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JKP! Ep.172: Darkness is My Favorite Color – Jump Kick Punch!

“I’m drinking and I’m new here.”

This week’s show finds Brandon, Eric, Josh and friend of the show/special guest Cody paying tribute to the late, great Harold Ramis. Things get nice and weird after that with a shift the possibly-secretly-being-considered sequel to Space Jam and comic artist John Campbell’s Marxist Kickstarter “meltdown.” Then, after the break, Brandon praises Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Josh revisits Dust: an Elysian Tail and Cody spreads some backroom gossip on Valve’s super secret VR headgear. Plus, as always, a few listener emails.

Hit the jump for all of this week’s related videos, images, and nonsense. Go on, you’re gonna need ’em.


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17 comments on “JKP! Ep.172: Darkness is My Favorite Color

  1. i’ll fact check myself:

    Harold Ramis did direct Year One
    Andie MacDowell was not in The Riches, that was Minnie Driver. They’ve blurred together do to the ravages of time.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Mar 5, 2014

      I’ve gotta fact check Josh on the history of Ghostbusters, as well.

      The original treatment was written by Dan Aykroyd as a Dan Aykroyd/John Belushi movie coming off the success of Blues Brothers and the flop of 1941. It originally was set in space, having Belushi and Aykroyd fly around ridding space stations of intergalactic ghosts. When Belushi died, Bill Murray was brought on to replace him as lead. Harold Ramis came to the production next to retool the story and bring Aykroyd’s wacky-ass script down to Earth (literally).

      Sorry, Josh, but it’s Ghostbusters, and a subject of such import deserves accuracy.


  2. Holy shit Josh is an awful person. Let me hate on the guy with mental health problems.

    Still love ya buddy.


    • Patrick Mar 5, 2014

      Hey, mental health doesn’t give you a pass to be a terrible person especially if you put forth the effort not only to make a somewhat well known web comic series (I know that is a bit of an anachronism, what evs) but also to put forth the effort to make the kickstarter agree to be given the money to print these books in a semi-well quality, print them, distribute a majority of them only to say “f-this” and screw the remainder of your PAYING supporters while opening making a statement that you really don’t give a damn about the people who not only read you series but actually liked it to the point of actually give you money for it.

      I totally support Josh’s opinion on this person.


    • I would submit to you that this gentleman would not be a tall glass of sunshine even were he completely right in the head. You can find some head-bug in most people if you dig around long enough, so I don’t think you of all people are quite ready to eschew the ability to go “fuck this guy” just quite yet.


      • I will chew whatever I please, sir.

        I apologize, “awful person” is probably a little strong. Being an awful person requires one to *go out of their way* to be an asshole, i.e. tangible effort has to be expended in the pursuit of assholery. However, since this is you we’re talking about I’m just going to have to cross that one off of the table. Therefore, I hereby and henceforth do declare one “Josh” to be an “insensitive dick” and not, as previously mentioned, and “awful person”.

        Anyways, anyone read (or reading) the new Sanderson book? The Stormlight Archives has a lot less of a “young adult” feel to it than Mistborn did, which I greatly appreciate.

        Also, I think Josh mentioned finally reading the “In the Name of the Wind”. I just recently finished a reread of both the Kvothe novels and they are noticeably awful on the second runthrough. I’d like to hear opinions on it on the show if more than 1 person is willing to discuss it.

        Dear JKP should I buy a PS3 now that the PS4 is out? I wanna play me some Last Of Us and Journey.

        P.S. Josh sucks ballz.


        • I will do the same thing, Brenden.
          now that 360 and ps3 games are at a reasonable price, i am going to hunt down every good exclusive for each console :D


        • Brandon Mar 12, 2014

          A PS3 would probably be a wise purchase sometime over the next year or so. There were more than enough great exclusives to warrant a post-gen purchase.

          Also: I’ll ask Josh and Eric to talk about ‘Name of the Wind’ on the next episode.


        • Patrick Mar 13, 2014

          Persona 5 is releasing on only the PS3 as it stands currently… So yeah, I think it’s a great idea to pick it up.

          Also import games and PSN still works. Play Tokyo jungle!


        • Dear JKP the waist high crates in Last of Us are hilarious, comedy game of the year 2013.

          Also this get free games with our online stuff is pretty schweet. I don’t even have to pay for tomb raider.


  3. codycarver Mar 5, 2014

    When I saw the description for the episode, I knew there was something about this episode I would enjoy. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I could sense i would enjoy this episode.


  4. there is a space jam mod for NBA, which replaces the skins and morphs the faces a bit. limited, but still a great idea.

    Eric, nice call on the games donation, I almost forgot I sent them. Im still waiting for them to be handed out and the lack of a contest on the site makes me think, it might take some time…

    I played a ton of TF2, but dota 2 got my attention, since my friends play it and everybody I know stopped playing TF2.
    Now I dont think Valve have stopped thinking about story based games like HL and portal, but since they have a flat structure, people do what they want and like, thus the quality is not forced and is kept really high, but as soon as they finish remaking dota characters, people will start to leave the team in search for doing something different, besides event game modes. they were working on a space ship game, but stopped for some reason and hl3 might be in development for all those years, but with a small team and waiting for a hardware generation bump maybe? I loved portal and really liked half life, but seeing as I love dota, I dont see and issue with valve, since everything they made, I love.

    ps -josh, you are horrible <3


    • Patrick Mar 6, 2014

      Dota2 is an ongoing game for them, it is complete but from what I understand they still design characters for it and constantly make balance builds for it due to being a “esports” game. The parallel would be what blizzard does with Starcraft 2.

      It has been all but confirmed that there is a 3rd Left 4 dead in the work, wether of not it will be released or even confirmed this year is still up in the air but even though they are dividing their interests between the steambox model, DOTA and other free to play aspects, this weird OCR equivalent projects, and designing their own flavor of games I still believe there is a game design company somewhere in that company.

      With the advent of Hawken or Loadout and other free to play model games like it I think that there will eventually be a movement away from the model at the very least because of over saturation (like the IOS marketplace currently). With that I can see a legit movement or exodus from the medium like the MMO system


      • well yes, the market is oversaturated with f2p games, just as the app store was with fart apps, it stoped being fun after some time.


  5. Dave (not Coulier) Mar 6, 2014

    Did anyone else play the Dave and Busters virtual reality game? I actually kind of liked shooting a doorknob at a polygonal pterodactyl. I think it cost $5 for a three minute session, so it was worth doing exactly once.


  6. Wow, that Kuratas video is all kinds of overblown bullshit.

    If someone was wanting to spend money on a Mech, they need to hire Raytheon.


    And, as long as Valve’s VR is being discussed, has anyone else seen the Cast AR glasses from former Valve people. (they left to keep working on their own system after valve dropped it)

    I found them on kickstarter a while back, and backed them, since the system they have is made to augment tabletop games, as well as being a vr headset.


  7. It looks like you found out what the Robocop scene is from, since you’ve got it in the show notes, but I’m gonna just go ahead and link the full movie anyway because it’s awesome.

    It’s called Our Robocop Remake, and it’s part of a series where groups of internet movie makers recreate/parody the scenes from the original movie. It’s super cool.


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