“Gender Politics, Round 2” Records This Sunday

March 1, 2013

boysvsgirlsThe long-awaited, oft-teased follow-up to last year’s extra-special gender politics episode is finally being recorded this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAYYYY!

Our regular roster of Brandon, Tom, Josh and Harrison will be joined once again by Heidi, Jen, Emily, Naty, Sarah and– new to the discussion– frequent emailer (and last episode’s most vocal critic) Shadra to reopen the can of worms on sexism and feminism in comics, games, movies and more.. This time, however, the conversation will be a 10-member roundtable where both halves interact directly!

What, specifically, will we be talking about? That’s where you lovely listeners come in!

Have a particular topic you’d like to hear us weigh in on?

Have a question for the group at large or a specific participant?

Then send an email to podcast@jumpkickpunch.com or leave a comment on this post and we’ll do our best to include it in the discussion! 

Be sure to submit your questions/concerns by this Sunday 3/3, no later than 12:00 Noon EST.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for next Tuesday when the episode will go live!

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6 comments on ““Gender Politics, Round 2” Records This Sunday

  1. -- I’m pretty sure all the ladies on the panel have been to a fan convention or at least had interactions with other nerds to some degree. Do they have any stories where they have had an awkward interaction with a male fan because of their gender?

    -I’ve heard different schools of thought on female characters in visual media. But one thing that stayed with me amongst all the talk of sexual objectification or outright omission of female characters, was a study a former classmate of mine did part of her thesis on boys love comics (this is relevant I swear…). One of the people who she interviewed said they read these types of stories, not because of their erotic nature, but because she finds the majority of most female characters in other stories either annoying or uninteresting.

    I’m curious as to what everyone’s thoughts on this might be.


  2. email sent and that gif, perfect :D


  3. Its probably wayy too last minute, but have you guys considered contacting Jessica Nigri and getting her to call/ skype into the podcast for this one? i just thought it might be interesting to her opinion on some of this stuff, being as she was involved with that whole stupid booth babe thing last year, as well as being a notorious gamer/ comic book fan.


    • Brandon Mar 1, 2013

      Since this will be a roundtable, we’ll be avoiding skype and the technical/conversational complications that would introduce. Maybe someday, though.


      • ya, thats fair. i’m not a huge fan of the podcasts where people skype in anyways, and I’m sure that must be a editing nightmare to deal with.

        definitely looking forward to the next podcast!


  4. I can’t really think of much that I could add to this topic aside from some pertinent articles that have come out since the last roundtable discussion.




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