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JKP! Ep.129: Bubblegum Mosquito – Jump Kick Punch!

“Well, that’s your opinion, except you’re objectively wrong.”

This week finds Brandon and Josh, adrift in a sea of entertainment and media, discussing their overflowing backlog of One Piece, the bait-and-switch surprise of Madoka Magica, the extensive universe of Homestuck, bungled celebrity encounters, our old favorites from Disney/Pixar, the best ways to die and much, much, much more.

Don’t forget to hit the jump for this week’s relevant images and videos!


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30 comments on “JKP! Ep.129: Bubblegum Mosquito

  1. aht as I wanted to say art in a fancy way, but nevermind :D
    now the “art” piece is finished, as I don’t know what I was going for here,some of your frames are empty, so thats that :D
    also, you just gave me an idea xD


    • does your idea have to do with a muppet cast of JKP? after listening for a second time, i think it would be hilarious to see a muppet cast of jkp (and or featured guests).


      • what I have in mind would certainly work with muppets(was among the ideas), but I had a simpler idea, as that would take quite some time to animate by hand, and I am really rusty, but it must be done I see…also and entire sketch from a lot of shit from the episode=)


  2. Aburame Shino is the “bug guy” from Naruto. I stopped paying attention to Naruto after the time skip too. Shino was a pretty cool character and he was one of my friends favorites so I remembered him. Rock Lee is still my favorite even through all the bullshit they put him through.


    • It’s nice that when Shino did come back in the later chapter it’s pretty funny with his comments.


  3. I’m still listening to the podcast… and to answer about Madoka:
    NO I haven’t watched it yet!!! Anime hiatus remember? It’s one of those shows my brother said I would love it and it is on my list to watch soon.

    I’ve been meaning to read more Toriko, it’s batshit crazy and I enjoy the parts i did read, but the amount of chapters there are is putting me off of it for at least a while.

    Here’s some manga I recommend Josh to read:
    #1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure/ Steel Ball Run (if you haven’t already)

    Seinen (mostly dark / action) :

    Drama/Romance (anime soap opera with some humor, but mostly drama) :
    -Skip Beat

    And if you are really really bored (better than bleach) :
    -Air Gear
    -Fairy Tail
    -Hitman Reborn
    -Soul Eater


    • other anime if you like darker, weird scif-fi ones you might enjoy
      -speed grapher
      -ergo proxy
      -darker than black


    • Air gear is awesome but gets really dumb later in the series. THANKS OBAMA!

      …if you guys have read enough of air gear you will get the reference.


      • Finally that joke literally fits in that series. XD


  4. just a couple of things:

    first, i’m so glad to hear that i’m not the only one who never really wants to meet their heroes. i was super weary of meeting you guys at dragon con. it was a blast and i’m so glad i met you guys, but i seriously spent like three days trying to figure something to talk to you guys about. the end result was me thinking fuck it, and getting drunk (by the way, i was shit-faced drunk when i ran into you guys on friday). i think i ran into tom later on when he was in his league of legends outfit, and i’m sure i spent like 5 solid minutes staring at him thinking i remember that face from somewhere.

    secondly, how did goofy movie not make an honorable mention for favorite disney movies?


    • Brandon Dec 19, 2012

      1) You are the most upright, composed “shit-faced drunk” I have ever seen, then.
      2) BECAUSE I FORGOT TO MENTION IT. On account of brain problems.


      • Thank you sir. i like to drink, but i don’t like to drink alone, so i try and get everyone else drunk too, which means being able to handle yourself well enough to make other people drink. Harrison should be able attest to my wandering the con floor with a twelve pack of beer under my arm early in the morning. i believe i drunkenly offered him some beer while he was in his daft punk costume.


        • i should qualify that. “shit-faced” maybe a bit strong of a term. but i was thoroughly intoxicated. i did end up leaving the con early Friday because i threw up and wanted the world to stop spinning.


  5. Great episode. You guys have given me a bunch of things to read, watch, and play for the 12 days I will be on vacation this holiday.

    Josh the first time you talked about BSUaJG was episode 3 when you were talking about how there are only 2 types of indie games (which you were totally wrong about)

    Just heads up to everybody who is playing on xbox, They have some crazy sale going on right now!


    • Brandon Dec 20, 2012

      Between these Xbox prices and impending Steam sales I might ACTUALLY play some games this holiday break. My goodness.


      • It’s a christmas miracle

        BREAKING NEWS (from my twitter feed)

        Hotline Miami coming to mac really soon, creator says they are testing it now. I CANT WAIT!!!!


  6. RickyB Dec 20, 2012

    Dear Josh,

    The name of that anime I linked that one time is called Nichijou (loosely translates to My Oridinary Life). It mirrors Azumanga Daioh in that each episode consists of a bunch of vignettes based on an original gag comic. Like AZD, it’s VERY Japanese humor which can be hit or miss, but the gags in this show hit more often for me than it missed.

    PS…I’m going to import that Jump game…so hard.


  7. Ok so I’m not crazy in liking Ratatouille, my family didn’t enjoy the movie at all! Surprisingly enough, UP is not my fav. of the Pixar movies. I like the emotional parts and the dogs, but Ratatouille was more charming and relatable to me.


    • neither of them were my favorite, but i can totally see why people like both. i definitely agree with brandon, that the reason why so many people love UP so much is that beginning, and to be fair, thats exactly what that beginning is for. it hits you so hard in the feelings right off the bat to make up for the mediocre (not bad mind you) rest of the story. Ratatouille, i think, had a better or more charming story and didn’t need that set up to knock it out of the park as with the case with UP

      also that beginning part of UP is probably a better love story than any young adult romance story that has come out in the past 20 years.


    • Ratatouille is my favorite pixar movie too, but Lilo and Stitch is hands down my favorite disney movie.


    • I watched Ratatouille last week and completely forgot how wonderful it is. Even though Wall-E is my favorite it sits closely behind.

      Pinocchio has always been my favorite disney movie. I know it not the most amazing of classic disney when it comes to animation but I just love the characters and how fun/innocent Pinocchio is throughout the story.


  8. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only 8 year old to get all hot and bothered by the girl squirrel in the Sword in the Stone. Easily my favorite Disney movie, for that and other reasons. =)


  9. I would LOVE to be able to watch the Sweat Box. I’m on a team of ambitious yet small group of people making their own Kingdom Hearts game, as a character designer, and we’re wanting to utilize some of the cut content from Emperor’s New Groove.

    Also I remember absolutely loving Atlantis. It’s easily one of the most underrated Disney movies.


  10. aleksi Dec 21, 2012

    May I ask what the break music is? It sounds interesting.

    Also, how the fuck was The Lion King not even mentioned in the Disney conversation? It’s obviously the greatest Disney film ever made.


    • Brandon Dec 21, 2012

      This week’s break music is “Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse” which is from, believe it or not, Homestuck: http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/album/homestuck-vol-9
      They have a pretty incredible team creating original music and albums for this thing, most of which never actually makes it into the comic or flash pages themselves.

      Also, the Lion King is really really great but it’s not a personal favorite for either of us, I guess?


  11. There is so much to say, but I cant remember half of it, but in any case, a episode worth listening twice=)
    Now about meeting my heroes.
    I meet a good bunch of people on my list like I met a youtube mini celeb, the guys at eddsworld (edd died months before the con), came in 1 meter of gabe newell…so far, so good and honestly, the only celeb I am a bit scared of meeting, if possible, would be Jim Carrey, since he’s been my hero all my life.

    Also you guys fit really high on my list :D

    ANd 1 more thing…anybody else want a dota 2 key? got way more than I need


  12. While listening to this episode, I actually had to take down bullet points of what to put in the comments, and i was ashamed of myself the whole time. Kudos JKP!

    1. Brandon, didn’t you make a “magical girl” parody comic one time, or am I manufacturing memories?

    2. While I can’t disagree that Water 7 is still one of the best storylines that One Piece has, whenever you suggest it as a jumping on point it makes me cringe a bit. Water 7 (and subsequently Enies Lobby) is only exciting or entertaining at all because they are entirely about paying off previous events. It’d be like telling someone a good place to start reading Dragonball is when Goku transforms into a Super Sayain for the first time. I always recommend that people start at Arlong Park if they want to skip the beginning of One Piece. It’s the first time the main 5 are operating as a team, It’s their first truly inhuman threat to overcome, and immediately afterwards is their entrance of the Grand Line, introducing readers to how the world of One Piece operates outside of the characters in it. At the very least people should start with Jaya/Skypiea, though that is markedly more boring than most arcs. I do know that when it comes to One Piece I can be really overbearing and strongly opinionated, but that’s only because it’s literally the only manga/anime I read, watch, or follow at all at this point.

    3. I really want to try to go down this Homestuck road with you guys, but the more anyone describes any part of it to me, the harder I get shut off. The “genius” system you’ve described this week sounded like the rantings of a lunatic, and only bewildered me. While it’s true that every fandom is going to desecrate the characters they claim to care so deeply for anyway, actively encouraging that behavior leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If it was strictly a business decision to keep eyes on the product at all times, I’d get that, but to use it as a storytelling crutch seems weird, and shouldn’t necessarily be celebrated.If it was done in such a way as to hold a mirror up the fans, maybe I’d get it then too, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. I feel like I should sack up and at least try reading the thing before I levy such criticisms, but even doing that sounds like a chore rather than recreation. I dunno…

    4. Emperor’s New Groove is so cartoony and un-Disney like because it was eventually headed by Mark Dindal, who very much has a Warner Bros sensibility towards animation. He was also in charge of one of my favorite, and under-apreciated, animated movies: Cats Don’t Dance.

    5. I got to watch Atlantis twice this year, oddly enough, and it still holds up. The characters are fun and the animation is cool to watch, especially the effects. The art direction of that movie is superb. Road to El Dorado I can only watch about half of, because I feel like it falls apart at the end. The introductory sequence with Miguel and Tulio is one of my favorites in animation, to this date.

    6. I actually count Hunchback as one of my favorite Disney movies, and can appreciate it as it’s own thing. Clopin is awesome, the animation is great, it’s not nearly as heavy-handed or dull as Pocahontas, and plus, Tony Jay is in it as the villain!

    okay, I think that’s it, feel free to entirely ignore all these rantings, as really that’s all they are.


    • 1. Yeah he did, I remember it being funny and weird

      2/3. I recently committed to getting back into One piece (makes the 3rd attempt) and started with the Skypia arc (for the readers at home that is chapter 220 of the current 694 chapters) also I stated reading homestuck and really enjoy the comedy and story elements (I just made it to the content aggregator of complete bullshit, so im nowhere near the trolls I think but its a good start) If you start readin it I suggest when you can see Johns games play the pumpkin one, its really dumb/funny/random.

      4. Cats Don’t Dance is an amazing movie and the fact that it was unsuccessful is proof that something is seriously wrong with the world


    • Brandon Dec 24, 2012

      1) Yes, it was terrible.
      3) When I keep using the word “brilliant,” it is, indeed, from a perspective of calculated fan encouragement. It does not come across, in its application, as desecration. That is its most important attribute that I now realize we never addressed: Homestuck never takes itself too seriously.
      Also, you know what, just do not go down this road with us. That is way, way simpler.


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