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JKP! Ep.130: About Wrist-Deep – Jump Kick Punch!

La Li Lu Le Ho Ho Ho, everyone!

Brandon, Tom and Harrison are here to help you celebrate the holiday season with some Metal Gear speculation, mounting enthusiasm for Bioshock Infinite, and… personal discussions about guns and game violence? Uh oh. Then, after the break, some holiday bargain shopping, a few thoughts on Forza Horizons and a hand full of listener emails!

This week’s intermission is a Double Dash remix by DJ Cutman – grab it for free!

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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.130: About Wrist-Deep

  1. wait…this is a whole day and a half early…who are you and what have you done with them?!


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    • I can think of no better an accompaniment to a JKP holiday episode.


    • this is not availible in my country…seriously?!
      I shall sleep with agony


      • don’t sleep with agony. she’s aweful in bed

        but seriously, sorry man. i dunno why its not zoned for your region


  3. Brenden Dec 24, 2012

    I’m tellin’ you Assassin’s Creed III is a horrible piece of shit. Wrist deep in shit.


  4. so my thoughts on gun control and the tragic events that have transpired recently are extremely similar to yours. that it’s a tragedy, and that the knee-jerk reaction is to blame violent videos and video games. But there is clearly something else that’s an issue at play here, and i think you guys are on to something with the idea getting people with disabilities the proper help to deal with what ever it is that is disabling them.

    Before i go on, i should say right off the bat that the thoughts and opinions i’m about to express are strictly my own and come from my personal and very biased experiences in life as a Canadian. I know that there are many other Canucks that listen to your podcast, from various parts of Canada and i really would love to hear what they have to say on the subject as well.

    anyways, so with that said, i should also like to state that i live in Edmonton Alberta. The home of bioware HQ and the texas of Canada. Its fucking easy to get a hold of a gun here. we are allowed to have guns, but there there are permits and laws and regulations to prevent and limit who can get a hold of firearms, as well as limiting the types of weapons we are allowed to have. lot of people i know have rifles for hunting and or sport but like harrison said, there are so many ways to get around those laws if you really wanted.

    For instance, for a brief while I participated in biathlon, which for those that aren’t familiar, is the sport of cross country skiing and rifle shooting. for a solid year, the club i trained with lent me a gun that they had for the use of their members. this would have been all fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact i was 16 years old, had no license or formal training to use a rifle, nor did i attempt to get the proper licensing (which you had to have to participate in the sport). at any one time i was carrying lethal weapon with me almost at all times (cause it was riding around in the trunk of my car most of the time). at the time, being a complete dumb-ass that i was, i didn’t give a shit about the laws and hoops that i should have jumped through to get this deadly fucking weapon. i just wanted to practice my sport and get better so my friends weren’t kicking my ass nearly as bad. I found a way to get to what i wanted. And i am not a clever man.

    and on one final note about gun laws, and why they just don’t work: i live in Edmonton. Edmonton’s unofficial nickname is Deadmonton. this is because it is the murder capital of Canada. Not mortality capital of Canada, not accident capital of Canada, but the murder capital of Canada. we have more homicides per year than every other place in Canada. Now what’s so special about that, you ask? well the number one weapon used in the homicides is a knife. not a gun, but a knife, which goes to the point of no matter how good your guns laws are, if people want to kill each other, they will find a way.

    sorry if this doesn’t make any sense or is just kinda rambly. it’s late and i’m kinda drunk


  5. here is my take on the gun thing talk

    my my dad is a hunter, membership and all that, but also a full time security personel, so him owning guns is a no brainer, but he also owns about 20 of them and owned many more.

    currently he owns 2 ww2 german machine guns (the big ones), the second most powerfull hand gun, ak47, tommy gun, original iraq uzi, luger +other guns and rifles.
    he has them all officially and with papers,but he can not sell/buy them to/from everybody.
    if shipped from the us, it must be a deco. or a decorative, non functional gun, get the papers, convert it and now you have a legal functional weapon.
    some guns you can not buy assembled, but took apart and or in pieces.

    now if you own a small collection of guns, you must have security sistem instaled and a proper safe for the guns, not just on a rack or under the bed and we get random inspections.

    now I first fired a gun at age 8-10 I think and was raised in so, that the guns were abowe my head and could always see them, but not reach…except for the bullets, which I somehow found and played with=)

    it’s not legal to shoot a gun anywhere, but a shooting range, or carrying a gun with you, if you don’t need it for the job you are doing,

    personality talk
    I love the fact that the mother you mentioned spoke about her son, as that is what I have been talking about for the last 10 years about video games, movies and guns, as everybody saw me as kind of a crazy person for playing so many violent video games and dad being a hunter and yet, I did not hurt anyone at school in any way, verbaly or fisically, as I am a really calm person.

    my brother attended a special school, because he has a really strong case of ADD (attention deficit disorder), where I have a lower case and that has it’s own effects on a person, even thou it’s just a learning disability, but by knowing that you are different, can’t read that well, a talking disfunction… it can leave you isolated and angry at yourself and make you violent for something you had no controle over.
    in that school, mostly kids with mental problems attend , so they can get really violent while drawing a flower, because they messed up a bit.
    also, the kids there are not allowed to use the computer, more than 30 minutes at a time, or play violent video games for 20 minutes, as they know what can happen.

    this is my take on the issue and if you have a hard time understanding it, it’s also a ADD thing, that I can’t really explain things simple=)


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