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JKP! Ep.154: Old & Tired – Jump Kick Punch!

“That is not an actual argument.”

This week finds Brandon, Harrison, Tom, Eric and Josh rallying around the mics for a heated exchange over Microsoft’s sudden and unexpected reversal on all of the Xbox One’s DRM policies, an NDA-friendly glance at the reboot of Final Fantasy XIV, a spoiler-heavy Man of Steel review, and spoiler-free examinations of the dark and gritty worlds of The Last of Us and Attack on Titan. Plus, listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s assortment of videos and nonsense.

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27 comments on “JKP! Ep.154: Old & Tired

  1. Jason Jun 26, 2013

    Further adding fuel to the Titan frenzy:



  2. RickyB Jun 26, 2013

    Random fact related to the beginning of the episode, the first round of Dreamcasts that were released were region-free. It was only the subsequent ones (like mine) that needed boot disks to play foreign games. But if the ISO’s were burned correctly any DC could play a pirated disks. I “acquired” a back-up of the japanese version of Capcom vs SNK 2 from a friend at SCAD back in the day.


  3. Okay you guys prooooobably should have mentioned that there would be AoT spoilers in here. You know damn well how gradually the information is revealed. I didn’t know that “when they get full, they vomit, and start over.” That information has not yet been released in the anime, if it is there. Sadfaces. All the sadfaces.


    • Marx Stone Jun 26, 2013

      I don’t think that was a bad spoiler, if anything that left me waiting to see it in the anime. I just got to episode 9 and it hasn’t happen yet. I do have to say I like where this is going. I just hope they don’t get main character killing happy. I’m so jaded by that now that it really doesn’t carry the same weight anymore. Eliminating hope is not that good of a trope; mostly because it leaves some of the audience not interested in watching anymore.


    • Many many apologies. My brain has a hard time separating the manga and the anime :(


    • Patrick Jun 27, 2013

      Well Brandon did give Eric the title “King Spoiler”

      I started reading the manga and its pretty awesome.


  4. Patrick Jun 26, 2013

    the le mans vid died, here is the replacement


    • Brenden Jun 26, 2013

      Hahahaha holy shit that is great. That fucking pitcrew guy just got YANKED. Poor dude prolly broke something.


  5. Animal Crossing has been my constant companion as I trek through The Last of Us. I need that pleasant escape, because a session of The Last of Us just leaves me fucking bummed…


  6. I feel for Eric trying to explain what OVAs are, but I’m surprised Tom don’t know this!
    Typically OVAs are higher budgeted, and takes forever to come out. (Tenchi and El Hazard are good examples of great OVAs compared to OK quality TV version).

    I noticed a few of my friends been drawing Mikasa and I was wondering where that was from, but I didn’t know that it’s my fav. genre of shows: post apocalyptic world, death or horrible things happening to the main characters. I don’t always get anime news now that my brother moved out >.<

    BTW, about Crunchyroll, I was thinking of getting a sub to it, but it actually don't have a lot of shows I do want to see. Surprisingly tho they have Sherlock Hound.


    • Brenden Jun 27, 2013

      I had hopes for this thing. Every time JKP recommends an anime I give it a looksee, but each one is just filled with Anime Bullshit (TM). Seriously how can these kids be in basic training for 2 fucking years and still be clueless assholes. Seriously. Fucking USMC training is 12 weeks. 12 WEEKS. not 24 fucking MONTHS. You would be the most hard assed motherfucker alive if you spent TWO FUCKING YEARS doing nothing but “training”.


      • Brandon Jun 27, 2013

        This cartoon about giant naked baby monsters is unrealistic.

        (Jokes aside, it’s a fair point. I have a pretty generous suspension of disbelief so that kind of stuff gets a soft pass from me. Maybe the extra year is to learn how to be hip-based Spider-Men without hurling yourself face-first into trees with every swing. Or maybe this is all just bullshit. Either way, they sure do look cool flippin around with swords.)


  7. so because you brought up tear away clothing in the podcast, i think i am obligated to tell this story, which i never get to tell. I’ll preface this story by saying i used to fucking hate tear away clothing (namely because you’d always have one jackass run up and rip off your goddamn pants for not fucking reason).

    but anyways, there i was in grade 12 at the high school provincial championship (thats like the state final or whatever for those in the US) track meet getting ready for the 3000m final. I was super pissed off cause i couldn’t find my regular warm up pants, and had to grab a pair of old tear away pants instead. i hated wearing these things for a couple of reasons but mainly due to the fact that I’m pretty scrawny (always have been, always will be) and these pants are built for the normally proportionate person, so they are just a bit too loose, and tend to fall down a bit.

    this was a big race for me because i was primed to run my personal best time in this race, and i was going up against my arch rival Owen Delange (who is actually a super awesome dude). Me and Owen are/ were pretty close in ability, and almost weekly we would switch position in ranking, one over taking the other, then back again. i would win one race, and he would win the other, however, due to timing or circumstance he never got to beat me in front of his peers. But this he wanted it to be different, and he let me know he was going to do everything possible to win this one. Being as the way our track meets were set up, the 3000m was the first race of the day. We were both out of our home town, so that meant both of our teams were forced to come to the track bright and early to see our races (cause the parents wouldn’t let anyone stay at the hotel while others were competing). we both had huge teams, and there they were sitting in the stands, watching me and owen (and like the 5 other guys that no one cared about and didn’t even stand a chance chance at winning). so the pressure was mounting.

    about two minutes before our race, we are called up to the starting area, and were told to stay near/ on the track for marshaling. two minutes is a long time to wait when you are super nervous and anxious, and trying to stay warm. so i decided i should do some quick strides down the track to keep warm.

    with the first stride, i was feeling good, but a little tight in the legs. i figured i should do a second one, which went a little better, but not quite there. before i do my third and final one, the marshal comes up to everyone and says one minute to go, and signals for the crowd to be quiet.

    me now more tense by the hush of the crowd, go to do my final stride, down the track in front of hundreds (more like tens) of people all. eyes on me and owen. being a bit amped up, i push off a little harder than i should, just as my tear away pants slip down, catching on one of my spikes. for a second i thought i was going to face plant in front of everyone.

    what happened was far better. the buttons unsnapped, and i burst forth from my pants, in what looked like an epic explosion of clothing and muscle, akin to the hulk as he busts forth from banners ridiculous outfit. with out a backwards glance or fault in step, i continue my stride down the front of the stands. The entire crowd erupted in thunderous applause and cheers. i turned and looked at my competitor, and owen is just standing there, with the “you mother fucker” look on his face. he was already defeated before the race had even began. He put up a good fight as we ran, but i could knew, no matter the outcome i had already won.

    the victory was bitter sweet though. i did end up beating owen/ winning the race, but we ran terribly off pace, and i failed miserably in my goal to hit or beat my personal best.

    still one of my favorite stories from my many years of track and field tho, and is entirely due to tear away clothes. just thought i would share


  8. I am going to be totally honest. After this episode, and multiple people telling me about the show, I probably won’t ever watch AoT. Under no circumstances do I want to watch people, animated or otherwise, get limbs bitten off one by one. Gore is not for me. I’m kind of surprised how highly it’s recommended by everyone, seeing how gruesome the deaths are.


    • Brandon Jun 28, 2013

      You mean “hearing how gruesome the deaths are.” When you actually watch it, its not really as gruesome. The animation on the action and the really powerful voice acting for the majority of the narrative gets its hooks into you. If you can watch Game of Thrones, you can watch this no problem.

      But it is brutal, no doubts there.


  9. We watched a little bit of Attack on Titan before but stopped mid- episode because the character’s facial expressions were off putting to the point of comical (SO MANY DARK LINES). After hearing your raves about AoT, Karl and I decided to give it another try. The lesson of the story is to watch the episode completely and the ending will totally hook you. The pacing was like the pilot episode of Battlestar Galactica. Now we’re completely addicted. Thanks, guys!

    Also, for those who want something happy to balance the grim, “The Devil is a Part-Timer” is the most entertaining anime I’ve watched in a long time. It’s on Hulu and possibly CrunchyRoll. HIGHLY recommended!


    • Brandon Jul 5, 2013

      …We watched the first episode of “Devil is a Part-Timer” and now our weekend is about to mysteriously disappear.

      Thanks for the recommendation!


  10. Michael Jun 28, 2013

    Ugh…I feel the Kotaku comment Gabe/Mike singled out was a pretty stupid reaction to have to a game about female masturbation and I have no problem with it being highlighted and derided as such. The tack he took to do it really wasn’t the right one to avoid a shitstorm with. He’s really far more thin-skinned than I would’ve expected him to be.


  11. mlohafer Jun 30, 2013

    After watching the first few episodes of AoT, My wife and I are hooked. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Going back to my email that you guys read this week, one thing that I was thinking about with EA was them licensing Triforce to sell replicas of Mass Effect, and Harrison being told that he shouldn’t sell any, even though he’d made the props for their TV commercials.

    For the MA5 that I’m building, I’m going with chambering it in a normal .308 Winchester cartridge, since Bungie wrote up a description of the MA5 in the Halo encyclopedia that listed it as using a 7.62 NATO.

    By the Halo 3 promo renders and In game models, it does have an ejection port, but of course it’s not in the correct place relative to the mag well and where the scale measurements say the breech should be.

    Of course, as I was double-checking that entry, I just realized that my scaling, which was the basis of the last 4 months of lunch-break work, is off by 4 inches. SHIT!!

    I put some screen shots of the work that I’ve done so far in my photobucket,


    If you’re interested in my other prop and costume projects, my handle on The RPF and 405th.com is Loess. I haven’t posted either place for a while, since I’ve been working a lot on non-prop projects.


  12. mlohafer Jul 2, 2013

    Did my last comment not get submitted, or did it get eaten by the spam filters? (It had a URL in it)


    • Brandon Jul 3, 2013

      Aha, yep, somehow the link sent that comment directly to the spam filter. All good now. Thanks for the extra little poke, I’ll rejigger the whatsit to try and avoid that in the future!


      • Ah, that’s what I figured.
        Thanks for the admin assist.


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