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JKP! Ep.140: The Femine Nenast – Jump Kick Punch!

“I’m actually cool, just give me like five tries to get it right.”

This week finds Brandon and Josh left to their own devices as they discuss¬†Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, give some important advice to their teenage selves, bemoan the disastrous “launch” of Sim City, and veer off on more than a few tangents. Then, after the break, our lads discuss the inaugural episode of Anita Sarkeesian’s long-awaited Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series and answer some listener emails!

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9 comments on “JKP! Ep.140: The Femine Nenast

  1. These low-key episodes are a nice change of pace every once in a while.

    Also I’m glad to see Anita took a more educational approach to this first video, rather than that of the whistle blower. Hostility is rarely the right way to get anyone to hear you.

    She points out that Sheik and Tetra are two of the best incarnations of Zelda, but they’re also the two most masculine. Is that really the answer? I feel like I hear that argument a lot about making strong female heroes. Their feminine qualities are tossed aside for a more action oriented, traditionally “male” personality or stereotype. I too will be interested to hear her take on Skyward Zelda, if that ever happens.

    also Brandon, you want to play Zelda’s adventure?


    • Patrick Mar 15, 2013

      What are you guys talking about, don’t you remember Zelda had he own adventure before.


  2. Patrick Mar 14, 2013

    Finished Metal Gear Rising: Revengence last week -- 6 hours of gameplay in normal mode with some difficult (by being cheap) restart areas with 2 bosses. Plays a lot like all the other platinum games but has a bunch of polish and refinement. The collectables (especially the left arms are fun to find a pick up. The story, like many other MGS stories starts out relatively level and then goes insane about the war economy and how America is an evil war profiteer. The best way to explain the writing is to combine the crazy bullshit platinum writes and the CRAZY bullshit Kojima writes and add the hack slash action from a Devil May Cry. The ending is worth watching in the sense of “how can this train-wreck hell on wheels get any more insane!?” Like with Bayonette and other P+ games there isn’t any need for replay-ability and although the story and character interactions are great they hardly stack up to any of the other MGS stories. I look forward to if Konami will be willing to do this again.

    or for the ADD world here is the TLDR version


  3. Sara F Mar 14, 2013

    I am aware of the Bean movie but alas, I have not seen it. Mostly because the trailer featured a scene that involved vomit and I am not a fan of said substance.


  4. Honestly, I really fucking want to enter your Marvel contest, but it’d be a waste on me and my mac. I’ve been following that game since its inception (i.e. back when it was Champions Online), and have chomping at the bit waiting for it.

    Might do my comic strip idea anyway though.


  5. THE VITA IS SUPER GREAT and I love it.


  6. I’m dying. XD


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