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JKP! Ep.164: More Craigslist – Jump Kick Punch!

“He just gave you something you can’t enjoy!”

Get ready to learn some special Craigslist codewords this week as Brandon, Eric and Harrison wax philosophic on baseball stadiums (what?), this Friday’s impending PS4 launch, and Sonic Lost World. Then, after the break, Harrison takes a passionate stance against Pacific Rim, Brandon and Eric give glowing endorsements for Thor: The Dark World, and everyone discusses Marvel’s new/current plans for televised superheroics and Legend of Korra’s second season. Plus, listener emails about Disney World, dogs and Ender’s Game!

Hit the jump for this week’s videos, images and trailers.

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17 comments on “JKP! Ep.164: More Craigslist

  1. Brenden Nov 14, 2013

    I am going to murder whoever was snorting into the microphone.


    • Brandon Nov 14, 2013

      Snitches get stitches.

      You’ll just have to kill us all.


  2. Brenden Nov 14, 2013

    Also, Boo-Hoo, it must be so hard living in Atlanta where *gasp* the days get shorter!


  3. I very much enjoyed this episode real estate sports talk radio. In case you were wondering, Cobb County has apparently offered 450 million dollars in taxpayer money to fund more than half of the cost of the new Braves stadium.

    At least this will give Atlanta the opportunity to distance its sports franchise from unnecessary Native American appropriation. Instead of the Atlanta Braves, they can be renamed the Atlanta ‘Burbs.


    • Patrick Nov 14, 2013

      also they are making a new Falcons stadium to replace the “old” Falcons stadium. That has already been passed, but it will still be downtown.

      I’m with you Brandon on a NHL hockey team in Atlanta, but at least you can take solace that the Winnipeg Jets (what was once the Atlanta Thrashers) has become stronger as a franchise. You could always check out the Gwinnett Gladiators (the ECHL farm team for the Phoenix Coyotes). It’s not as awesome as the crazy-ass napalm explosive NHL games that the thrashers had but they are a decent team to watch and fairly inexpensive on seats. They have a groupon from time to time.


      • to be honest, Winnipeg really needed to get it’s team back. That city is so god damn depressing that it needed something to prevent a city wide suicide, cause really, without hockey, those people have nothing left to live for.


    • Brandon Nov 15, 2013

      I would totally support a baseball team named the Atlanta Soccer Moms


  4. RickyB Nov 14, 2013

    It should be noted that part of the internet outrage with Swapnote was the fact that the app wasn’t the only tool at play in the controversy. Yeah the pedophiles used SN to communicate with the kid, but Swapnote only lets you communicate with people who you share friend codes with. And the only way you get someones friend code is either in person or, in this case, exchange them on internet message boards.

    So, cutting Swapnote may not necessarily solve the larger problem, especially with the looming integration of Miiverse on the 3ds next month :(


  5. Patrick Nov 16, 2013

    I just watched Pacific Rim and I grew up watching Kaiju movies but the leaps of logic and some of the comedy misses in a bunch of ways. It’s like watching a Godzilla movie combined with sharknado (which if you haven’t seen it is hilariously dumb and perfect MST3K bait). It’s an okay movie but still a rental at best. They really should have made Robot Jox and knowing that movie exists and potentially could exist in a modern capacity makes this movie a major loss. Sorry Eric but Harrison is totally right.


    • Everything Harrison said about Pacific Rim is totally spot-on; the movie is poorly paced, woodenly acted, and has more absoludicrous leaps in logic than I can even count (I can only count to 4, but still)

      All that said, I loved the movie anyway, and left the theater with the biggest dumb grin on my face I’ve ever had leaving a movie, so it must’ve done SOMETHING right.


    • through the perks of being a movie rental store clerk, i didn’t pay to watch pacific rim and I still wanted my money back. I’ll grant it some leeway since i didn’t see it on the big screen and by not doing so, i definitely lost a lot of the movie’s impact, but the rest was kind of garbage. I think eric was trying to convey that Guillemoro del toro made this movie because he this was something that he has always wanted to see done, but the problem with that is it felt like the worlds most expensive fan flick. I think Harrison angrily summed up a lot of issues with the movie rather well. This was clearly a passion project, but it felt like the passion for the project overpowered the sight of the end product. It was visually beautiful, but nothing more than that.

      And although there is talk of a sequel to this, i’m not sure this will be the watershed moment for mech warrior movies. we might see more from the pacific rim franchise, but i doubt other studios and other teams will pick this ball up and run with it. To put this in perspective, this is Warner brother’s Batman Forever movie; you get a bit more out of the franchise after this but not much else and it’ll be a long time before anyone touches this genre again.


  6. It sounded like the Netflix series were going to converge into “Heroes for Hire” instead of “The Defenders.” The latter name may be more appealing to a wider range of an audience, but I would like to see Heroes for Hire as a show.

    I never read standalone Luke Cage comics, but I still like him when he’s with other characters, like Iron Fist. This interaction was illustrated in the V.S. System card game as Luke Cage’s card allowed him to combine with any other team affiliation. His card was nicknamed “Disco Inferno” because of the bright colors and his 70’s style clothing (http://img.coolstuffinc.net/products/vs%20system%20art/marvel%20knights/300x300/mmk017.jpg).

    Luke Cage and Iron Fist formed Heroes for Hire because, well, bills needs to be paid, yo! They’re a brotastic pair. I liked their appearance in the Cable & Deadpool series, especially when Weasel is running away. “Why are you runnin’ away?” “Because you can bench press Rhode Island.” “Ah right, you have a point.”

    My wife and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon last Christmas/New Year. One of our friends got us some discounts and we stayed at the newly opened Art of Animation studio, where we got the Little Mermaid standard room because, holy shit, she love the Little Mermaid. It’s a pretty sweet hotel. The other two sections have Finding Nemo and Cars. In the middle of the hotel is an outdoor pool (with warm water) in the theme of Finding Nemo, and the bar is called the Drop Off Point since kids aren’t allowed near it (and it sold sushi, was was humorously dark). It also helped that our friend worked for Disney and gave us two days of park hoppers, plus we had tickets saved from a cancelled trip, and that friend took us to all of the good shows at the MGM park with a good timely schedule.

    Magic Kingdom does it’s New Years fireworks twice, once on the night before New Years Eve, and the night of New Years Eve. We decided to go to Epcot for New Years Eve and it was a much better fireworks show since they do a set for each country in that time zone. Like five or six sets of fireworks before the grand finale.

    I know that it would be more realistic for a sponsorship to put a little logo in the corner of some player’s twitch stream feed, but I really want to see character models in a game redesigned to reflect these sponsorships, like the suits NASCAR drivers wear. You’d be in the middle of a battlefield and some bright orange Tide soldier is running around trying to score points.

    Tide: Look, dude, um…you’re just not winning like you used to.
    Player: Well it doesn’t help when my uniform is BRIGHT FUCKING ORANGE!


  7. I don’t remember an episode where Harrison was so engaged! Love it and want more:D

    About Remember me, I recommend you play it, Harrison. The controlls need a bit of getting used to, but the story, ideas and overall feel of the game makes it worth it and I reccommend you take the normal difficulty and play it for the story.

    As a full priced game, it’s too expensive, but around 20$, it’s a great game.


    • Seconded on Remember Me. It’s got plenty of issues, but it was a fun experience, especially from a first-time Dev. The custom combo system was fun to play around with, and the memory remixes were intersting too. I’ll be looking forward to whatever they do next.


      • well they are former Ubisoft people and a small team at the moment, so another platformer I think or more Remember me, I hope=)


  8. Shadra Nov 20, 2013

    Man, you guys are like, friggin dog-racists! Chows are awesome.

    Anyway, the criticism of PR is legitimate, though I do argue that some things are still subjective and you can’t quantify it as “good” or “bad”-- only “does it work when presented this way or not”. I think a lot of what they tried fell short of that goal, but in other contexts, it may have worked better.

    I would only point out one thing re: The Sword

    That’s not an ultimate attack, it’s actually very much a last-ditch-effort kind of attack, as the very first part of the movie established a lot of sci-fi-esque canon for the film’s universe. The Kaiju’s blood is toxic (“Kaiju-Blue”) and so if possible, the pilots are supposed to engage the Kaiju far away from land (or force them away from it) and THEN blow it’s head off/cut it up/whatever to prevent slinging this deadly shit all over urban areas (which the Kaiju attack historically).

    The reason Raleigh didn’t know about the sword (and Mako did) was because she installed it as part of Gipsy’s revamp and during the Drift, you don’t like, know EVERYTHING the other pilot is thinking-- and frankly, Mako wanted to execute a Kaiju on her own terms, definitively, because she wanted revenge for the slaughter of her family and her subsequent trauma.

    TL;DR: there are pre-established narrative reasons for the sword shit, and it’s not an “ultimate attack” trope.

    Obviously, I loved the movie, but I think whether people love it or hate it depends on which areas they’re willing to suspend disbelief in. I didn’t have a problem with the campy acting, myself. I didn’t have a problem with the idea of building giant punching robots to deal with an alien threat. The two times I DID get pulled out of the movie was 1) when Otachi flew up into LEO with Gipsy Danger and B) when Gipsy dragged a freight ship in from HK harbor and swung it and it didn’t just break apart like a damp tissue.

    And that’s because the movie had, in other ways, portrayed unrealistic physics as believable, so I bought those, but those just went too far past what I could fit into an acceptable view of the world I was being sold.

    This is also why I won’t go watch Gravity--aside from the fact that I don’t like ‘EVERYTHING GOES HORRIBLY WRONG’ movies, but I actually have a pretty good understanding of astronomy and physics and things I’ve heard about that movie (things that “go wrong, oh no!”) are just like.. yeah, no, uh uh, trying too hard. Space is dangerous enough without making up bullshit to illustrate what is essentially just a character/strength of will kind of story.

    Where was I going with this? Oh right, nowhere, I was just trying to avoid writing a paper.


    • Anonymous Nov 20, 2013

      Bunch of good points, Shadra. To add to your ‘sword wasn’t the ultimate attack’ point, Gipsy had giant frikken cannons built into each hand.

      Would you rather be at knife-fight distance, or gun-fight distance with a horrible monster that can only attack you with its claws (before the Kaiju started spitting acid, and using EMP).

      The only part of the movie that broke my suspension of disbelief was when my engineer-brain started screaming at me about the analog line.


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