JKP Bulletin: Podcast Drops on Thursday

July 24, 2013

u17w83iHey, folks. Sorry for the delay.

I’m back from Comic-Con. We recorded a 2.5 hour episode about SDCC highlights (plus listener emails), but the rest of my week has been packed with work and family/friend obligations.

I’m dedicating time to properly edit the show tomorrow, so look for the episode to go live in the evening. I’m also trying a couple of different methods for audio sweetening and level moderation, so hopefully the longer wait on your parts will be rewarded by a volume consistency that will finally make Josh’s rubber-banding whisper-guffaws far more tolerable from here on out.

Thanks for listening!

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7 comments on “JKP Bulletin: Podcast Drops on Thursday

  1. I cant wait for the rubber band parts!


  2. Brenden Jul 24, 2013

    I’d like to point out that this is all Josh’s fault.


  3. Shadra Jul 24, 2013

    Actually, it’s probably legitimately my fault. DEAL WITH IT B|


  4. Eric Jarman Jul 25, 2013

    Thanks a lot Josh. Now I have nothing to listen to at work today. :(


  5. Pacific Rim is discussed on this episode right? :D


    • Brandon Jul 25, 2013

      Not this week as some in attendance haven’t seen it yet, but that should be resolved by the next episode (scheduled for the week of 8/5).


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