Next Episode: Zack is Hosting

February 7, 2013


As is our somewhat established tradition, next week’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode will be hosted by America’s sweetheart, Zack.

To make this occasion extra-special, Zack (and the rest of us) will be looking to read as many listener emails over the course of two hours as possible. We invite you, our readers/listeners/contributors, to solicit Zack’s invaluable wisdom and unique perspective for any and all of your romantic concerns or personal problems, real or fictional.

♥♥♥ email Zack: ♥♥♥

Relevant emails should be submitted by Monday, 2/11 TUESDAY, 2/12. Zack will read them aloud, invariably mispronouncing your names and placing emphasis on whichever words he deems worthy.

Get excited and prepare as best you can. Z-Time is coming.


Good news, folks– if you’ve been sitting on an email draft, struggling to find the right words to properly convey your emotions, you have one more day to mull it over. Our recording night has shifted to TUESDAY of this week, meaning the new episode will go live on Wednesday evening (EST).

Try to contain your surging romantic impulses until then.

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