom pullin’ up chairs to discuss the annual horrors of St. Patrick’s Day, finally react to Ken Levine’s closing of Irrational Games, softly applaud South Park: The Stick of Truth, encourage kickstarting Frog Fractions 2, coach the next generation of prop makers and review Vampire Academy. Plus, listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s referenced videos, trailers and nonsense.

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34 comments on “JKP! Ep.173: It’s a Job

  1. I miss Cody the thrillmaster.


  2. I would just like to apologize to Harrison for making the sticker joke. I did it one time for shits and giggles and I understood or it felt that, Harrison has a fear, which is silly and he acknowledges it, so lets have a quick laugh and get over it. Did it once, done, I’m over it.

    I have a case of ADD, which has its pros and cons, but only the cons come to light and I was very upset for some time, due to the wrong people pointing it out, as when the right people did it, we had a laugh and done.

    Again, I apolagize, as I didn’t mean to be rude in any way


  3. Patrick Mar 19, 2014

    I have a real comment in my brain about the correlation between the film industry and the game industry but I’m at work so that will have to wait. For now to answer your question Brandon, Sean is the SF3rd strike character who played basketball and was “Sporty Ryu”

    Another great episode guys!


    • Patrick Mar 20, 2014

      Okay for starters awards, praise, and critical acclaim really has no grounds whatsoever on weather or not a price of media is going to be a success to the company or distributor in this case. We live in a world where Rhythm & Hues can win the academy award while also be in the middle of bankruptcy.

      There has always been named creatives in the video game industry, remember John Romero? Where is he? John Carmack (although more of a programmer than creative) has moved on to create the Oculus Rift among other accomplishments. Peter Molyneux still is (at least from what I have read) creating Godus from his 22 cans company. I am certain that Ken Levine will continue to make great games that will keep our interest no matter the scope, it worked for Tim Schafer/Brad Muir/Ed Boone/Dave Lang. If you are looking for “the next big names in the video game industry” look towards the indie.

      The correlation I would make to the film industry about he current approach the game industry is taking currently is of the late 90’s/early 2000’s where big blockbuster movies had become somewhat benign and the independent scene was able to flourish for it. So if you take that into account we will continue to see smaller teams making wonderful interesting games while the big budget industry adapts either by dissolving/segmenting into smaller teams or by being enveloped into the other more larger companies (the THQ bankruptcy is a perfect example of this)

      The game industry is in no way “ending” as doomsayers are predicting or joking about. People will continue to create awesome games and this new generation in my opinion shows more promise of quality over quantity than ever.


  4. Bunta Mike Mar 19, 2014

    I was very curious where Matt got his information about inFamous Second Son. About it having a 6 hour campaign and rating low 8s. Metacritic has no reviews on it. Point is, Josh, (and anyone for that matter) should buy what game he is interested in not based off or reviews or play time.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Mar 20, 2014

      I’m probably wrong, but it feels like people who work for your competitor are trying to covertly infiltrate email time to spread pro-XBone propaganda.


    • The particle effects alone are enough to have me pick up a ps4 + seconds son.

      (when the ps5 comes out)


    • Lianne Mar 20, 2014

      I want to echo Bunta Mike’s sentiments. And now that the review embargo is lifted, the reviews are trending better than Dead Rising 3. Scores aside, I completely agree with you guys: buy what you want for the system you want.

      Also, I don’t mind not having a “face” to put on a game studio concerning AAA development. Games are such a huge collaborative effort that we really should be celebrating everyone’s contributions instead of just one person. I’m not saying to diminish recognition for a game director’s leadership since that can make or break a studio too, but I welcome equal limelight to everyone. It’ll help with the disconnect between the dev studio and the gamers, and remind fans that games are made by real people.

      Also, also, there was a lot more going on at Irrational than the public is aware of. Polygon did a pretty decent write-up on it:

      Tom: On Manga Studio licenses, I think you can install on 2 computers. I’ve been researching the same thing myself because I’m contemplating getting a Surface… >_>;;


      • Brandon Mar 20, 2014

        Was hoping and waiting for this post. Thanks for chiming in!


      • Bunta Mike Mar 21, 2014

        It really does seem as if the name or face behind a franchise in AAA games is going away. One example is Mass Effect and Dragon Age as Bioware games and I could not name the creators without looking them up. Other studios that come to mind are Bungie, Insomniac, Respawn and the list goes on. Japan might be holding onto the creator names of their games, though. Suda51, Miyamoto, and Kojima come to mind right away. Then again, as far back as I remember, Japan has always treated creative people as rock stars. Manga artists for example are very well known. Most people can put Toriyama’s name with Dragon Ball and Rumiko Takahashi with Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura.

        As for the e-mail about, “Buy this game over this game”. I know I talked about it already, but it just gave me flashbacks of countless trips to Gamestop. I would go in with money in hand and the product I wanted was in stock, yet they felt like talking me out of it. Example: I went in to purchase a Nintendo DS and the employee kept telling me, “You don’t want that, you need the Nokia N-Gage. The DS is garbage in comparison”. After 10 minutes of this I just left the store and purchased a Nintendo DS at Toys R Us. Really, just buy what you want. Don’t let someone dictate what you buy.


      • On the topic of Surface: if you are looking for a mobile, cintiq alternative, it’s great. Right now, the Surface Pro 1 is selling for about $600. If you’re looking for a PC replacement, surface pro 2 seems like a good idea, too.

        The only thing I really don’t like is the screen size. It’s tiny, but its extremely portable. Just makes it difficult to do finished work on it, is all.

        Try one out at a Microsoft store, if possible. If you have any other questions let me know!


        • Lianne Mar 21, 2014

          Thanks for the info, Tom! I did get a chance to try it out at the MS store, and I was impressed! The screen size does bum me out a little, but the portability is also attractive. Do you find the UI for the various art programs you use too small? I heard the screen’s pretty hi-res for a such a small form factor.

          Also, do you use a different pen than the one it came with?

          Thanks a bunch!


        • Looks like I have to reply one thread outside…

          I got used to the UI on PS and Manga Studio. It takes some messing with, but once you get a feel for it, it’s workable. It is very high resolution for the size, though.

          You can’t use any other pens but the MS Surface one. You also cant use wacom nibs (i’ve tried…). That said, the pen works well, and if you lose it, replacements are cheap in comparison to Wacom (30 Surface vs 80 Wacom).




        • Lianne Mar 21, 2014

          Hahahaha, yup yup! Hope you guys enjoy it! :D


  5. I’m not a fan of beer, but Czechvar and Budvar are the original Budweiser formula, which are availible in the US.

    I find it interesting that Tomb Reider is regarded to be better in the US and Infinite in Europe. I mean, I read many reviews, podcasts and things, but the fact that Lara was suffering and was a weak woman who later began to kick ass, but still not a hero, I think tabu is at work here.

    Most of the US based reviews that I saw stated, that Tomb Raider went too far with the gore and she was too helpless, things are too realistic and we should not see that, but still gave it a high score, while giving a 9 to Gears of war with ease. In my opinion, the game was too easy on it’s highest setting and I played the game with a controller, as the game is a good port, but not a balanced one. Also, how can a girl that has never fired a gun know how to mod a gun and make a ak47 out of a ww2 sub-machine gun.

    On the EU side, the reviews were ok, it’s a game, it works, but it’s too much on the side of drama. Many requests were, make her kickass lara, or weak lara, not the limbo middle and I totally agree.
    To keep things short, you can guess what we thought about infinite.

    I’m attending an engineering college and can confirm that there is a lack of practical knowlage in the field, as we have 5 kinds of math, physics and similar stuff in the first year and only 1 class dedicated to making a product and even that is 2 hours a week, not to mention the amount of rushing.

    On the talk about piracy, thanks to steam, I am about 80% buy and 20% pirate. I mostly pirate to have a kind of demo, as some games simply dont have demos any more. For example, if I would have bought Assassins creed 3, I would be pissed to learn about the poor optimization, so I just dont play it, or with the Adobe Suite or programs I need for school. There is no way I am buying a 1000€ program for calculations for the 3 months I need it in school (which the teachers recomended we do). Also I pirate all my music, not feeling bad about taking a few songs here and there, as I simply don’t listen to music, mostly internet radio and podcasts.
    Also we have a kind of law, that it is not illegal to have pirated stuff on your computer, as long as you dont distribute/personal use only, which is a big grey area.


  6. Mummies Alive was my shit.

    Yeah, I said it.

    (I was literally yelling “Mummies Alive! Mummies Alive!” When Eric couldn’t remember the title. I’m not proud)


  7. codycarver Mar 21, 2014

    couple of things;

    1) Hey Brandon, i don’t mind ya reading my e-mails. I just thought that first one was dumb because it took me all of thirty seconds of thinking/research to figure out on my own. as a 25 year old man, i was embarrassed that i even needed to ask. it was a lazy question, and I don’t want to burden you guys with lazy, uninspired topics.

    2) I want to apologize to the other listeners.I feel like I write in a lot. I feel super shitty for asking so many dumb questions and potentially robbing you of the chance to have your voice heard on the show. I like hearing these guys go on crazy non-sequiturs, and I find non comic or gaming questions are ripe for those kind of conversations, but they do that regardless, so i don’t know why i write in as much as i do. validation i guess? i dunno.

    3)Hey Harrison, I want to apologize for being a constant commenter on your fb page. i don’t think i’ve mentioned anything about your phobias, but if i have, i am really sorry. Half the time i comment, its just a quick little farted out comment that i think might either make ya laugh or groan at, or to show my appreciation for your work. I just want to be friendly. not necessarily your friend, but definitely friendly. problem there is i am also a bit of an asshole, with a dickish sense of humor. I never mean to be a bother or another annoying voice in your ear. which leads me to this last point.

    4) there is a weird phenomenon with podcasts, internet celebrities, and celebrities in general. it’s a lot like being able to look through a one way mirror into someone else’s world, listen to their opinions, and although a lot of it is meant to for an audience, it’s never a conversation. It’s never meant to be a conversation. i think a lot of people forget that. it’s incredibly jarring for someone if someone in the audience bangs against that glass. It doesn’t matter if its to show their support, or if they just want to jeer and interrupt. it’s disruptive, intrusive and generally unwanted. But people are going to do that regardless, so comment sections, and allowing the audience to write in is a great avenue to curb this jarring behavior. This is something I am super cognizant of, and try not to be, but i’m am sure that i slip up from time to time and bang on the metaphorical glass, throwing you off just a little bit. and it’s just this podcast that i slip on. there are few things that i’m ever a vocal participant about, and i really just don’t want to be that asshate banging on the glass, so if i am, or if i do, i am sorry.

    anyways, thanks for taking the trip down my very strange thought processes at the moment. i, giving all yall a mold friendly thumbs up.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Mar 21, 2014

      I can’t speak for the rest of the audience, but I really like your emails and the discussions they inspire. The frequency of them makes me feel better about how I write in too much. I think the one way communication caused by your metaphorical glass does something to undermine the confidence we have in our replies (maybe bring back the voicemail, guys? I promise to prank call you on a regular basis). The only criticism I have for you, Cody, is that you need to receive more hugs. So get on that, STAT!





        • Dave (not Coulier) Mar 21, 2014

          They had it 2 or 3 years ago (I’m fuzzy on the time since I only know about it by listening to the back catalogue). Brandon promoted it at the end of each episode with the email and social network doodads. I only heard one person call in, I think Zack’s brother Andrew while he was at work. It was probably discontinued due to lack of response and it being an unnecessary expense on a profitless podcast, but man do I wish it were still around.


        • Dave (not Coulier) Mar 22, 2014

          Ah, Brenden, if they only brought it back, we could duke it out for the title of Worst Fan Ever.


    • Cody, if you want pointless and way too many emails, I made a ton of them when I started listening and that is the reason why I stopped kinda. Also, if I don try and send an email, I must watch out for spelling, content, reason and hopefully, not be drunk, as the engrish is strong in me :D

      ps- was thinking about sending an voice mail, but decided not to, due to reasons:3


  8. Sort of an aside about the nerf robots, they were very much the baby/brainchild of a guy by the name of Jamie Mantzel. Some of his shit is pretty interesting, he’s an eccentric guy. He’s got the whole D.I.Y / engineering thing going on like Harrison. However unlike Harrison he’s sort of crazy and not sort of an asshole.

    He’s got a whole series of vidyas on the youtubes about his “giant robot” which was definitely the incubator for the nerf product.


  9. Dave (not Coulier) Mar 22, 2014

    Unrequested Junior Mint Jeff Keeley



    • Brandon Mar 22, 2014

      This is the best thing.

      It is the best, best thing.


  10. Anonymous Apr 1, 2014

    Congrats Harrison, Another year of successful pranking. My fucking facebook feed was flooded with rock bottom props. so thank you. thank you for that. thank you for ruining facebook for the day.


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