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JKP! Ep.155: -Kun’s For Life – Jump Kick Punch!

“You have to go now, I have a 3:00p appointment with the Gumdrop people.”

This week: Brandon says farewell to Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis and hello to sunglasses, Zack gets a chance to chime in on Man of Steel, Josh discovers what he’d be like as a Marvel supervillain, Eric warns us all of the siren song of retail bins, and we all discuss Don Mattrick’s sudden departure from Microsoft. Plus, we finally catch up on a whole mess of listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s videos and images!

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25 comments on “JKP! Ep.155: -Kun’s For Life

  1. I just got all the way caught up on going through your entire run of shows today, just in time for your newest episode. I had totally forgotten emailing you a month ago, but when you mentioned the name ‘jonny’ in the list of emails in your backlog I thought “That guy’s named like my name! awesome!” then you read the email today and I was like “Holy shit! I’m pretty sure I wrote that!” and then “Wow, I’m a verbose motherfucker, I should maybe tone that down.”

    Thanks for keeping me entertained over the past two months.


    • Brandon Jul 10, 2013

      Let’s pretend that was deliberate, methodical timing on my part. Glad to have you listening!


  2. I guess I was more drunk than I thought, when I wrote the email…oh well, nice knowing you Eric :D
    I’l comment on the rest of the podcast later, because alcohol :D


  3. Brenden Jul 10, 2013

    I would donate 10 bucks to a Josh mustache fund. No homo.


    • I would donate a pixel portrait


    • i would donate a small shitty sculpture


    • Patrick Jul 12, 2013

      I would donate my heroclix, and a giant box of Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon cards that are never used, great condition though.


  4. You guys need to find out what’s going on at Valve. Send Tom and Harrison back in for some recon.

    Seriously, you guys call yourselves Game Journalists?!?


    • Anonymous Jul 13, 2013

      You don’t wanna know, man…




  5. Patrick Jul 12, 2013

    Brandon, How many people have exclaimed YEAAAAAAAAH! when you put on your glasses now?

    Josh, It’s your time, wear the mustache be the Luigi we all know you can be.

    Eric, I think the only place that will have that album is Wax N Facts in little 5 points around the corner from criminal records. DON’T GET LOST IN THERE, there is a ridiculous amount of vinyl in that store at very reasonable prices. If not than you should just pick it up on amazon and pray that the mail service doesn’t damage it.

    Zack (who will never see this), we missed you, you damn maniac.


  6. so, who am i going to see down at SDCC? anyone?


  7. Patrick Jul 16, 2013

    I know this is super late but what evs, its the best Ryan Davis vid I have seen yet


    RIP Ryan, my Tuesdays/Wednesdays won’t be the same without the ” hey errybody its tuuuuuuesday”


  8. I’ll be at Comic-Con! It’ll be at least a 2 person JKP high-5! =D


  9. LOL I’m just now getting to finish listening this episode (I’m a bad friend to have taken so long to listen to it). In case anyone was wondering about my bizarre bazaar of buttons, its here: http://zelas.etsy.com

    And btw, that is why I had to number the buttons at conventions, instead of all the moonspeak names.


  10. Jon aka Talby the British Guy Jul 22, 2013

    Ok, I need this itch scratched. New episode soon? Yes? Please?


    • Brandon Jul 23, 2013

      New episode coming tomorrow night, schedule permitting!


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