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Ricky’s Super Rad Pokemon Launch Special! (also Comic-Con junk…) – Jump Kick Punch!

Ricky’s Super Rad Pokemon Launch Special! (also Comic-Con junk…)

October 16, 2013


Hello again loyal readers. This is Ricky coming to you once again with tales from the annual massive nerd gathering that is New York Comic-Con 2013. Coincidentally, this year’s trip for me was a curiously Nintendo-centric one. This is because comic-con this year happened to fall on the same weekend that Pokemon X & Y were to be released. Hit that jump yo’!


Before we made it to the con my hotel mates wanted to go up to a local bar to get their Deadpool comics signed by comedian and frost giant Brian Posehn. I figured while I was there I’d get Zack a little shout out.

[vsw id=”gxFT7Q-EWdM” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]






Because my peeps and I are “industry professionals” we were able to score 4-day pro passes, which gave us access to the Thursday preview night. My plan was to hit up Microsoft and Sony’s respective booths to try and get a hand’s on experience with the new consoles. I quickly found out though that neither one was present at the con. Rumor was that the big green M was even scheduled to show but pulled out at the last minute. I went over to the closed door Watchdogs display to maybe see if they would be playing the PS4 port of it, but sadly all they had to show was a big screen video presentation of new mission gameplay. And the video was streaming from a PC.

(10/16 UPDATE…Oh hey! The game’s been delayed till 2014. Silly us :P )

As for the XBone, the only ones in the building seem to be the ones over at the Twitch TV booth, who were using them to play the Double Helix’s current build of Killer Instinct. We couldn’t play that one either though…

[vsw id=”eZV-vyAZAJI” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

So with no real competition to be had, the convention crowd was Nintendo’s to take!


I had planned to pick up Pokemon the following night so I bypassed those stations and headed for Bayonetta, Mario, Zelda and Sonic.


Sonic was pretty darn good. It felt weird, at first, to have a “run button” that was different from the leisurely jog that you would otherwise be taking with the analog stick. I only played the first act of level one, but I liked what I saw a lot. I can only hope that the rest of the game maintains that consistency throughout.


My local buddy and Titmouse animation demi-god Brett joined me later on and we hoped onto Super Mario 3D World for some 4 player action. As in previous versions, multiplayer was fucking chaos. We made it to the boss of the level and somehow I was the only one who had enough of a handle on things to do any damage to it. But the game controlled well enough and looked just as good. I’m curious, though, as to how well the camera in the game will hold up in multiplayer runs of the later levels.

Bayonetta 2. Oh Bayonetta 2. I dare say that it looked better on the Wii U than the previous game did on the Ps3 and 360. Colors were vivid, didn’t show a hint of slow down, and the characters moveset seemed even more bonkers than before. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to play it myself (there was only one kiosk for it and it never didn’t have a line) but I did catch this one guy playing it on the touch screen.

 [vsw id=”jCkURhongw8″ source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

 I forgot that this was a feature, but the game offered new players the opportunity to play exclusively with the stylus. Bayo would do simple attacks and combos on targets you mashed on the touch screen. That seemed pretty nice for newcomers to action games…but I can foresee a lot of broken gamepads being turned in after this game is released.


Link Between Worlds was pretty much perfect.





I didn’t have too many panels that I wanted to see and not very many games to play after I worked my way through Nintendo, so I found myself spending a good chunk of my time at the Wacom booth playing with the new Cintiq Companions.


For those who don’t know, Wacom makes tools for doing digital art on computers. In most cases, they were tablets that you draw on and see the results of on your machine (the Intuos line) or secondary monitors that you draw on directly (Cintiqs). The new devices I played with were Cintiqs that doubled as standalone Windows 8 tablets. They were fast, responsive, and had several customization options. I really…REALLY considered making a run with one of them.

20131011_134115_LLS 20131011_134814_LLSI drew this for an adorable little girl who loved ewoks.






Friday evening around 4-5ish Brett and I headed towards Rockfeller Center to wait for the Nintendo Store to do its midnight worldwide release of Pokemon X & Y. We picked a good time to get there because the line had already started to become redonkulous.





It goes without saying, but I got a crazy amount of street passes that day.

20131011_165423“This ain’t nothing rookie. You should have been here for the Gold/Silver rush of 00′”

20131011_182401According to these guys, the tall fellow is JWhittz, a famous Youtube Pokemon player. Small world yo.

 Here, I’ve put together a small clip show of the goings on while we were in line.

 [vsw id=”qfAlrEAm9Uk” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

20131011_171748Out of nowhere, Cristina Vee (Madoka Magica, Blazeblue, Skullgirls) walked by the line and was shocked that the game was being released today when she had to work .

Eventually around 9:30-10ish we made our way to the front where they had game kiosks, swag stations and a live stage where a VERY energetic lady mc was directing dance contests, trivia and periodic updates on the time till the Nintendo store opened. Brett and I waited with baited breath until the time came.





20131011_223442This was too cute. A guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage with a simple “…I choose you.”




 Towards the end zero hour, they played a video message from the games director Junichi Masuda. He thanked everyone for coming out and led a countdown for midnight.

[vsw id=”E9M5e8GxqnY” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

Which was weird for me because while this was happening, to my immediate left, one of the American reps was skyping him in on their Ipad. He was floating there…happily disembodied and waving to the masses.

[vsw id=”rOhztxmWOUc” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]


The whole thing was fun but I don’t think I’d ever do it again for a huge game like Pokemon. There was a wee bit of chaos and some folks started getting antsy and desperate towards the end. We had different colored wristbands that were given out earlier. When the colors were called we were to line up and enter the N store. A few fans got desperate and flipped their bands upside down so that they could get in when the white bands were called. Security caught on pretty quick and booted them from the line…

20131012_011505_LLSSad Galade is sad.

20131012_010712There’s something just a little depressing about watching a mascot balloon deflate…

 When it was all said and done…Brett and I left for the subway and passed probably a couple hundred more people who were behind us who didn’t show up till much later. All I was thinking was “Man…they all must really not want to go to Gamestop.”

The remainder of the con was meandering around the show floor, buying a thing or two in the artist alley and spending even more time at Wacom. I chatted it up with their sales reps and I might be making something happen with them later…

 rickyb nyccI’m not a consumer whore…I swear…


















I’m hoping for another awesome time next year and leave you once again with more of Hobo Fett!


[vsw id=”9qw2D55QcHg” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

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2 comments on “Ricky’s Super Rad Pokemon Launch Special! (also Comic-Con junk…)

  1. Brenden Oct 18, 2013

    Hahahaha that solitary “WHOOOO!” at the end of the Hobo Fett vid fuckin’ makes it.


  2. Not a Nintendo fan, but I think I might like to play Pokemon,now it only it was on the PC,Mac or Xbox =(


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