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JKP! Ep.171: Waxing the Combat Machine – Jump Kick Punch!

“See, now you’re drinking the Kool-Aid but you’re chuggin’ it through your butt.”

The show returns to “normal” this week as Brandon, Josh, Eric and Harrison play a three hour game of pop culture catch-up. Get ready for some lengthy jibber-jabber on X-Men comics, Remember Me, Final Fantasy XIVBravely Default, Batman: Arkham Origins and the recently opened beta for Titanfall. Then, after the break, the gang discusses the online phenomenon that is “Twitch Plays Pokemon” and the seemingly impossible-to-hate Lego Movie before letting Josh finally hold court in response to the sheer tungsten-scrotum’d audacity of Nintendo’s recent investors meeting. Plus, listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos, images, and whatever!

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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.171: Waxing the Combat Machine

  1. Remember Me was made by former ubisoft people in Montreal and like I said a few months ago, interesting story, combat issues and a great gimmick.

    I seem to be one of the few that liked Morrowing, Loved Oblivion and not sure on Skyrim. Skyrim for me is a great looking Morrowind with dragons, but not that pretty for the time, now th elder scrolls mmo, that I find interesting, but nope, not for me..

    On the topic of Titanfall, it will be multiplayer only, but I really wish it had a single player, as that’s what I really liked about the early infinity ward and the multiplayer as a big binus. I also agree with eric, that it feels a bit like battlefield, but still not too much like call of duty(I might get it for PC, Eric).

    Wii mini thing…if that had an internet connection, I would get it, just so I could mod it, but no, they cut off more than they needed, with the regular wii being 20-30eur more.

    I would giv so much to be able to program or be better at mat, as my dyslexia is the reason I am failing at engineering =(

    ps- what is the song at the end and where is the contest, Brandon? :D


    • Nik, that’s the instrumental version of the Lego Movie theme.


    • Patrick Feb 19, 2014

      It really shows that it’s from ex Ubisoft employees

      Imagine starting with Daggerfall and playing up to Skyrim. Every iteration has been new and wonderful, Skyrim is just the culmination of years of great new ideas for the franchise. A condensed parrellel would be if you were a Fallout fan from the beginning and seeing New Vegas.

      Titanfall is being made by ex-infinity ward staff. This was the business model from the start and it will hopefully replace the FPS movement. I’ll also probably end up with it on PC. That being said if you are a PC gamer check out Loadout, 3rd person shooter with a play style like tf2 and customizable weapons. Best of all it’s free.

      The wii mini is a sad machine that shouldn’t have been made but they wanted to do what Sony has done with previous playstation lines, only they forgot why.


  2. Definitly not Lust, unless you’re really into short, overweight, balding engineers.


  3. Nobody asked for this, but it had to be done

    or if it dosen’t load, here is the download link:

    It’s sad, that there aren’t good swf hosting sites


  4. Since the conversation was heavy on robots and legos this week,

    If you want to have robots and legos at the same time, you might be interested in MFZ.


    Personally I really like my mechs to be the battletech/mechwarrior realistic-ish. There’s something satisfying about tromping around in a machine that *feels* heavy to lend some belivability to the game.


  5. Patrick Feb 21, 2014

    Guys the Coke a Cola movie is a real thing. god help is all



    • nice little short, but since this is a coca cola thing, it’s really lacking coca cola, besides the whole thing being really sweet :3


  6. Eric, the best way to learn yo’self some programming is to go out and do some programming. You’re in the web space so find a JavaScript library that looks neat and go nuts. Three.js is schweet, D3.js is cool, but those are all data vis / graphics stuff. Or shit, go pickup python, everyone learns on python nowadays. Or maybe you wanna help Harrison out and get into some embedded AVR / Arduino shit.

    Learning is fun guys.



    FF14 hard and extreme fights are actually really different from each other. Also, they’re actually fun, but they require competent groups to beat.

    Sorry I haven’t been around, though, school and RL has been monopolizing my time. People in SWOLE were asking about you, though, Eric. I told them you were looking for younger, prettier games.

    Also, as an aside, but seriously, can we cut back a bit on the slut-shaming? Kind of tired of hearing how a girl who has as much sex as a guy is somehow undesireable or not worth having sex with or whatever, it’s gross and awful, so please stop.

    Anyway, Lego movie was amazing, SCAD stories made me kind of nostalgic and sad, and speaking of art and bullshit, i’m going to be up f o r e v e r finishing this portfolio so at least thanks for giving me some stuff to listen to while I knocked out the first half of it.


    • Brenden Mar 3, 2014

      I’m gonna have to agree there, I cringe like fucking crazy everytime someone busts out the slut bomb.


    • Brandon Mar 4, 2014

      Certain attitudes/old vocabulary dies hard among certain members of our roster. Apparently.
      I do apologize to listeners. I always consider editing those moments out, but letting them hang in the awkward open air is a far more effective method of addressing those problems. Best I can ask of you, collectively, is to continue reacting appropriately and calling them out as they occur.


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