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JKP! Ep.162: Snack Attack – Jump Kick Punch!

“Shields are down, Captain! We’re out of sunglasses! We’re venting drive-Fonzie!”

Sit back, point and laugh with Harrison at Brandon, Josh and Eric as they snub the weekend’s New York Comic-Con news in favor of Pokemon X & Y, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, un-furry webcomics and exciting new anime debuts. Plus: prop scammers, Star Trek references, and a few listener emails– including the conception of the world’s first (and likely last) JKP Convention!

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13 comments on “JKP! Ep.162: Snack Attack

  1. When Josh linked me to Bittersweet Candy Bowl, this was the most recent one. It… It didn’t leave a very good impression (I think I said something about it reading like an unpopular high school girl’s livejournal? I forget.) and going back to the beginning didn’t help matters, as — Like was said — even the artist herself thinks the first however many chapters are complete horseshit. It’s actually pretty good though, in a Keenspot-before-Keenspot-was-a-barely-remembered-punchline kind of way.

    Pokemon X&Y also seem pretty boss, but I made the mistake of picking my copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening back up the same day they came out, so I’ve only put in like, 2 hours on Pokemon. So it goes. At least I’ve finally realized just how fucking good Fire Emblem is, after letting it sit dormant on my shelf for 3 or 4 months.


  2. hey fellas, since next podcast is close to halloween, will it be listener halloween story time?


  3. since hashtags on facebook are useless, I sometimes share the post and try to promote it for no reason than to annoy the op =)

    A few names for the JKP con: JKP Fest/JKFest (since it’s going to take place at a bar mostly) or JKP The experience (maybe more of a movie name), but watching Brandon edit the podcast, I would watch the livestream.

    On the phobia talk, I don’t really consider it a phobia, but I have a feeling of disgust when I touch chalk, not smooth painted wall texture or holding just a item with the same texture. it just start shaking and feeling sick, thus I never help paint the walls. Also really specific high pitch sounds.

    Since I play Dota 2 and not LoL, I have spent about 20eur in the game on a few event keys and the compendium, but since I have more than 1300 hours in the game, I have no problem spending more, since this is the first game where I clocked so much time for so little money.

    Josh and Tom, don’t feel bad for buying games on steam and not playing them. I have about 270 games there, but money wise, I spent around 400eur, which is like buying 8 AAA games on release. I have alot of AAA titles and a ton of indie games, so I’m not sorry for my purchases=)


  4. I never realized how big Knuckles is.


  5. Shadra Oct 17, 2013

    1) YES I KNOW WHO I AM, JOSH, but my reason for not reading the thing is legit because I’m so busy that, as Harrison and Dana can both attest to, I only log into FFXIV to say hi to people and occasionally move my character around as I furiously complain about doing my homework. It’s the only joy I have in life.

    2) Brandon, I appreciated the Toejam and Earl music in the background of the JKP-Con. Let it be known that that sort of thing does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated.

    3) In general, I find there are very few things/series that can be pitched in a way that actually sounds appealing to other people. I tend to have rotten luck getting other people to read/watch/listen to the stuff I do (Dresden Files, boo hoo hoo)

    On the other hand, I also tend not to try new stuff unless I get a personal recommendation from people whose tastes I trust, so it’s kind of a weird situation.


  6. mlohafer Oct 17, 2013

    Sticking to everything you touch would be the worst!

    Never, ever, go to the bathroom…


  7. I bought the horse armor in Oblivion.

    And then all of the other DLC for that game.

    And more.


    • On the same note, I used to play an IOS game called Defender of Texel. It was a strategy/collectible game with some pretty cool sprite units. To get bigger and better units you had to collect five copies of the same unit and fuse them together. The levels were Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. To get more units you collected shards. Each shard had a chance of collecting either one rare, or one uncommon, or one of three commons. You can see how much collecting this game involved.

      Each week there was a new event with new units that were associated with that event. Event specific units could be bought for gold, which usually equated to $1. Spend more gold and get a higher chance of collecting a super powerful unit. This could equate to nearly $30.

      Or you could grind for fucking ever and then try to trade units. It was tiresome.

      I only spent $5 for a unit that looked pretty cool. Then I quit.


  8. I hate spiders too Josh.


  9. Patrick Oct 20, 2013

    Great episode as always. You guys have talked about 3ds games a bunch on the show I just wanted to let you know I ended up getting a 2ds partially because of it. It is really nice for the price and seems like it works great, I might have to test it on something like Kid Icarus to see if it can hold up without 3d. The only complaint is that unless you are wearing cargo pants/shorts (unless you are trapped in the 90’s and wearing JNCO’s) you really can’t pocket it away. Right now I am playing through Luigis mansion and eventually I will get around to Pokemon, really looking forward to Link Between Worlds.

    Guys, if you are going to see Gravity go IMAX 3D because it is awesome! I know some of you might not be able to take it but it is quite the spectacle what they pull off with the 3D and Sandra Bullock/George Clooney is a great pairing. Yes it is pretty suspenseful/scary in a couple of places but it’s only an hour and 40 minutes long which compared to most modern movies that will be a cakewalk… IN SPACE.

    I think that is honestly the first time somebody has talked about multiplicity in about 5 years. I can count on you guys to pull out the insanely obscure references.


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