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JKP! Ep.146: Scared or Excited – Jump Kick Punch!

“I don’t like any of the Fetts, erotic or otherwise.”

This week finds Eric the Urban Viking venturing well south of the Mason-Dixon line to join the official JKP roster in Atlanta! Brandon, Josh and Tom celebrate the show’s newest, semi-permanent addition by discussing last week’s 3DS-centric Nintendo Direct (and a surprise Link to the Past sequel!), share some hands-on impressions after a few hours with Eric’s very own Wii U, nod with restrained optimism towards the latest Man of Steel trailer, and veer off on the usual number of tangents. Plus, as always, listener emails.

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos, trailers and images!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.146: Scared or Excited

  1. you guys are adorable when it comes to the cold.


  2. I grew up in Oswego, NY, which has a similar climate to Buffalo, NY and also Chicago. A persistent weather condition that we dealt with every winter was “Lake Effect Snow”. It wasn’t uncommon for us to get 2-3 feet of snow over night and still have school the next day. Basically, it was like living on the 6th planet of the Hoth system from October to April.

    I don’t live there anymore. =) Even the gray skies of Seattle seem a real treat compared to that frozen hell.


  3. Those were just the kind of stories that I was hoping for. I guess I forgot to include that I’m in Iowa, where it’s debilitatingly cold for no less than three months, and often longer.

    Not usually as bad as Canada, though.

    Also, great to hear Eric again, since I loves me some Gundam.


  4. Michael Apr 28, 2013

    Welcome to Atlanta and the Podcast, Eric! Totally hoping to see some more healthy Gundam discussion on the podcast with you as a regular, make all those guys watch Unicorn.


    • Eric the Red May 2, 2013

      GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. But I’d love to try and make them. Thanks for the welcome!


  5. Patrick Apr 28, 2013

    With the new LoZ LttP sequel my only major hope I have is we get awesome commercials much like this one:


  6. Personaly, I love the cold and snow=)
    If there is going to be winter, it better be really cold, like this year, which I loved. -5C every morning, better than coffee:D


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