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JKP! Ep.170: The Delicious Males of Z-Time – Jump Kick Punch!

“Is it called the devil dot hell dot com?”

It’s JKP’s annual pre-Valentine’s episode, and you know what that means: Zack is hosting– and, miraculously, the whole gang is here to join the “fun!”

Grab your smart-people-glasses for another voyage through Z-Time, featuring Christmas in February, old cartoons, pizza launchers, and a comic no one should ever reference out loud. Then settle in for a nice, long, extra-beefy assortment of listener emails about Mega Man, Sly Cooper, vigilantes, sidekicks, amazing leaps in ALF simulation technology and a whole lot more.

Hit the jump for this week’s massive collection of related videos, trailers and more!

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29 comments on “JKP! Ep.170: The Delicious Males of Z-Time

  1. Brandon Feb 5, 2014

    I owe a follow-up to Joey: the CosCast is definitely a thing that’s been brought to my attention before. Thanks for the mention, Joey!
    Everybody go check it out: http://nerdreactor.com/category/coscast/


    • been out of town with no wifi since this episode came out. I had downloaded the episode before the plane and was kicking my self for not being able to reply when i listened to it. thanks for the shoutout!


  2. Eric, I may be in possession of a copy of the X-Statix Omnibus. Let me know if you’re interested in reading it.


  3. I went back and read what I sent…the engrish was strong in that one.
    Eric, I’m shocked! Mocking me like that…how dare you! 50 lashes with a wet noodle!!!


  4. Anonymous Feb 5, 2014

    Believe it or not guys but there actually is more than one Alf game where he collects pizza’s and cats. What the fuck is even happening.



  5. Trapped in Octodad or Sonic 2

    Choices, choices…


    • last game was flappy bird (almost dota) and my first was a mystery, since I dont remember what I played at a point in time, but it could be Super Mario Bros., Hugo or Duke Nukem 3D…I dont want to go to any of those places=(


    • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 11, 2014

      Trapped in Bioshock or Duck Hunt…. Big Daddies would probably mean insta-death but that dog from Duck Hunt is an asshole. Tough call.


  6. Whut. The. Hell.

    I was crying laughing in my cube all morning listening to this.

    Also, depending on how you define ‘pizza’ and ‘shot’ I can build you a pizza shooter in anything from 20 minutes, to several weeks. Depending on whether you want it to arrive at the destination in a state fit for consumption, or you just want to shoot hot-melted-cheese-napalm at someone.

    I think I’d pick Zelda: a link between worlds, over a mini-cabinet home-version frogger.


    • I think this is what they were referring to when it comes to “pizza thrower” if so it may take a little while longer


      Pizza oven + Trailer Dolly + Pizza tray launcher = dangerous food fun

      When I was a college working at a pizza place me and the other delivery guys would discuss the idea and came to the conclusion if you’re going for portability what you should do is take one of the pizza delivery sleeves (found at any pizza store or Costco, SIZES MAY VARY) and design a pizza tray launcher around that. Something with enough PSI to launch your standard 12″ or 14″ pizza with tray around 10′ without arch… now that I think about it this is a terrible idea and I should really keep this stuff inside my head, OH WELL.


      • Yeah, i remember those.

        I was figuring that the quickest and easiest launcher would be to roll up a pizza, and stuff it down the barrel of the air cannon that I already have.

        A more interesting one would be a sideways catapult to sling a pizza like a frisbee, but I doubt that either would deliver a pizza nicely.


        • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 9, 2014

          The sideways catapult could work depending on whether or not your pizza is sliced. Also depending on your style of pizza (NY or Chicago, but most likely NY because Ninja Turtles, duh), centripetal force would cause your toppings to Spin Art all the way to your target.

          Loess’ idea of a rolled up pizza would most likely deliver (ha!) the majority of your pizza material downrange, but the strength to weight ratio of your crust would mean your pizza would be, like he describes, hot-melted-cheese-napalm.

          Perhaps the best way to make a ballistic pizza that maintains it’s integrity all the way to target is to shrink the scale. How about a potato-gunesque device that shoots individual slices folded NY style? This would negate the need for a vehicle mount even if it might be out of the spirit of the original inspiration.


        • Dave, I think we’ve been approaching this from the wrong direction…

          We do need to change the projectile, to Pizza Rolls! Small, self-contained pizza pouches would solve the problem of the various pizza componets disassembling themselves in flight, and they could be loaded into a paper cup like shot into a wadding cup in a shot shell.

          Depending on the valve and air pressure in the projector, and with some work on the cup, you could actually deliver a load of cooked pizza rolls to a speciic target, with some semblance of control.


        • Brandon Feb 10, 2014

          This is my new favorite conversation that the podcast has ever unwittingly inspired.


        • It gets better,

          I started sketching out a cup with folding drouge wings, and pondering on manufacturability. I think the key will be to get the cup to shed velocity at the right time, and for the cup to turn around and deploy a parachute to come down right side up.

          It’s dangerous to get an engineer working on a silly project, we have a habit of making them actually work.


        • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 11, 2014

          Fucking brilliant.

          Begin construction of the Totino Cannon!!! [conch horn sounds off]


        • Maybe I am just oversimplifying it but couldn’t you just cram a handful of Totino’s into a T-shirt gun and fire?

          Or are we trying to construct an item to launch individual Totino’s, in that case you would have to build a ammo clip which may change the deliverable. FOOD/GUN THINKTANK ASSEMBLE!


        • You certainly could just load the totino’s straight into the cannon, I’ve done the same thing with paintballs to make a paint shotgun.

          I was thinking of a way to pick one lucky individual out of a crowd, take aim, and POOn-CHA!… He now has a fresh, hot order of pizza rolls in a convenient serving cup parachuting down to him, seemingly out of thin air.

          Think of the stadium concessions possibilities!


  7. My first game was this weird ass point and click adventure game called Lost Eden, which was a Conan-esque world with talking dinosaurs and 90s techno music.

    And I also enjoyed Bobby’s World, though that might be due to me never knowing who Howie Mandel was.


    • I, too, was oblivious to who Howie was. It made the show better.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 9, 2014

      Bobby’s World, EEK! the Cat, Dinosaucers, and Denver the Last Pedosaur but no love for James Bond Jr?!?! Come on guys, you’re better than that.


      • there was a Bond cartoon?!


        • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 9, 2014

          James Bond Jr, Nik. So no sex, no death, and no complex geopolitical storylines but everything else you love about Bond.


        • Replace everything interesting about James Bond with G.I. JOE style inaccurate lasers and Captain Planet-esque useless teenagers, and baby, you got a recipe for a Saturday morning cartoon FUNSTRAVAGANZA!

          Note: It’s been 20 or more years since I’ve seen James Bond Jr in any form, so all promises of FUNSTRAVAGANZA should be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism, neither JKP!, Nor it’s affiliates, parent companies, employees or various fans and hangers-on shall take any responsibility for possible cases of terminal (or near-terminal) boredom suffered watching an 80’s or early 90’s cartoon without a proper shroud of nostalgia to protect you.


        • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 11, 2014

          Here’s little taste of 90’s American cartoon banality for you, Nik


          He’s James Bond’s nephew but he’s still a Junior to Bond’s Senior…. because that makes sense. So kick off your BK Knights, rip open a Squeez-it, open up a box of Dunkaroos, and turn off your brain.


  8. Dave (not Coulier) Feb 9, 2014

    Eric, I have to thank you for getting me hooked on New Girl. It has decreased my own infinite sadless.


  9. Dear Josh
    Slovenia, not romania, just so you know. We had Eek, bobby, tiny toones, transformers TMNT(no ninja ban) and the go bots, all of which were great cartoons! :D


    • Brandon Feb 18, 2014

      Sorry, Nik. Josh doesn’t ever pay attention.


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