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JKP! Ep.168: Windy as a Bastard – Jump Kick Punch!

“Me? I like books and Linkin Park.”

Join Brandon, Tom, Eric and the intense/persistent hum of central heating at full blast as this week’s show celebrates Japanese animation! Tom is apparently allergic to the first episode of Nobunagun, Brandon introduces the world to Buggy the Clown, Eric hypes the newest Evangelion movies and defends the premiere of Space Dandy, and everyone revisits Gurren Lagann. Then, after intermission, the gang talks about a whole bunch of movie bullshit (including the OFFICIAL Paul Rudd Ant Man!) before tackling some overdue listener emails.

Hit the jump for this week’s videos and stuff and whatever!

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19 comments on “JKP! Ep.168: Windy as a Bastard

  1. Great show yet again!

    I find it interesting, that I for some reason decided to watch Attack on Titan the past week and a half…anime is contagious?

    You scare me at times, Tom. (reference around 1:44.40)

    My dad is a hunter during the winter and fall(a guild or however you cal it), so we pretty much eat meet as wild/fresh as it can get and it all has a fev pros and cons.
    -pros: loads of meet, free, homemade sausages, gun permit
    -cons: what he kills, he cleans it at home, but has it in a really, really big bucket on the balcony before he cleans it, sometimes needing help, wanting to have a son that can hike for a few hours and be a man, which aint happening (me) and he has the sight of an eagle, so when he sees a wild animal from a mile away( no joke), he wants to go and see it, no matter where we were going

    Now for the one asking for a storry(cant remember who), dad was scouting an area looking for a trail, looking at the markings and then a herd of wild boarsout of nowhere, just run past him down the mountain, through the snow and he was lucky they didnt hit him.

    Mickey voice and things to poke Brandon with: harrison, erics beard, toms face,louie, nearest drink and a tazer.

    yey podcast, yey!


  2. Brenden Jan 8, 2014

    This episode sucked.


  3. Dave (not Coulier) Jan 8, 2014

    Zack’s scorn for Robo-Rhino in Amazing Spiderman 2 is totally understandable, but I’ve been giving it some thought. What are your options with Paul Giamatti as the Rhino? Giamatti in a superpowered polymer skintight suit as per the comic, a mutated half rhino, or Robo-Rhino. The skintight suit is laughable. The mutant is pretty much what they did in the last one with the lizard and their version of Electro is something to do with electric eels, plus I have a hard time imagining his voice pitched down and not sounding weird. With Robo-Rhino you could get a good monologue performance before the front hatch comes down and quips with Andrew Garfield over a distorted speaker. It’s a departure from what people think of as the the Rhino, but it might make for a better movie experience.

    Also how much money do they save doing robot animation with Paul Giamatti on a greenscreen vs a performance capture photorealistic monster? $$$ Because your gunna see it either way.


    • Paul Giamatti in a super polymer skin suit just falls back to Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin. It’s stupid and he will end up looking like a crappy Power Rangers villain. Same goes for mutated half rhino man (also what?) Robo-rhino is the only logical follow up or even better pick another one of THE LITERAL HUNDREDS of other villains Spider-Man has.

      Speaking of Paul Giamatti I am surprised nobody saw Saving Mr. Banks, its pretty great and Tom Hanks is a very believable Walt Disney.

      Lastly I bring you. The Paul Rudd Conan SUPERCUT!


      • Dave (not Coulier) Jan 8, 2014

        The mutated rhino man was a reference to his incarnation in the Amazing Spiderman videogame which centered around human animal hybrids. But, yes I agree, why not Ben Kingsley or Stanley Tucci as the Vulture?


  4. Sorry, Eric. Neither my wife or I had any success at killing any deer this year, so no loin for any of us.

    I know what you mean about field dressing being nasty. Dressing and butchering really sucks when you have OCD about stuff on your hands.

    Regarding your bow hunting story, have you done any SCA?


    • We were “unofficial” SCA. My friends all do Dagorhir now, though.


      • Ah, gotcha.

        After listening for a while, I figured that you might have, and definitly should, if you hadn’t.


  5. Dave (not Coulier) Jan 17, 2014

    Poke Brandon with a chillidog. Threaten him with grease stains.


    • Brandon Jan 19, 2014



      • Dave (not Coulier) Jan 19, 2014

        There are plenty of worse things to be poked with, Bradnob.


    • what the fuck is this even about? why are people poking brandon?


      • Dave (not Coulier) Jan 20, 2014

        Brandon said he needed to be poked to remind him to recite the podcast’s email address at the start of listener emails, and Tom wanted suggestions as to what to poke him with. Lucky for him, only Tom said penis.


        • 1) it’s amazing how much bullshit i’ll forget in two weeks
          2) out of context, this was really weird.


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