Listener Nik: Your Virtual Gamescom Experience!

August 21, 2013

ZackDrawsNikOur man-on-the-German-field and faithful listener Nik is going to Gamescom this week!

Good ol’ bean that he is, he’s offered to scour the show floor and tackle any demos, swipe any swag, and capture any moments or visuals that you wish you were there for. Let him know what you’d like to see, hear and read about and he’ll do his best to cover all our bases. Then check back next week for a full rundown of the show from the inside!

Leave those requests right here in the comments section of this very post. And hey, three cheers for Nik!

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7 comments on “Listener Nik: Your Virtual Gamescom Experience!

  1. Will you stop by the Squeenix booth and defeat Titan on FFXIV?! :D


    • My FF knowledge is very limited.
      All I know is that, there are some big chickens, a magical marshmallow, spiked hair and 1 hour of FFXIV2 so…I don’t think so.
      Also what Titan? :D


      • Attack on the…Titan!!!! haha it’s a boss monster that they’re doing the event at gamescom. i think you get a tshirt or a cool gaming mouse if you win or something.


  2. Patrick Aug 21, 2013

    That sounds awesome. I totally want to know how that goes.

    I don’t want you to get in a fight over this but if you get the chance ask if Overkill Software has any plans to patch Payday 2 in the future? That game has potential in a Left 4 dead way but it is really middling especially in regards to the AI (both character and enemy) also (and more importantly) they might know if Starbreeze is prepping for the next Riddick game.


    • Kinda makes me wish I had my filming equipment with me this year, as I think this would be a awesome interview. *on the list*


  3. Oh and if anyone is at Gamescom, reply here and we can have a mini fan meet/drinky drink


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