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JKP! Ep.145: Opposite of That – Jump Kick Punch!

“I may not be comfortable, but at least I’m not shitting my pants.”

Join Brandon and Tom as they welcome Harrison back from the Convention circuit, then quickly dive into a second, more established analysis of Penny Arcade’s Strip Search, respond to Aaron Diaz’s conceptual twist on Legend of Zelda, and address some specific topics requested by JKP Facebook followers. Then, after the break, the trio answers a few listener emails, including some Summer movie hype, Nintendo’s “next-gen” prospects, and a very, very, very special unveiling of a belated April Fool’s Day gift for Harrison!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos, images and trailers!

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20 comments on “JKP! Ep.145: Opposite of That

  1. well, goodbye friend i guess i never wanted apparently.


    • Harrison Apr 18, 2013

      If anything, you should know that I appreciate a good troll. Ask Tom how much shit I give him, and we’re good friends.

      Just be aware you may have opened a box here that may have best remained closed.


      • Patrick Apr 18, 2013

        you did kinda ask for a prank war on an earlier episode. But unlike a one on one you get an entire fan base. Oh the entertainment!


      • well no worries. oh and to answer your question, I molded the head separately from the body, but the body was molded in one piece. usually the casting would come out great with the exception of the hands, in which tiny bubbles would form in the fingers despite there being vents. it may have looked like a couple pieces were molded separately because they broke off during the clean up before painting, and i glued them back on. all in all it was great practice, but if i had to do it again, i definitely would have broken the figure up into smaller pieces before molding, as well as using an airbrush. i am pretty ashamed of that paint job


        • Patrick Apr 19, 2013

          you should make a polystyrene or foam cast of the head for antenna toppers. Like a box full of them and then just dump them @ dragoncon infront of Harrison.


          • that is brilliant! i can do that super easy too! i have a bunch of Foam-it 3 casting foam left over from a old project.


  2. A Volpin the Propfox pendant, you say? Sounds like a modern day Sonichu to me


  3. Don’t worry Cody, we have some fantastic things planned at DragonCon for our friend Harrison here.


    • is it bad that my first thought was a giant propfox costume made, then either put him in it, or just have someone in it lurking in the background of all his photos?


      • Patrick Apr 22, 2013

        damn, forget the antenna toppers. THAT is the best, I would say the latter because I really doubt there is enough alcohol in the world to trick/force him in a suit of his fursona.


  4. Thanks for answering my question guys. The summer movies that I most want to see are; Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, and Star Trek Into Darkness.


  5. Michael Apr 20, 2013

    There is almost always a point (usually several points) in your podcast where I wish I was part of the conversation so I could either go “YES, EXACTLY!!” or “NO, YOU’RE WRONG!!” in response to something somebody says. No other game podcast I listen to really invests me like that, you guys rock!


    • I often do the same, even in episodes I listen to that I’m in. Fortunately, there’s already a dashing, intelligent person on the recording there to say what I would have. Other than this episode, unfortunately.


      • Brenden Apr 22, 2013

        When are you and harrison going to be on an episode together again? I miss the dream team.


        • Brandon Apr 22, 2013

          Sounds like this is your week.


          • you just made me realise that tomorrow, I will have 3 podcasts on my list, damn,I’m way too busy=(


  6. Billy Apr 23, 2013

    Cockulus Rift


    • Patrick Apr 23, 2013

      oh no! you gave it a name. now it’s real and it will take over the world once it becomes sentient!

      the cocktrix


    • blah, that just made me think of using the oculus rift and then suddenly getting a dick in the eye.


  7. Patrick Jun 1, 2013

    So just for some fucking whimsy I decided to watch all the episodes of Strip Search that are out (to date that is 27 for the kids at home) To be completely honest it isn’t that bad, I mean its still crass commercialization and a byproduct of a kickstarter that should never been allowed (like the 2nd one) but as you guys acknowledge before (or well later… in episode 150) it is kickstarter’s perogative to let certain organizations bend the rules as they see fit, especially when they can collect a BIG FAT STINKY CHECK and I take my own solace that other companies (namely Silicon Knights) will never attain any of their goals because If you believe the bullshit DYak is shoveling you shouldn’t be allowed to carry money.

    okay that was a wild rolling tangent, just wanted to say the show is entertaining, fun, and served its purpose. TRY IT OUT GUISE 4 REELZ!


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