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JKP! Ep.157: The End Men – Jump Kick Punch!

“I change lives. What do you do?”

This week, Brandon sits back and watches the levels as Eric and Zack share  excited conversations about Pacific Rim, modern animation, new Spider-Men, old X-Men, and as many loosely-related topics as they can squeeze into two hours. Plus, listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos, images, and nonsense.

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18 comments on “JKP! Ep.157: The End Men

  1. Haha, I didn’t expect you to actually talk about the drawing on the show, since it wasn’t really JKP related, I just though you might get a kick out of it. And yes, she is well aware that the hands are going the wrong direction, but decided “eh, fuck it. I hate this professor, and she won’t notice anyway.” (It… It wasn’t the best art program in the country.)

    I fully love that you spent most of the episode talking comics, since this summer I’ve been getting really heavily into comic books again, after having quit in the 90’s, — with a brief return for the first year or so of Ultimate Spider-Man — I blame you guys for giving me yet another nerdy pastime/money sink.

    Digging the show, and glad you made SUCH A BIG DEAL about me calling you out in the outro. I calls ’em like I sees ’em.


    • I’ve been hardcore getting back in myself, so if you ever want to discuss hit me up! ( @eric_odinson on the twitters )


  2. Sym-bionic Titan is one of the best tv shows in history. I really wish that show didn’t get cancelled.


    • Chris Aug 11, 2013

      They fukkin’ spiderman dodged that shit. For a bunch of funny gies they didn’t bring the funny this time. Mebby rephrase to “proper” would you rather?


  3. The best Cold Open ever


  4. Patrick Aug 8, 2013

    Since Josh brought it up via Brandon via email here is a better description of the whole Phil Fish situation


    The topic in question Beer and the associate gaming press regarded Microsoft claiming they were making it capable for indie devs to not only create but curate their games since both Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow have been the most vocal on how controversial Microsoft has been in treating their indie developers (charging them exorbitant amounts to either patching or updating their own games) Notably Phil made a qwip towards Microsoft after hearing the announcement asking if that policy would work retroactively since he himself had to pay a large amount (I think it was around 40,00) to patch a game breaking glitch early in fez’s release. Its no secret that Microsoft has treated indie developers in a very suspect fashion.

    There, I said my peace.


  5. I want that anime anus on a t-shirt.


  6. I really enjoyed the comic talk this episode. I would ask for more of that kind of stuff, but i feel like that would be a unreasonable or unrealistic request. Does anyone else get the sense that running this show would be akin to pulling the teeth of screaming infants?


  7. I live five minutes away from HobbyTown USA in Kennesaw. I know the guy you are talking about. I’ve seen him before, but I’ve never talked to him. The reason HobbyTown is so huge is because more than a decade ago it used to be a movie theater. So each large area of the store was where a movie screen used to be. so, there’s a SHIT-TON of hobby stuff to get into in there.

    Eric, how about writing an article of mecha shows that should be seen. Like a top 5 or 10, etc?


    • mlohafer Aug 13, 2013

      Yes! We need Eric’s recommended Mecha Shows! (And Zack’s comic recomendations)

      My wife went with me to see Pacific Rim, and she absolutely loved it. She loves Mecha almost as much as I do , though, so that wasn’t a surprse.

      Also: Anyone else headed to Gen Con? If so, do you wanna have a meetup to drink a beer to JKP?


      • Shadra Aug 13, 2013

        I got yer top 5 right here, though not in any real order:

        1) Giant Robo — you are not a mecha fan if you have not watched this show.
        2) Evangelion — Not because I like it or think it’s great, but it’s incredibly iconic and the cinematography is unbeatable in a lot of places.
        3) Gundam-- all of them. They’re not all great, but at least they’re all pretty interesting, if you like politics.
        4) Macross-- all of them, again. Not all great, the first season is, in fact, kind of the worst animation ever, but definitive within the genre. I almost hesitate to call it a mecha show because the focus isn’t necessarily on the Valkyries (though they’re FUCKING COOL OKAY), but it’s a really good series IMO
        5) Gigantic Formula — okay I’m like one of only five people who like this show, but I REALLY LIKED THIS SHOW A LOT OKAY

        That’s my list-- remember, though, I’m a Real Robot kind of girl, haven’t found a Super Robot show that really caught my eye (does Gurren Lagann count? I’m not sure). Giant Robo sort of falls on the far edge of Real Robot too, though… Anyway.


        Also, the lizard Kaiju’s name is Otachi. And, the novelization of Pacific Rim is pretty great.

        Also also, on a more serious note/aside, I don’t think the attitude of ‘eh it’s the internet, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire’ is anything but pure, unfiltered shit. Is it a problem that has a clear solution? Not necessarily, but that doesn’t mean that the status quo is acceptable and that people should ‘just have to live with it’. That attitude is juvenile to begin with, and on top of that, it’s just fucking lazy-- nobody should have to be satisfied with a poor situation and just ‘shut up and deal with it’.


        • Patrick Aug 16, 2013

          True, Not all Gundam is great. If I would add a caveat I would say only the U.C. (Universal Century) storylines (including Unicorn) are worth the read/watch. Some say that Gundam Wing is good along with Endless waltz but if you are watching it with the intent of imagining these mechs in a real world like environment. G Gundam is retarded, only watch if you are looking for a good laugh.

          What about Patlabor? or Gurren Lagann? Mazinger Z?

          Patlabor is even rumored to have a live action movie in the works!


          • mlohafer Aug 20, 2013

            Yes! Another Patlabor fan!!

            We’re both more fans of the real-robot genre. My wife absolutely loves Nadesico, and Patlabor is probably our favorite anime ever. But there’s room for some giant robots, too. Gurren Lagan, anyone?


          • Patrick Aug 20, 2013

            Oh jeeze, I completely forgot Nadesico what with its self referential treatment of the lead character being an mecha fan (Gekigangar) I really need to rewatch that series.

            Gurren Lagann is awesome and it’s all on netflix. Actually there is a fairly great collection of most anime via netflix instant.


    • Ask as ye shall receive, fair readers. I’ll do a series JUST FOR YOU, since waiting for FFXIV early access will drive me insane.


  8. Ricky B Aug 27, 2013

    On the subject of Beware the Batman, I personally feel the same way that I did when the Green Lantern series first premiered.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the art style and the animation (though to be fair that got better as time went on) but the characters and the story were engaging enough to hold my attention. Eventually I found myself watching it every week if possible to see where the story went.

    Some of BtB’s aesthetic choices REALLY bug me (his…come hither lips…). But I love the B list rouges gallery, (they brought in fucking Humpty Dumpty!) the fact that Batman does boring detective work, and what looks like an overarching story that is developing behind the villain of the week setup. I dig it, but I don’t know what the future holds for it.


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