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JKP! Ep.160: Pro Bolin – Jump Kick Punch!

Who needs a full roster when you’ve got cartoony bullshit goofy fun!?

This week’s two-man show finds rare focus as Brandon and Eric discuss the past few weeks of game news, including worthy Kickstarters (including Mighty No. 9, Hyper Light Drifter and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero), downgraded handhelds and games that are finally worth playing on Wii U! Then, after the break, Heidi joins in for some excitement and early praise for the second season of The Legend of Korra and the premiere episode of Wander Over Yonder. Plus, listener emails about Ben Affleck, Batman, and the Ouya!

Hit the jump for this week’s massive collection of videos!


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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.160: Pro Bolin

  1. God damn you fuckers for making me super excited about the new Pokemon game. I was TOTALLY HAPPY not caring about it in the slightest. Now I’m probably going to buy it day 1 and lose days of my life (or lose interest a day later like Pokemon Black… or Soul Silver… or Pearl. You know what? I probably shouldn’t buy this game.) The last time a Pokemon game really grabbed me was Sapphire, and the original blue version. I’m like, 2 for 7 here.


    • Brandon Sep 18, 2013

      I am so sorry.


    • as terribly awful as having a super fun game that you joyously pour hours of you life into it might be, i more excited to watch JKP’s pokemon breakdown. i still watch the old series from time to time, and they always crack me up.

      JKPs videos are pretty stellar, and makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing a new jump man and needle mouse in the not too distant future.


      • Despite my previous outburst, I’m actually totally hyped for the new Pokemon, now that I’ve been reminded its coming out soon. Any kind of character customization, regardless of how minor it may be, makes me way more willing to put hours into a game.

        Also: Agreed, super excited for a possible 3-man rundown of the new Pokemon.


  2. Brenden Sep 20, 2013

    I have found it, the only thing worse than the Josh and Brandon podcast. It’s the Eric and Brandon podcast wherein they talk only about powerpuff girls or something.


    • Brandon Sep 20, 2013

      We sure did show up to record an episode on schedule, though.


    • Brendon, we got Gundam talk. That makes up for a lot.


    • The only thing worse than a Josh and Brandon podcast is anything, because those are great. I’ve never been closer to giving a shit about Homestuck than while listening to the J&B Show, Starring Josh and Brandon. That’s about the highest compliment possible, because I can’t stand hearing about Homestuck from literally anyone else.


      • I have to agree with Johnny here. A bunch of my friends have recommended i get into it, and despite being very good friends, every time they talk about it, i want to shove my fist down their throats for sounding like a bunch insufferable internet dwelling dorks. But i have willingly listened to the podcast where Josh and Brandon wax on about homestuck at least 3 times now, and i still enjoy it.


      • mlohafer Sep 25, 2013

        Yeah, the first time I ever cared about Homestuck was when Josh and Brandon talked about it. I stopped caring about it as soon as they were finished talking about it, but I did enjoy listening.


  3. I find pixel art to be, well, art.
    I love makeing it, as I can’t really draw that well, or at least to the extent to where I can show it to people and be proud of it, well not anymore at least, but since I tried pixel art last year, I enjoy how simple it is, but it is still a challenge. The right size, colors, aplication and trying to animate it is difficult.
    Just as a joke, how about Josh tryes to make some pixel art, if the thinks it is a lazy way of doing art?=)

    Now about Cartoon Network.
    I will start by saying that, alot of shows didn’t make it to europe, or at least to slovenia and I have always been missing on a lot of great shows and now I learned that I was missing alot more than expected.

    I was told that there used to be Dragon Ball, Teen Titans,Tonami, some messed up robot college cartoon… Advanture time started airing here this year and when I heard that Chowder was canceled, I just started watching it and I did’t get it…also Flapjack.
    I noticed that the quality of cartoons went down, as did everybody else, but teen girl shows? I’m glad we don’t have those here.
    On the other hand, There is no word on Wonder on both Disney channels here and if it were not for Brandon, I would have missed it, so thank you! :D

    And Eric, you can expect a pixelated version of you some time in the near future:3


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