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JKP! Ep.147: Ten Year Vendetta – Jump Kick Punch!

“If I can get to them? Peanut. If not, plain.”

This week finds Brandon, Harrison, Eric and Josh dishing on the latest, greatest spoilers from Game of Thrones and the viability of combating piracy through quality. Then, after a quick break, the gang dives into another round of Pre-E3 headlines that include Microsoft’s long-awaited next-gen console announcement-announcement and Nintendo’s official withdrawal from the annual press conference parade. Last but not least, Josh finally (and legally) discusses the nitty-gritty details of the Marvel Heroes beta and we answer some listener emails– including a JKP! video game pitch, some “Would You Rather’s” and another noir-themed JKP! fanfic.

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos and trailers!

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19 comments on “JKP! Ep.147: Ten Year Vendetta

  1. Cable Guy is a fine movie, I’ll not hear otherwise.

    Also, where the hell do I get that intermission music? You’ve been killing it during intermission the past few weeks


  2. Speaking of duck penis, there is a holiday coming up soon. And it just so happens to fall on podcast release day this year. You should do something special for it.

    Also, Ross came up with “grippable,” as he humble brags about from time to time.


    • Brandon May 1, 2013

      Apologies to Ross, then! Brenden abuses it, got lost in theJKP listener shuffle.


  3. As a guy who does know a lot about firearms (about like how Harrison knows cars), you can make an integrally-suppresed Tompson the way Brendan described without screwing up the accuracy.


    • Brenden May 1, 2013

      THANK YOU!


    • Brenden May 1, 2013

      Wait wait wait though…

      Wouldn’t the lower pressures / FPS and a higher bullet weight necessitate a higher twist rate? I know higher twist barrels for slower ammunition is a thing…


      • Yes, heavier and/or slower projectiles do require a faster twist. But, that is more important with rifles, when you’re shooting longer distances and much higher velocities. For a submachine gun up close,it would work just fine.


        • Patrick May 1, 2013

          also to compensate for the lost velocity you could hot load or P+ your rounds although that would not be advised because the blowback could potentially ruin the hammer along with possibly shearing the barrel from the inside which is why the use in automatic weapons is somewhat unheard of. It’s really not a pretty sight but if you’re out to do a buch of damage and don’t care aboutreusing the gun it is effective.


          • You could, I don’t know if a WW2 era Tompson barrel could handle the increased pressure of +P ammo. A modern reproduction converted to full auto might, since it didn’t sound like NFA restrictions were a thing they were worried about.

            That still overlooks wanting a sub-sonic bullet. If you’re going to the trouble of building a suppressed smg, you don’t want a whole bunch of sonic booms letting everyone know what’s happening.


          • Brenden May 2, 2013

            Which is why I chose a Thompson, I figured .45 is a big stupid slow pistol round and it’s probably already close to subsonic, and you could reasonably say that porting the barrel could reliably make it subsonic. The only other gun that my quick google search turned up was the Kriss Vector and that’s too space pistol-y for a pseudo film-noir thing.


          • Patrick May 2, 2013


            If it’s story Harrison’s crafted and customized gun I am pretty sure he would have taken that into consideration during the fabrication process. Granted P+ rounds were not standardized until around the early 70″s people were trying black powder compression before then. Also when you think of it specialty rounds like hot loaded or P+ were designed more for revolver or single chamber weapons. I really doubt it would go well for say a berretta to use a round like that. You would probably warp the slide rails or even worse.


            to be completely honest you made the right choice if it was between those two. Dont get me wrong I have spent a couple boxes of rounds at a range in Savannah with both guns and I have to say that the Thompson is at the very least the more reliable. Granted the .45 rounds we were using were Aluminum casings, not the more appealing brass (Thanks Obama!) and believe it or not that does have a somewhat severe impact on the SMG especially in the fire/jam ratio (Thompson 45/5, KV 35/15 and that was the 50 round ratio, I would imagine if fired more frequently the ratio would grow) Granted these were range rental guns and chances are were not as clean as say story Harrison would maintain.


  4. well, time to put tits on the prop fox sculpt.


  5. So you guys mentioned that apple is making or at least thinking of making a console. How likely is it that they will call it the Pippin 2?


    • Brandon May 2, 2013

      Extremely unlikely.

      It’ll be the Apple “Godspell.”


  6. Perturbo May 7, 2013

    You found ammo?!?!


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