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JKP! Ep.134: Sexy Chespin – Jump Kick Punch!

“Can you thieve a thief?”

On our show this week: Zack spreads some love for Superior Spider-Man #1! Brandon offers some late-to-the-party thoughts on Asura’s Wrath! Tom tries to spark some interest in potential Vita owners! Plus, all of last week’s Nintendo Direct news, some golf claps for Disney Infinity, and a few listener emails!

This week’s break music is Dragon Roost Island Orchestra by Blake Robinson; click here to download the track!

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.134: Sexy Chespin

  1. “Gravity Butts”

    Great episode guys!!! Except for Tom, he smells. So Great Episode Brandon / 1/2 Zach.


    • Brenden Jan 31, 2013

      Man, I don’t know what the episode was missing. It’s like without Josh or Harrison there’s no “asshole factor” and It becomes waaaay too positive or something. I need people being judgmental jerks.


  2. The Young Justice toys didn’t sale? Was it the overall cheap, low quality look to them, the staggered release that had the shitty characters come out months before the good ones, or the nigh exorbitant price?

    I did notice the Young Justice McDonald’s toys. IIRC, they can’t advertise Happy Meal toys any more; something about laws limiting advertising to children or some states limiting Happy Meal type meal advertising.

    Last time I remember a real fan of a character being cast in a comic movie was Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm. Setting aside the rest of those movies Chiklis did a damn fine job.

    Superior Spider-Man is, yet another, example of why comic book fans are the worst thing about comic books. Bitch and moan about every change. Send death threats to the author. Eventually everything goes back to normal. Complain about how nothing changes.

    I’m starting to see toys from this summer’s movie season at work. So, if you were really wondering, Iron Man 3 is at least partially based on the Extremis story arc.

    According to Sony your previously “purchased” Playstation+ free games should still be available if your membership lapses then is renewed. However there are stories of this process not working very well.


  3. Billy Jan 30, 2013

    I loved Azura’s Wrath. Then again I love over-the-top, manly action that’s on par with Fist of the North Star, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and other similar titles. The brawling was action packed, the quick time events were more interesting than what I’ve seen before, and I think the “episode” set up was a nice touch. The game played out just like an anime, which could be a turn off since anime is pretty bad nowadays, but it was a neat concept. It especially worked when I can say “Ok, once this episode is finished I’ll stop playing for today,” then I get excited for the next chapter because of the preview shown at the end. Half of the DLC is cool, like fighting Evil Ryu and Oni (which are really fun battles), and the other half is pretty lame as they are just animated QTE scenes (although the styles are interesting).


    • --for billy, if this is the same billy--

      It seems like the trends on game development sit on 4 levels (the crazy, the indie, the small/mid dev, the big AAA dev)

      -crazy: Team of 1-5 people, willing to spend years making a game.
      Examples are: Super Meatboy (2008-2010), Fez (2007-2012), and recently Antichamber (2009-2013)


      -indie: Team of 5 -15 people, have more game design experience, could spend years on a game but have the knowhow to steamline the process.
      Examples: Hothead Games (deathspank), Klei Entertainment (mark of the ninja)

      -small/mid devs: 15 -- 30 people, usually under a distributer but not the main dev under the name. This is where you see marketing, admin, and other logistic branches of a company.
      Examples: Doublefine (the cave), Telltale (walking dead)

      -the big AAA: 30+ people, could be main under distributer, tend to have several games under their belts, essentially EVERY game is a MILLION DOLLAR GAME.
      Example: Bioware (…really), Bethesda (do you need), Irrational (examples?)


  4. Not going to lie, the new jingle at the tail end of this episode made me feel violated…


  5. Loved the podcast. That damn robot dog cracked me up so bad at work.

    It’s a crime that Young Justice is getting cancelled over essentially toy sales, especially when you factor the absence of commercials for the toys and the current economic situation. I guess I will get the dvd’s eventually since I am not to keen on spending 30-50 per season (growing up sucks).

    For the Vita to be successful it doesn’t just need to be a cheaper system Tom. It needs to have games no other system has that are great to drive people to it (Like when the PSP finally decided to release all the JRPG’s while also trying to release some great western games) Honestly I think the Vita’s sale trends and lifespan will most likely be like the PSP where it takes at least a year or so (and maybe a redesign) to appeal to the marketplace. I know I have said this before but it’s making more sense the more time passes.

    I doubt this will be true, but I think Windwaker’s success will hang more on if/if not Nintendo is willing to add all the content they removed when they were kicking the game out. If you don’t know there is a significant chunk (some temples, maybe items, and quests) that was not solidified before the release. Parts were used in Phantom Hourglass but most were left by the wayside. Honestly I want Nintendo to make more non zelda/mario games… maybe a STARFOX!


  6. Zach didn’t mention my favorite part of that Rhino storyline. After that first attack from Rhino 2, Spidey promises Rhino 1 to keep his girlfriend and him safe. So after she dies, Rhino flat out tells Spidey “what happens next…is on your hands”. That shit was too boss. Just about the entirety of the Gauntlet was great, though, and it’s a large part of why I got back into mainstream comics after quitting them a few years back.


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