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JKP! Ep.150: The Hot Seat – Jump Kick Punch!

“My ass hurts, but I win!”

One hundred and fifty big ones! In this week’s extra-special episode, Josh assumes control for a series of one-on-one interviews with Eric, Harrison, Tom and Brandon to finally, properly peel back some deeper layers behind the voices you’ve been listening to for over 348 hours’ worth of podcasts. Childhoods! Families! Influences and embarrassments! Then, after the break, the gang returns to normal for a final hour of discussion about the current state of podcasts, web shows, and fan-driven online endeavors. Then, to close out the show, Brandon makes an important announcement about the future of JKP.

Please enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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7 comments on “JKP! Ep.150: The Hot Seat

  1. Jon aka Talby the British guy May 23, 2013

    348 hours.. and that doesn’t even include the times I’ve re listened.
    I feel like I owe you guys a lot, thank you.


    • We take payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, props, wine, or unadulterated praise.


      • Brandon May 23, 2013

        Josh does. The rest of us don’t need anything.


    • This encapsulates it perfectly. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve re-listened to old episodes, so really the 348 hour marker is inaccurate.

      You guys do a whole lot more than you give yourselves credit for sometimes, and I know that myself and the select few other “dedicated listeners” cherish it.

      in regards to the announcement, it doesn’t really matter if you keep up the podcast or go ion to do other things, It’s you guys that’s the draw for me. As long as you keep making stuff, you’ll have us as fans, that much is undeniable.


  2. You each, apparently, stole portions of my childhood and forged it into varying degrees of success in ways that I never could.

    Be careful what you wish for, Josh. You didn’t specify who, or what, you want to be paid to masturbate. Elephant masturbators supposedly have the lowest job satisfaction and rank among the worst jobs in the world.

    Sadly, Zach Braff’s Kickstater is a success http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1869987317/wish-i-was-here-1 . To his credit supposedly he is throwing a ton of his own money into the project.
    Fortunately, a terrible Kickstarter you mentioned earlier, Shaniqua No-Ho, failed/cancelled http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1116321106/shaniqua-no-ho-0
    I already like Kevin Smith, but his decision not to Kickstart Clerks 3 to leave that place for indies who actually need the help earned him some respect points from me.


  3. The interview idea was really nice and I just noticed how similar you and I are Brandon, especially with the pre/early teen attitude. I really hope you do one with zack like this, as I want to know what “messed” him up ;D

    I had a lot of hobby ideas and projects in mind, but lack of skill and place to learn was my downfall. If I don’t have a person to talk to in person, I will drop everything, as I have a huge learning disability, but what I did get to learn about animation, 3D and similar, it was just as a “oh, and that exists”. I still want to learn how to make a quality frame by frame and 3D animation, but the lack of schools here, or money to study somewhere else (fun fact, DICE rejected my internship as a 3D animator, due to lack of animation mayor).

    Approximately 348 hours of free entertainment, you don’t see that and this is quality stuff! (quality may or may not mean fart jokes).
    Now honest to god, when you mentioned JKP is going to have another break of sorts, my heart skipped a beat and was saddened for a short period, but I understand it’s for the best.
    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your creative project Brandon and hope that itch gets scratched.=)


  4. Josh, you don’t want to make a living masturbating.

    I tried a gig one time on a weekend.

    My dong was sore for a week.

    Tom, that was during the trip to Myrtle Beach.


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