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JKP! Ep.139: He Said, She Said, We Said – Jump Kick Punch!

The long-awaited follow-up to last year’s gender politics discussion finally arrives!

Join Brandon, Emily, Harrison, Heidi, Jenny, Josh, Naty, Sarah, Shadra and Tom as they join forces for an extra-large, extra-long forum on sexism, feminism, and the current state of women in geekdom. Gear up for almost four solid hours of back-and-forth about misogyny at the Academy Awards, female creators in male-dominated industries, heroines in peril, preposterous erections, revealing costumes, convention horror stories and much, much, much more.

Make sure to hit the jump to join the conversation and catch up on all of the relevant videos and references!

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15 comments on “JKP! Ep.139: He Said, She Said, We Said


    During a random Friar’s Club Roast on Comedy Central around 2000ish…Drew Carey called Bin Laden a c-word! That was totally ok!


    • Brandon Mar 5, 2013

      Game over, everybody else go home.


  2. I wanted to clarify about my Bechdel Test question, as I think i poorly chose the word “quality”. What I was going for more pertained to Patrick’s topic about writers and their comfort zones. As it was originally presented in her comic strip (which is albeit in a humorous way), the rule is for whether or not to see a movie, thus my equating it to quality. I was more curious whether any of you personally thought it was a worthwhile test and used it to inform your moviegoing/gameplaying/media consumption, or if it was simply thought-provoking and strictly for generating awareness.

    And Harrison, if I send in pictures of my mom’s boobs, I expect a Keyblade for my trouble.

    Great episode guys, I’m proud to be a fan of this show when you produce material like this. It truly sets you apart in the glutted nerdcast genre.


    • Brandon Mar 6, 2013

      Sorry we got hung up on the “quality” aspect. Speaking personally, I never use it as an entrance exam for movies or TV, as that would unfortunately eliminate 98% of the films and shows I want to see. Even Wreck-It-Ralph only had the Vanellope/Taffyta rivalry, which was on-screen for roughly 45 seconds.
      The Bechdel Test has definitely raised my personal awareness about the overarching problem, though, which has helped me look at basically *all* media in a much different light. SO I think that’s definitely worth something.

      Thanks for listening.


  3. You briefly started getting into it with the Cosplay Appreciation Day talk, and I now regret not sending it in as a topic, but I’d really like to hear your take on Nice Guys and White Knights. Guess there’s always next year’s eventual episode


  4. Thanks for bringing up the point about the gender stereotypes that everyone faces. I draw a webcomic (Snow by Night) and have had the problem at comic conventions where I was completely invisible at our booth and actually had to defend the fact that I was the artist while the writer (a middle-aged white guy) was the one that everyone automatically talked to. I seriously had to tell a guy that yes, I drew the comic he was looking at and no, I wasn’t ‘practicing’ or ‘pretending’ drawing a comic.

    On the flip-side of that at anime conventions the writer, Eric, can’t give away business cards! O.o;;; Everyone immediately will speak to me. I personally don’t understand it (maybe it’s a demographic thing?) but it was a point in the podcast that I very much related to.
    Thanks for the fantastic podcast!


  5. Great episode guys! Both funny and insightful. =D


  6. so maybe it’s me, maybe its just how i was raised, but I’ve never found references to the vagina offensive. Terms for Genitalia in general have always made me slightly uncomfortable, but that has more to do with me being sexually repressed, than anything to do with actual gender. Hell, one of my favorite bands growing up was “The Bare Naked Ladies”, and I never considered the meaning of the name until many years later when a stand up comedian from the states was going on a rant because the name was misleading, and that he wanted some hot naked women, and instead he got a bunch of overweight canadian men.

    maybe the rest of the canadian audience will help me establish if I’m an oddity or not, but is there a bit of a cultural divide when it comes to sensitivity to synonyms for genitalia? are Canadians less offended by the term cunt than Americans?

    also, here is a list of terms for the vagina i find entertaining:

    the Slanted clam


  7. Thank you for understanding my email, as my ADD kicked in at that time :D
    talking about power puff girls, that was one, if not my favorite show at one point and I still love them, but not the new versions.

    I remembered another way of makeing people objects, which I also find a bit much, but people food buffe.
    It’s when you have a naked person, you put food on them and people eat the food. Now I noticed, that once I saw some latino men, being put up to do this and people reacted, you cant do that to a person and when another group got a woman, they said, you can’t do that to a woman.

    The twitter outrage thing, I actually agree with some parts of the guys rant, even you explaining it, made sence ( I can see you, but cant fuck you, raaage), but overall, he went a tiny far.

    Harrison, you have a strange way of saying Fiat=)

    Loved the endinh and heidi being funny drunk ;)


  8. In response to the DMC comment.

    Rude = Cool it’s been that way since the 80’s, It’s in the lyrics to the TMNT cartoon. Raphael is one of the favorite turtles because he is a crass jerk and people love that about Raph. I actually like this “immature” Dante more because he has these traits, it shows that Ninja Theory thought about not only the standard plot driven growth of character but also the potential to have a reboot where the character he starts as isn’t the same character at the end (and honestly it looks like the dante everyone clings too will be the end result)

    Also not EVERY male lead character needs to be a swarmy “Han Solo” archetype!

    ::Drops mic, kicks over the soap box::


  9. Real band names: Maggot Twat and Anal Cunt. A real thing. Thank you death metal.


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