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JKP! Ep.158: Chicken Suit for the Soul – Jump Kick Punch!

“Paul Blart Mall Cop Plall Blarp Maoglop Parblarmakap!”

It’s all hands on deck this week (for a solid half hour or so, anyway) as Brandon, Harrison, Josh, Eric, Zack and Tom discuss the oddball allure of SaltyBet, the gameplay of Dragons Crown, the impending launch of the long-awaited reboot for Final Fantasy XIV, and the surprisingly engaging story of the MMO-themed anime Sword Art Online. Plus, listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos and stuff and nonsense!

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9 comments on “JKP! Ep.158: Chicken Suit for the Soul

  1. guys, you have no idea how fucking bad I want to read about Online Casinos right now. I’m JONESING.


  2. Wow, that SAO dub isn’t too bad, I’m very surprised!

    So I think I need to explain:
    In the last weekend of FFXIV, I got to level 20 because this is my 3rd (4th if you count version 1) time playing this game since beta. For one thing I don’t even need to read the quest text since I’ve done that already before, so I could get to that point while hanging out with Shadra while blowing shit up. (I was actually at the hospital most of the time last week with family.) I think for a brand new player, playing casually (like an hour a day) should take less than 2 weeks to get to where I am at.

    The reason why I like the game so much because I could play in small chunks of time, the fighting is a lot faster, and there’s a lot you can do by yourself if you choose to. There’s also a sense of discovery to find the whole world remade, the story is engaging enough (though lousy English voice acting, choose JP or even French for voices in cut-scenes if you must). The translation team is superb, sneaking in little things like quests named “It’s not lupus”. Here’s even easter egg of skyrim, mario, breaking bad (lol), so it’s worth exploring around.

    FATEs as Tom mentioned is a lot of fun, because it’s not always “fight this monster”. There are ones where you are gathering food for starving children, or defending a bridge (and if you win that FATE, it continues with another one on with hunting down the monsters who were attacking the bridge, or if you lost that one you have to go save the kidnapped NPCs). Although free-for-alls are always fun, yes there are some monsters that are huge and takes at least a dozen people to take down.

    I think they’re really making this the “fan’s” final fantasy (where it is actually a fantasy game), and adding the things people liked about other games (summons, materia, limit breaks, your own chocobo). I really hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.

    Plus, internet trolls are not going to pay the subscription just to mess with you (for the most part)!

    ^__^ Brandon, you should try and get Heidi to play an Arcanist!


    • Patrick Aug 24, 2013

      I would have thought you would have went for Ultros instead of Cactuar.


      • i DID go to Ultros,… in beta. I thought there was too few people there during phase 2, so went with Cactaur in phase 3. Now Ultros and Cactaur are both popular servers so it wouldn’t have mattered.

        <3 that purple octopus!


  3. Jon aka Talby the British guy Aug 23, 2013

    Great podcast this week, it’s a good job my bosses are away right now because that back to the future section would have gotten me into trouble.
    And thanks for the shout out Zack, but Germany is still a bit out of my way. Maybe one year though.


  4. Alex aka Hooligan893 Aug 23, 2013

    Eric you made my day today. I’m really happy my little review on the show made you so happy. Keep up the awesomeness and I’ll keep coming back.


  5. I really should’ve just left this link in the earlier comment about FFXIV:


  6. Sword Art Online reminds me of .hack. Did anyone get into that series. I played the first two games, watched .hack//Twilight (which was pretty bland), and read a handful of the manga. I got bored of the series after a while.

    Same kind of story: there is an MMO called “The World” that uses a VR headset for a full, immerse experience. In the games there was a virus/entity that starts corrupting the MMO. In the anime the main character is mysteriously trapped in the game and goes through the series trying to get out, etc.

    I might give Sword Art Online a chance. Maybe it’ll do better that .hack fell short on.


    • Patrick Aug 24, 2013

      Watched the show. Played the game. Watched the OVA’s. I thought .hack was awesome but it did fall short in some places. I wish they would bring it back but if SAO is anything like that than I should be watching it.


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