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JKP! Ep.166: More More More More – Jump Kick Punch!

“Death Mountain picked up the check…”

Zack finds his way back to the table this week to join Brandon, Josh and Eric as they discuss the familiar breath of fresh air that is Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and the arrow-slinging entertainment value within both Hawkeye the comic and and Arrow the TV show. Then, after the break, the guys learn about a couple of top-notch webcomics (Cucumber Quest and Gunnerkrigg Court) and quickly cover the latest goings-on from GTTV’s VGX “awards show” train wreck and Penny Arcade’s shuttering of the PA Report. Plus, listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s related images and videos!

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21 comments on “JKP! Ep.166: More More More More

  1. I had no idea how badly I needed a dose of Zack until just this moment


  2. All this time, I thought hiimdaisy was also the one who did Hark A Vagrant. I feel lied to.


  3. Patrick Dec 12, 2013

    “Thank you Eric.”

    If Shadra’s question was directly about JKP it would be this: (I don’t judge because you guys are awesome the way you are)

    -More articles from Josh and Eric
    -More video segments/shorts from Brandon (YES PLEASE, Jumpman & Needlemouse)
    -…something something with Harrison and Tom (not sure, they didn’t say they were thinking about doing something for the site)
    -Buffet. And. Banquet. ZACK


  4. Brenden Dec 12, 2013

    The best fan submissions ever.




      • Aw c’mon, puddin’. Be a sport.


        • Daverino Dec 21, 2013

          For clarification, Joshy, no citation required for disproven sweeping generalizations, because they all end up that way. Just ask Harrison. Still wuv ya, though;P


  5. Finally, some validation! after suggesting Hawkeye a month or two ago, and being BRUTALLY REBUFFED for my efforts, I’m glad someone else has read and enjoyed it. Aside from that, great show, guys. More Zack is always appreciated, and there were some great callbacks and references in there.


  6. My rundown of the episode
    Chowder was awesome, want Zack’s comic and Barilla is #1 pasta:D


  7. Please set your Wii controller on a flat surface to calibrate before committing seppuku.


  8. How was Zack’s callsign not King Swim? That’s obviously the correct choice.


    • King Swim is still probably my favorite story/weird tangent ever featured on JKP


      • Dave (not Coulier) Dec 22, 2013

        Keep your dogs held high, Zack, we don’t want no soggy buns.


      • i keep trying to draw it, but I feel like i can never capture the majesty of zack strolling through the water, arms raised in victory and hotdog.


        • Never stop trying, Cody. Someday, you will create the ultimate rendering, perfectly showing Zack’s glorious victory.


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