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JKP! Ep.167: The Taste of Batman – Jump Kick Punch!

“Well, Master Bruce, my parents are totally fine…

Grab some nog and join us for a very merry podcast this week as Brandon, Harrison, Josh and Eric close out the calendar year with the crushing disappointment of Grid 2, the latest news from Nintendo (including the totally unexpected Hyrule Warriors reveal), and a lengthy conversation about the cancellation of Beware the Batman. Plus, a listener emails segment in which we revisit the greatest games of this past generation!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos, trailers and more.

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28 comments on “JKP! Ep.167: The Taste of Batman

  1. RickyB Dec 25, 2013

    For what it’s worth, Transformers Prime lasted 3 seasons and had a proper season finale and straight to DVD epilogue movie. Though the fact that Hasbro owes the network it aired on may have been a factor.


    • The original Transformer series lasted 4 seasons (September 17, 1984 – November 11, 1987) not including syndication, that’s 98 episodes along with the animated movie that bridges the gap between the 2 major arcs. They sold several generations of toys ranging from the single form “Mcdonalds” toys to the more complicated gestalts such as Devastator or Superion. Not bad for a show designed solely to sell japanese toys but the problem of today is THIS formula no longer is viable, companies cannot gauge the success of an animated series on whether or not they are able to market merch. to children unless of course they either make something insanely amazing to a broad audience like Adventure Time or Regular Show or you are Disney (I honestly have no idea how Cars is a successful franchise). When you put in that perspective I have no idea why some networks don’t just close up shop and just air reruns of old cartoons.

      Lastly, why the bloody hell is there a RIO 2?


  2. Jetpack, Sunglasses! JETPACK, SUNGLASSES!


    • I support this!
      There was an early episode, which had a debate about tshirts/merch, with a few silly ideas(the brown lantern for one), but I would really be up for a simple JKP logo tshirt


      • I’d be totally down for a shirt that was just Brandon’s grumpy face (from one of his facebook photos? I can’t remember.) with the text “You don’t even fucking know it, do you?” emblazoned underneath.


  3. I wonder if Valve knew, that bear force one was a gay band, when they named a attacking wave in dota 2 that, which is a bunch of bears attacking you.

    Harrison, the like or followers thing is also in NBA, alongside some other media like bullshit…

    You have been talking about CN having live action skits, but here, there arent any and never were, just shit cartoons. I think around 2004 they started putting on different cartoons, that werent funny or just not what I liked watching at the time and I stopped, but I pretty much watched due to the Hanna Barbera toons, which still hold up! And at that time, I started watching FoxKids, which turned into Jetix, Jetix XD with russian, romanian and croatian commercials for some reason, then turned into DisneyXD, with a ok show every so and so, but just meh…

    Side note, you started talking about vaginas and young boys, while I was eating soup…

    I never really cared about following shows at certain times, as the schedule was never using our time zone. Like it stated 16.30, but started later and so I never caught the shows. Also it took me a long time to understand AM an PM. The only things I was watching on schedule, were the original Power Rangers and Pokemon, which the station suddenly decided to re-run episodes or just mix them up a bit, quickly after that, taking them off the air.

    About games of the decade, I am split between fun, time spent and quality. Spent about 200 in Oblivion, finished it like 4 times, Team Fortress 2 due to multiplayer(400 hours), Mass Effect 2 as stated, FEZ due to pure amazing everything, Portal and Dota2(1400 hours) and Bioshock infinite.
    PS- thanks for the hint about the infinite level, Josh=)

    Well, take care, merry whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year peeps


  4. Dave (not Coulier) Dec 26, 2013

    I’m a little surprised nobody mentioned that they were looking forward to Amazing Spiderman 2 in 2014 (probably just an oversight, or Harrison has mind control powers).


    • I saw the Hobbit with Zack and when he saw the Rhino was a robot there was … rage.


      • Dave (not Coulier) Jan 5, 2014

        I’ll give it to Marc Webb that some things are better altered from the comic (Jaime Fox looks better Smurfified with an LED hoodie than in green spandex with a lightning mask), but robo-Rhino is pushing it. I might even accept if Aleksei stole some sort of military hardware, but a homemade robot suit built by a guy who not supposed to be that bright….we’re getting into Power Ranger Green Goblin territory now.

        What really got me is in the background of the slowmo spinny bullet-dodging shot from the trailer, a banner hangs from a building that reads, “Follow the Daily Planet on Tumblr!!!” Oh, my old man pain.


  5. Dave (not Coulier) Dec 26, 2013

    Grow real live penises for fun and profit.


  6. Totally not the worst episode, Brandon, you be trippin’.


  7. a series of shirts, where its just brandons drawn profile pics. I dont know who pointed it out, but a see his profile pics as mood indicators. currently, I think he is very happy on facebook


    • dang, forgot to hit reply @johnny


    • still want Josh’s YOU’RE SPECIAL! shirt

      could imagine a “the many faces of zack” shirt/poster where its just a collage of zack with various wigs and masks

      thats all I could think of off the top of my head


      • the better route, would be several silhouettes of zacs many wigs.


        • Dave (not Coulier) Jan 5, 2014

          Hey Brandon, if you haven’t already heard of this (highly unlikely, you unscoopable nerd) this is a company I do fulfillment for. It’s a bit like a Kickstarter using T-shirts, nothing ships out until you meet production costs at the end of your campaign. https://www.booster.com/

          I envision a King Swim T-shirt with royally regaled Zack holding hot dogs above the water. The water reflection creates a horizontal symmetry that creates a King playing card. All this is rendered in an Art Nouveau style. OK JKP, now….. make it happen! (Who am I kidding, I’ll probably just draw it myself.)


        • Hell, yes!

          This needs to be done in a style similar to Mucha.

          (Yes, engineers can be art nerds, too)


  8. Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to steal the email portion of the show

    Did you guys see that they are bringing back Powerpuff Girls? There now CN has a girl-centric show.



    • Brenden Jan 2, 2014

      Fuck you, nerd. I watched the hell out of Powerpuff Girls.


      • Dave (not Coulier) Jan 5, 2014

        Brenden your Jump Kick Privileges have been revoked for one biweek. Play nice and spell your name right.


    • Damn it, Patrick, that’s the second show that my email got skipped, and it’s all because you ask questions that are too good.

      Also, I was another guy who watched a ton of powerpuff girls, that was a great show.


      • sorry.

        I watched the show a bunch also, it was meant as a joke since CN’s stance on girl shows


      • i find it bothersome about how many guys watched power puff girls. I was one as well.

        I’m not sure whether to be relieved or sad that I just can’t get behind this latest rendition. Something about the art style just does not sit well with me.


        • loved the original on CN , didnt like the japanese version or whatever that was, but this new one could interesting, due to the visual style


        • Cody, it’s kind like the My Little Pony fandom before MLP existed. I call it “the Brony Effect”


  9. Strong end to the year, guys! Always a pleasure listening. =)


    • Brandon Jan 8, 2014



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