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JKP! Ep.169: SortofQuest – Jump Kick Punch!

“So according to this, everybody’s gonna NOT choose accordion legs! This is not a difficult choice!”

The Backward Compatibles are here! Jenny and Allison join the roundtable alongside Brandon, Tom, Harrison and Eric this week for a lively back-and-forth about all manner of topics, including: DoubleFine’s backer-released Broken Age, a return to some popular Kickstarter games, the exciting new Steam Machines and 3D Printers to come out of CES, Nintendo’s fiscal nosedive, the success of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, gender-biased Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, and the surprising appeal of Frozen. Come, join us, and let’s all fall in love with 1993 Elijah Wood… together.

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos, trailers, and assorted nonsense!

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26 comments on “JKP! Ep.169: SortofQuest

  1. Loess Jan 22, 2014

    Eric, again you taunt us with how you got to go to SHOT Show.


    • All of my apologies! Working at Outdoor Life / Field & Stream was awesome/horrible all at once.


  2. In regard to late-film Disney songs, don’t forget the Prince Ali reprisal in Aladdin!

    …I’ll show myself out…


  3. I don’t know what it says about how big Nintendo’s problems are that I’d heard about them first on a gun podcast. And the guys talking about them called the company Wii, rather than Nintendo.


    • Brandon Jan 27, 2014

      …There’s a joke there about Nintendo and guns and suicide, but it could be hours before Josh reads this comment.



      • The rest of the joke should probably include that the guy who brought it up trains security guards.


  4. Brenden Jan 27, 2014

    Dear JKP I sent you an email and I asked a question and only bitched about Eric a little that is all.


    • That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

      Brenden, you’re up in N Dakota, right? How did you guys make out during polarvortex-geddonn-snowmoppocalypse?


      • I know that at least here in Minnesota, everything kind of shut down for a couple days. (full disclosure: I totally missed out on it myself, being in Disneyland, wondering why people were wearing sweatshirts at 60 degrees.)


      • Here in Iowa, it’s been cold as hell, but all the snow has hit over on the east side of the state, we don’t have anything on the ground here in the west part of the state.

        You know it’s been bad when you walk out the door and think that it’s kinda warm, and then, you see the temperature, and realize that it’s 18 degrees (-8c for Nik)

        What part of MN are you at? Up in the cities?


        • Brenden Jan 29, 2014

          I am, got my degree and got the fuck out of nodak. Apparently they canceled schools here because it was too cold. Pussies, that never happened when I was in school.


        • Brenden Jan 30, 2014

          I guess Atlanta got skullfucked today by the snow though, huh? How is that working out for the JKP crew?

          The podcast should be all about weather and definitely not about animes or gundams.


        • Yeah, it’s always fun to hear people from down south complain about cold and snow that we’d barely notice.

          I loves me some gundam talk, though. You guys can totally do that too.


        • if it makes you guys feel better, up here in Alberta Canada, we had unseasonably warm temperatures, where was everything was melting and everyone was confused for three days. we all stumbled blinking into the sunlight like the Morlocks driven from their underground lair.


        • damn, -8? here it’s been snowing the past 2-3 days and its around -3 ish, dont really remember, but at some parts it started to rain, so I expect ice everywhere.
          also, Georga was on our news yeasterday and how unpreppared everything is and at least now I understand what you have been talking about on facebook. also they also showd a few slip and slides on the sidewalks:D


      • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 1, 2014

        I hope we get to hear a recounting of how Harrison and Emily rescued Brandon from the 2 wheel drive graveyard formally known as I 75 next episode:)


    • All of your hate only makes me stronger and less coherent when its time to record.


  5. A shot everytime you see something related to homestuck? Go to con, finish bottle. Done! :D
    About the steam box thing, since it is linux based, windows games will not work on it, but if a game is made for mac, it can easily be ported to linux, as far as I know.

    I had an idea for a “steam box” about 5 years ago when I was really into TF2 and lan partyes, but only now, I can make a decent ITX factor gaming machine.

    Also, the Thomas mod for Skyrim…I died laughing, where my brother didn’t find it a bit amusing, since he never watched the show=)


    • Brenden Jan 31, 2014

      The problem with windows to linux porting is the graphics API in use. Microsoft has a raging hard on for their standard, Direct3D. While everyone else is using OpenGL or some other shit. Sony actually rolled their own APIs, one that supports super low level shit, and a “wrapper” API that seemingly gets rid of some of the hassle/boilerplate. Whereas the XBONE is strictly going with Direct3D11. The fact that Sony is giving devs access to such a low level of the rendering system is probably another factor giving the PS4 a slight edge in the graphics department. Meaning it should be easier to super tune the rendering code on the PS4 than it is on the XBONE.


      • I understand how OpenGl and DX things work, I just wanted to point it out, since during the chat, I remember Tom mentioning that all games(win, linux and mac) work on the steam box, but I could be wrong.

        But yes, I thing that the ps4 has a big advantage for offering a wrapper to simplify development, but it dosent help me in any way, since only the Nintendo consoles are officially available here…


        • Brenden Jan 31, 2014

          I wanted a chance to share my particular brand of nerd, so sue me.

          Also apparently AMD is going to have some new API out sometime soon. ‘Mantle’.


        • My lawyer will send you the papers soon.

          So yeah, Mantle, it’s supposed to be really intersting. 10% more out of some games or something like that, just wondering how that works


  6. Brenden Feb 3, 2014

    Dear Krixmachine did you see that Maserati commercial during the superbowl? I loved it XOXOXOXO


  7. Hey JKP-land, I’ve got a prop-making question.

    I’ve been beating my head against a wall for most of a year, trying to fit a .308 action into the halo 3 ar, and I’ve decided that the only way to make this rifle actually function is to cheat…

    I can fit the mechanism required to fire a smaller cartridge (the FN 5.7x28mm) into a rifle that looks correct from the outside, and has the correct capacity magazine, or I can stretch the rifle, and get 12 too few rounds of the 308 ammunition into the mag.

    I’m thinking that staying true to the outward appearance is more important than chambering it for the cartridge that the fiction calls out. The 5.7 would also be closer in report and appearance to what the ar was like in Halo CE.

    Anyone else think that the appearance of this is more important than the cartridge it fires?


    • if you can make a fantasy gun fire any bullet, it is impressive in itself, as in the end, you will not be going to war with it, or hunting=)


      • This is going to be strictly a range toy, the most serious use it’d see would be competition shooting.

        I’ve also got Vash’s revolver, and the Halo magnum pistol started in CAD, too, and thoughts about the SMG and shotgun.


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