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JKP! Ep.165: Wexbox Three Sissky – Jump Kick Punch!

“Nothin’ but Jeeps and C4. That’s it.”

Tom is back, everybody! And he’s been playing a lot of games! Tune in this week to hear him share his thoughts on Tearaway and Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus before Eric jumps in for some first-hand PS4 impressions. Then, after the break, Josh discusses the Avengers vs X-Men Heroclix sets and Brandon finally has a legitimate reason to spend valuable podcast time talking about Mario. Plus, listener emails!

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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.165: Wexbox Three Sissky

  1. i love the JKP dogs!


  2. I knew I wasn’t alone in the constant “lick my balls” jokes this week.


  3. I was sort of starting to like Josh again, then he started talking about heroclicks and now I hate him.


    • Patrick Dec 2, 2013

      I think they are one of the only podcasts that still talk about them also that heroclick episode is one of my favorites. Keep talking about it Josh!


  4. Josh! Coming from someone else who has also thoroughly trounced the Assassins Creed series, play 4! It will make you love again.

    Yes 3 was lackluster, but 4 is incredible. Possibly the best one yet.

    I also really like pirates though…


  5. Eric.

    One of the biggest reasons that I got into Warmachine is because most tournaments for it actually have no painting requirements. This is awesome, because as a blind-ass man (I see in shades of tints of blue, amongst other problems) I have no interest in painting. Even infantry models can be played partially assembled. There are tournaments that require painting… but they’re all very high profile events. A local tournament will ‘never’ turn you away for unpainted models.


    • Yeah, I wanted to get into Warmachine, but finding other people I know to play wasn’t going to happen. Alas.


  6. Just because the start of the episode talked about mario 1, I went to a house party where someone had that up in the back ground for anyone one who just wanted to give it a go. So i picked it up and i was failing miserably at it. About 10 minutes into into me playing this fucking game, a guy walks up and sees me having a hard time with it, and decides to sit down and watch me play. after a couple minutes, I die for the umpteenth, to which he turns to me and says ” you know that this game is designed for children right? you’re failing at a children’s game”. I then put down the controller, quietly finished my beer, and left. that is the day i gave up on playing video games. that was 2 years ago.


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