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JKP! Ep.128: To Shreds, You Say – Jump Kick Punch!

“What, you think you’re better than me?”

With Tom away and Brandon, Josh, Zack and Harrison left manning the helm, you know it’s gonna be a dirty one. After a rambling discussion about comic and manga problems, Harrison shares the details of his latest trip to the Child’s Play Charity Auction, and Josh shares some afterthoughts on Dishonored. Then, after the break, Zack describes the highlights of Ar Tonelico Qoga (a JRPG that’s heavy on the ‘J’), our urban viking Eric chimes in on a few recent downloadable titles (including Telltale’s award-winning The Walking Dead) and the gang tackles an hour and a half’s worth of “versus” scenarios and listener emails!

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.128: To Shreds, You Say

  1. Sarah L Dec 12, 2012

    … But I really do like houses! I think they are an importa… Oh look, now I’m that nerd, all alone in my nerd corner.

    Two different people in my office asked me what I was laughing about while I was listning to this today, which means you guys are doing something right!


  2. The Wreck-It Ralph theme and “Norman’s Walk” from ParaNorman both haven’t left my head since I saw the movies, but maybe that says more about me than the music.


  3. On the topic of story becoming more prevalent and important to games, I’d like to posit a theory I have here: When people talk about story in games they’re confusing their appreciation of the characters for “story”

    As you guys were saying early in the episode, the “plot” of Telltale’s Walking Dead is fairly predictable and not very exciting, but what really matters there and why everyone (myself included) love the episodes is because of the emotional attachment you develop to these characters and their decisions. I think the same can be said for games like Persona and Uncharted, where the plot itself is fairly bland, but the meat of it is the character development. A similar thing can be said about Portal or Bioshock, or Braid, where what people enjoy is the atmosphere and the characters, rather than the “story”

    I just feel like “story” has become the short-hand for “good writing” or “well-developed characters” when talking about videogames, even though it’s not necessarily synonymous with these things.

    I honestly can’t think of a videogame right now where the plot was what enthralled me.


    • A video game plot that comes to mind quickly for me would be Chrono Trigger. I know its old but its one of my favorites that I know by heart. *Spoilers for anyone that hasn’t played CT* The story starts simply as a typical day at the fair for a young lad. A quick development of meeting a girl so love interest already starts playing a part. She is accidentally lost from the main character and the story develops into a rescue line. Your main character bravely follows and tracks her down only to lose her again. You then battle your way to fixing time! Your first taste of a much more elaborate story of time travel. It eventually becomes you need to defeat the evil force that is the source of creating a poor future, but to get to that point the story is changing and creating an investment of interest with how you the player feel towards the world and the story as well as character development. I think it takes good writing and well-developed characters to make a great story because the story is their tale.


    • Brandon Dec 13, 2012

      Definitely agree-- that’s the reason I decided not to carry on watching the AMC series. I’m invested in the characters to the point that tuning in on a regular basis to watch them experience nothing but hardships and abuse is no longer satisfying. (I’m about five years behind on the comic, as well.)
      I never like to separate story from character. Every story can be boiled down to the core “man vs.man/nature/self” conflicts when you examine the plot alone, which is why the reader/viewer/player needs a specific set of eyes (or several) to experience events through for the narrative to become personal and exciting.

      Writing a story that plods through a sequence of events/revelations without ANY character building is how you get The Phantom Menace.


    • with that in mind, I think you just boiled down the basis for a good “story” driven game.
      few years ago I said that story is now a good bonus in video games, since every possible kind of story has been more or less done and all it is are characters that drive the game…also art styles and damn there are so many visually unique games these days


  4. about dishonored, I don’t know whats so bad about the voice actors, I think they work pretty well. bad voice work I would consider oblivion, but that was still ok.
    Now I dont know if I already said this but, I found dishonored to be too easy, even on the second last dificulty and with the kill counter, sneak score or whatever, that kinda ruined part of my experience, as going the silent route is not half as fun as the silent + killer or just kill everything that moves way, as the combat is really fun, gun upgrades are amazing and so on, but kinda op. other than that, this is what I think bioshock 2 should have been. oh and the fact that they are makeing another dishonored, pure happyness here :D


  5. Maverick Dec 27, 2012

    What was the song that ended the episode? It’s stuck in my head and i can’t get it out.


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