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JKP! Ep.138: Sugoi, Dude! – Jump Kick Punch!

Tuck it in, everybody.

This week starts with some quick thoughts on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Skyrim DLC finally arriving on PS3, and Harrison’s unexpected immortality in Persona 4. Then Brandon, Harrison, Tom, Josh, and Eric (skyping in from NY) dive into the main event with detailed reactions to Sony official reveal of the PS4! Then, after the break, Josh offers you, our listeners, a shot into the new Marvel Heroes beta with a new contest and we tackle some listener emails!

Editor’s note: Skype attempted to auto-correct our levels against Eric’s thundering voice. Volume gets a bit twitchy.

Hit the jump for all of this week’s relevant game trailers, stage demos, and more!

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.138: Sugoi, Dude!

  1. Brandon Feb 28, 2013

    Bonus fun: see if you can pick up the subtle sound of Eric clearly typing on the internet and not listening to the discussion at 1:55:40.
    It’s very subtle.
    (No it’s not.)


    • Eric the Red Feb 28, 2013

      I was researching, thank you very much.


    • Brenden Feb 28, 2013

      I’m glad you said it first, I had an email locked and loaded and ready to go.

      I know nothing about the marvel universe, and I refuse to stoke Josh’s towering inferno of an ego and I don’t want to play a marvel game, therefore I shall write a fanfiction called “xXxHarrisonXNarutoxXx the awakening”.


      • Brandon Mar 1, 2013

        I think we might already have a winner.


  2. Thanks to JKP, “pooncha” is rapidly becoming my favorite sound effect. That is all.


  3. Eric, never stop talking about gundams.

    The take away from sony’s press conference for me is that the PS3 is a current generation version of the Sega Saturn (not saying anything negative about either console just that if you really like specific games on either console you might want to keep your investment in the console.)


  4. Well…you have a lot of controllers. Not sure if it was this episode or the pervious one(had a marathon), I actually use my old xbox as a monitor stand and it works very well :D

    I thing I’m surprised you didn’t talk about, is the PSN download only games, are not going to be available on the ps 4. Since Rayman Legends has delayed it’s release on all platforms till around october, won’t that kill the game, since a ton of people will go day one ps4, or at least in the near future, as honestly, this is the biggest reason for me not to buy the console. Disc based stuff, sure I understand, don’t like it, but understand, but download only games, which I bought the only way I could and now I will have to buy them again, as sony was a bit stupid in the making of the ps3? emulation can be done. if you could run a ps2 game on the ps3, they can make a official emulator to run them, as well as the ps3 games to run on the ps4. yes, it will be a pain in the ass to make it work, but it can be done.


    • I would think that Ubisoft would be forward thinking enough to release Rayman Legends to next gen consoles along with current gen.

      but at what cost would you want to run ps3 games (disc based or otherwise) if the architecture is so adversely different? If your PS3 collection is that important wouldn’t you just keep a PS3 console (like you would with a dreamcast, or any other previous generation)


  5. Thanks for the mention, Brandon!

    I was actually in the same boat as you concerning Killzone. It’s so easy to call it “gameplay” and have the person demonstrating it avoid all the yucky parts that’ll crash the game. But, I caught a video of Jimmy Fallon playing it…! Granted, he’s pretty horrible at playing it, but the fact Guerrilla Games is letting other people touch the controller and play it says a lot, at least to me. Here’s the video link:



    • Brandon Mar 8, 2013

      Yeah, that makes a world of difference! Brought me on to the other side of the fence, seeing them pass the controller around. Thanks for that link.

      Rather excited to see what you guys have to show at E3 this year. Excited to see what EVERYONE has to show, for that matter.


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