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JKP! Ep.156: Nerd Safari! – Jump Kick Punch!

“Fuckin’, whatever, Hank. Get in the car.”

Join Brandon, Eric, Tom, and returning guest Jenny (of Backward Compatibles) for two solid hours of San Diego Comic-Con recap, from the latest comic and movie news to video game demos, with some cosplay encounters and hedgehog-themed, sweat-flavored martinis thrown in for good measure. Then, to round out the show, we tackle a small assortment of listener emails.

Hit the jump for alllllll of this week’s many SDCC-related videos and images! (And don’t forget to leave a comment with your suggestion for Eric’s fursona! He’ll love it.)

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24 comments on “JKP! Ep.156: Nerd Safari!

  1. I’m pleased to be in on the ground floor of your exciting new venture, Nerd Safari, and am looking forward to episode 2. Should be a wild ride.

    Oh. Oh what? I’m being told that re-branding as Nerd Safari was probably a joke, and I should be ashamed for falling for it. Fool me once, JKP. Fool me once…

    For serious, though, great episode as always, fellas. one thing I noticed though, (and I’m sure you noticed it while editing, Brandon) was that in your outro-spiel you claimed that the podcast is every week, getting me excited, but then slightly deflated when you correctly said it was every two weeks a few minutes later. Please don’t hurt me like that again.


    • Brandon Jul 26, 2013

      Haha well noted, Jonny. Hard to break a 150 episode-strong scripted outro. I tend to turn on autopilot for that while the other guys visibly check out.

      I never meant to hurt you baby you know I ain’t mean it like that.


  2. I don’t think that Harrison can get away from being a fox.

    Brandon is an ant eater,
    Tom is a kangaroo.
    Josh is a hyena.
    Zach is a rainbow.
    Eric is an otter.


  3. Eric Jarman Jul 26, 2013

    Eric’s fursona animal: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m94f7efJ861rce69vo1_400.gif


  4. I missed Comic-Con completely this year, even the online coverage. But after hearing this podcast, I felt like even I was at San Diego this year.


  5. Shadra Jul 26, 2013

    Great show! Would love to see (hear?) Jen back again! Also, the levels were MUCH better!

    Most importantly: Eric is a Scottish Highland Cow:


    In fact, pretty sure he is that guy in the back.


    • Brenden Jul 27, 2013

      Replace Josh with Jen. Really replace Josh with anyone.


      • Shadra Jul 27, 2013

        Are you being facetious or serious, here?


        • Brenden Jul 27, 2013


          In all seriousness though, I like the idea of having a more diverse roster. Now that the shows are every 2 weeks it would be cool if each cast lineup was “tailored” for the shows topics. In this case it certainly worked out great. Shit, I wouldn’t even mind the show dropping a day or 2 late if it meant that scheduling worked out better.


          • Patrick Jul 28, 2013

            jeeze that sounds more like work and less like a couple of guys just hanging out and talking about shit/making fun.


            kidding, I mean that could be nice but what they have now is good to. I would fear changing too much would make things more problematic to organize or to produce regularly


          • Brandon Jul 28, 2013

            If I had literally *any* control over who shows up for any given recording without work getting in the way, bailing last minute or altogether forgetting what day it is, we would have been doing that 100 episodes ago.

            (Closest we get is when Zack sits out on a heavy game news week, but that’s rarely an intentional absence.)


      • Just for that comment, I’m going to talk about Homestuck the entire next show. Just for you.


        • Brenden Jul 29, 2013

          You do that and I continue the fanfic. It will include penises.


          • Patrick Jul 29, 2013

            let all be honest, you were going to do that anyway so that is a hollow threat.


        • Patrick Jul 29, 2013

          well I did send you and brandon a homestuck related question. but that episode you decided not to show and it went away. I don’t even remember what I asked, I hope it wasn’t something stupid like “what your favorite homestuck character”


  6. Eric’s fursona animal is the Spirit Bear: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_bear


  7. I am definitely the go to “movie detective” for Josh. He’s usually my go to guy for video games and comics. I guess I’m also the JKP movie detective too :)


    • Patrick Jul 28, 2013

      is that an official title? Like with credentials?


  8. The levels were GREAT!
    Also, in the beginning where tom was telling a story with the drifting train was very funny until that actually happened, and now I feel guilty :C


  9. Patrick Aug 2, 2013



  10. Catching up on episodes, and couldn’t resist making this comment (it’s weird commenting on old episodes). But you guys mentioned the Carnage: USA story, and I want to clarify that the title’s kinda misleading. It’s really about Cletus Kasady taking a small town hostage, using the Carnage symbiote to actually take over other peoples’ bodies -- including several Avengers who had responded to the situation. It’s all about that hostage sittuation, and Spider-Man trying to save the civilians/Avengers while the government is trying to cover up the fact that Avengers are now under the control of a psychotic killer. Personally, my favorite storyline involving any symbiote.

    And yes, Minimum Carnage was shit and a waste of potentially awesome character moments between Agent Venom/Scarlet Spider/Carnage.

    Thanks for letting me waste your time, if you read this. :P


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