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JKP! Ep.135: The Chattahoochee Copperbottoms – Jump Kick Punch!

“What do normal people even do?”

This week’s show finds Brandon and Josh stuck in the basement and tackling such diverse topics as: Sports! Anderson Cooper! Animation! Sports! Youtube bullies! Iron Man! Planet Hulk! Sports!¬†Dragon Age! Jedis! Dead kings! Sports! Consoles! Cosplay! Muppets! Emotions! And sports!

Hit the jump to watch this week’s related videos!

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16 comments on “JKP! Ep.135: The Chattahoochee Copperbottoms

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Check out the Art Contest at http://www.snowbynight.com and win monies C: Stay hilarious guys!


  2. Civil War would be great as Wave 4 or so. Treat it a a multi part movie all released within an 18 month time frame. First movie be an Avengers Academy movie where the school bus goes boom and lines get drawn. Other wave 4 movies would carry the ongoing and escalating hero vs hero story, maybe cast Ant-Man in the Spider-Man role, and shoe horn in the Thunderbolts as villans pretending to go straight but trying to push the conflict to a fever pitch. End wave 4 with Avengers: Civil War featuring the final confrontation, Cap dying, etc. Wave 5 could then be all the heroes trying to get over the butt hurt/trust issues, Bucky Cap, someone can be resurrection, maybe some villans legitimately try to Thunderbolt it up, etc.

    Lady of negotiable affection is my go-to whore euphemism.


  3. You guys have no idea how much our (New Orleans) energy company sucks ass. They’re called Entergy, and they are pitiful. Pray they never move into your city.


    • Brandon Feb 6, 2013

      Well that’s your problem, right there. They can’t even spell “energy.”


  4. Also, Iron Man 3 is getting a wide release on May 3rd, and it’s getting released a few days early on IMAX screens only (April 25th).


    • I think thats going to be the new trend to promote “the Imax experience”


  5. The reason why Grey Wardens are the only ones who can end the Blight is very legit, and they wait until pretty much the last second to tell you why (because nobody would willingly become a Grey Warden if they knew). So it’ll all make sense at the end, Josh, don’t worry bout it.


    • yeah, what Matt said


      • ya ya, what matt said, ya.


        • Brandon Feb 7, 2013

          In vague defense of Josh, he can’t even make it halfway through a sandwich without unfavorably comparing it against the Jedi Order.


          • The parallels between Subway and the makashi saber stance are clearly evident, Brandon. How can you not SEE THIS


          • All I know is that Brandon has the best drunken/whiney Obi Wan impression


  6. Hey Brandon (and/or Josh)

    Along the same lines as your conversation about Retsuprae, what’s your take on the now-defunct Fan Fiction Friday from Topless Robot (and briefly io9)? It’s cause for cancellation was cited as “Picking on the Little Guy”.

    I know that you guys were fans of the site at one time (i think you’ve talked about it on the show before), but never heard your thoughts on that section of the site.


    • Brandon Feb 9, 2013

      Wow, hadn’t heard about that one. I don’t follow io9 very regularly, so it’s news to me that Rob had even taken that feature with him in the first place.
      I’ve never read any of his FFF columns. Not out of any personal objection or stance, I just never had much of an interest, I suppose. I’ve been subject to plenty of awful fan fictions in my life already, so a column picking “the worst” seemed unnecessary. The titles alone always told you which characters were being glommed onto one another, which is all I needed to know before moving on.
      That being said, I’m surprised he thought he could take that with him to io9. It’s a MUCH larger stage, whereas Topless Robot felt more like a clubhouse of regular readers. People on TR watched FFF grow around them as Rob’s “big weekly thing,” so it probably seemed pretty harmless in that context. Coming into io9 as abruptly as he did, it’s no wonder their more sensitive readers took immediate offense to him. Hell, when you justify the feature by bluntly stating “I’m kind of a terrible person” as he did, you’re inviting scorn and outrage. He should have been smarter than that.


      • All I know is that the new ToplessRobot is a shell of its former self, and it wasn’t all that rad to begin with.


  7. For your consideration of the “sexism in games” discussion…



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