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JKP! Ep.132: Excitement Zone Penetration – Jump Kick Punch!

The oil lasted for seven days!

A new year dawns as Brandon returns from MAGfest 2013 to share the sights, sounds and stains of the convention with Josh, Zack and Harrison. Then, after the break, our quartet tackles the newly-announced Nvidia and Valve-based game consoles from CES, battle wits against Fez and Persona, dissect comic shop Spider-Man complaints, and read a few listener emails.

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24 comments on “JKP! Ep.132: Excitement Zone Penetration

  1. I think I just read that Jaleel White voiced Sonic. Jaleel White is also responsible for another character we might be familiar with: http://tinypic.com/r/28s3o6r/6 [Apologies if you mentioned that]


    • yup, and if there is a “where’s all the chili dogs” reference half the movie will be redeemed, but sonic looks worse than he did in 06′ thats why only half.


  2. The comic you guys were talking about is The Unwritten, and while it isn’t written by Alan Moore, it has been lauded as one of the best comics to come out in the history of everything. I’m not even kidding.

    PS: would it be creepy if I added you guys on facebook? I feel like that may be crossing a line…


    • about that creepy facebook part. I havent even tryed to add them, as that would like you said, kinda cross the line and for me maybe give me way too much of a reason to span their facebooks=)


    • Maya, you keep drawing rad fanart and you can do whatever the fuck you want.


  3. Worth mentioning: The improvements of Persona 4 over 3 that Harrison mentioned were added to the Vita version (i.e. starting on the same floor after a boss beats you, rather than a straight game over, which was still in the PS2 version). The Vita version is an incredible version of the game, making immense improvements to the play ability and the systems in the game, as well as keeping the player informed, and the added events to the story are cool too, if a bit fanservice-y

    Fun fact: I bought a Vita solely for P4Golden, and feel validated for doing so, because it’s a goddamn masterpiece.

    also, I don’t know if he was doing it on purpose the whole time, but Josh’s new role as “jokesmith” was pretty entertaining.


  4. aleksi Jan 11, 2013

    Actually, Harry Potter isn’t the main character of the latest LoEG, he’s the Antichrist, a.k.a. the giant made of eyeballs shooting lightning from his dick. Why yes, Alan Moore HAS gone insane. Speaking of Moore’s insanity, has any of you seen his new short films?


  5. The appeal of Game Grumps is mainly just…it’s two comedians shooting the shit, while also playing old games. I’ve gone through several of their videos without ever looking at the screen. I watch them for the same reason I listen to you guys. :P


    • I agree although JonTron is less of a comedian and more like Bobcat Goldthwait in police academy. Generally he makes loud, dumb/easy jokes about visual elements in the games while make dismissive statements about games he never/hardly played (good example is the Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong 2 episodes). That all being said he still is funny, stupid and annoying at times but funny.

      Egoraptor at least does SOME research from time to time before going off on some rants


      • What’s funny is that Bobcat is an incredible comedian in his own right.


        • oh yeah, thats why I didn’t say “in Shakes the clown” or “standup Bobcat” his stories of setting fire to the tonight show and getting kicked off the hollywood squares are legendary but his role as Zed in the PA movies was just saying lines awkwardly and then yelling a bunch.

          sidenote: i did imdb Bobcat and I was surprised by all the cartoon roles he has done over the years and completing the cycle he was in Sonic Underground which I will never watch. Sonic is just like Kevin Bacon!


      • I like to think that JonTron is “Internet Nathan Lane”. His cadence, delivery, voice, and musicality lend to this classification. When I had this epiphany he became infinitely more endearing to me.


    • Couldn’t have put it better. It’s some of my favorite background noise while working on something. Much in the same way JKP is.

      I think it helps that they really have no intention of finishing most of the games they play, I really don’t have to pay much attention to what’s going on in the game.


    • Brandon Jan 11, 2013

      The majority has definitely spoken, so good on Game Grumps, AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles and all the rest. Their undeniably hard work is certainly not without its objective, individual merits.

      In my book, though, near-constant screaming ≠ humor.



      • It’s ok, you guys are objectively funnier than all those people combined. I’ve never even heard of Jenna Marbles.


  6. Also I’m not sure if my skills are quite on par with Zack’s, but I also had fun trying to break Soul Calibur 5’s character creator lol.


    • Since Zack is never going to figure out computers, I showed him your creations and he flipped the fuck out over number 2. These are goddamned brilliant.


  7. Also, thanks guys for talking about Robotech this week because:

    A/ You reminded me that it existed at all
    B/ It’s now on my Netflix queue

    Sorry Eric. Look what your friends have wrought


    • You’ll get to the episode that zack was talking about and be completely fine with space fish, because the Rick Hunter / Minmei relationship constantly being shoehorned in the series overshadows the retarded concept of a fish in space/surviving space decompression/vacum by tying a scarf over a fighter mask (SO DUMB). This is a great show about giant robot vs space alien giants, it doesn’t need the teen drama crap hence why Gundam is so, SO better than Macross.

      Sorry Eric, but tell me I am wrong. Amuro Ray > Char Aznabel > Rick Hunter


  8. Here you go everybody. The sonic movie (fuzzy, jittery, bad acting, what looks like video codec/format issues, speed puns and all)


  9. very interesting looking sonic I have to say, but still, better than I expected actually =)
    now takeing a big sip of something made me laugh, once my mom drank 7 ounces of what she thought was water, but in reality was really home made alcohol(clear, almost odorless and stored in a water branded bottle). took a few seconds to realize this, so she grabbed another bottle and the whole thing happened again.
    later my dad came in and said how can you be so stupid wife bla bla bla…. the next day he did the same exact thing xD
    fun fact, fuka, a girl you mentioned, fuka in slovenian means haveing sex so that made a lot os sense xD
    now the best sound during the podcast goes to whoever did the teradactil sound (prize on its way)

    Also the new email song sounds nice and so does the antifreeze cocktail :D


    • Brandon Jan 13, 2013

      Haha that would be Zack, summoning his inner-reptile.

      Glad you like the new email jingle! Only one other jingle gets a tweak this year, everything else felt pretty nailed-down. (Wouldn’t want to tamper with the JKP theme right now, still pretty satisfied with it.)


      • don’t you touch the main theme song!:D
        the first version of the theme song kinda needed an update, the email song, not really, but will get use to it=)


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