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JKP! Ep.153: E3 2013, Where the Points Don’t Matter – Jump Kick Punch!


It’s E3 2013, which means it’s time for Brandon, Harrison, Josh, Eric and Tom to roll up their sleeves and settle in for a three-hour discussion of every bullet point from the major press conferences in exhaustive detail! From Nintendo’s Direct to Microsoft’s Hail Mary to Sony’s Touchdown Dance (plus EA, Ubisoft, and a bunch more nonsense for good measure), no electronic entertainment stone is left unturned.

Hit the jump for full video embeds of the conferences themselves, as well as a few extra show floor moments and some utter nonsense.

[vsw id=”13D1I5s236o” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

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6 comments on “JKP! Ep.153: E3 2013, Where the Points Don’t Matter

  1. New BG on the site looks awesome, Brandon!


  2. Holy crapballs I got crazy stoked for the Order trailer! =D


  3. I’m with Tom on CG trailers for games: you’re supposed to take them as a pitch. It’s supposed to entice you in the prospect, not sell you on the mechanics,, especially at these early stages where they don’t have a build that could be run at a showing like this. That’s for later. This can be done to varying degrees of success, i.e. The Order, giving you the idea of “oh this will probably be a co-op experience, akin to Left 4 Dead, but steampunk with cool, unique weapons, I guess it’s made by ReadyAtDawn, they make PSP games or something, who cares this looks neat.”. That is a successful CG trailer. Quantum Break is only successful in selling to people already familiar with Remedy’s catalog: “Oh, this is the next game from the Alan Wake guys, I’m sure it will have an intriguing plot/concept given these details, And it’s cool that they’ve tied it into a ‘TV Series’, because all their FMV in the past has been goofy/fun”. Not quite as widespread a successful pitch, if you don’t have the whole context. Also, Quantum Break is not a launch game, so they still have time to flesh out the gameplay before throwing it out in front of people for scrutiny

    It’s fascinating that people complain about movie trailers that give everything away, and then complain when game trailers don’t give everything away.

    I think a CG trailer is perfectly fine as a “reveal” of a new property, because it is just a pitch. It’s when year after year all you get is a new CG trailer, a la Final Fantasy or Old Republic, that it becomes annoying.


  4. Michael Jun 14, 2013

    Oh my god guys, I spent the whole podcast getting blueballs waiting for you to talk about the complete devastation Sony laid on Microsoft with Jack Tretton’s. It, and the enormous internet reaction to it overshadowed everything else about E3 to me, even the games. It’s basically what the show will be remembered for.

    I don’t know how you kept yourselves from making jokes about it the entire podcast but thanks for breaking down the whole show, makes it easier to follow.


    • If you’ll notice, since I was on a time limit, I kept going FASCINATING, MOVING ALONG! because that’s really all I wanted to talk about.


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