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JKP! Ep.125: Seven or Eight – Jump Kick Punch!

Happy Thanksgiving, American listeners! Happy Thursday, everyone else!

Join Josh and Brandon this week as they give thanks for the conversational blessings of console launches (Wii U), hedgehog-heavy racing software (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed), and historically inaccurate assassination simulations (afterthoughts on Assassin’s Creed 3). Plus, some listener emails and our usual brand of tangential nonsense.

Hit the jump for this week’s videos!

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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.125: Seven or Eight

  1. I haven’t heard the ep yet. It will be tomorrow since 3 thanksgivings are in my way.

    From what I have heard the WiiU launch was somewhat soft compared to the Wii’s launch. Reports have been that people have been picking them up at targets and walmarts late in the evening without pre-orders. I am sure that tomorrow will be a different story with the masses of frothing parents scouring the aisles of every major chain store, beating the crap out of each other to attain their children’s presents.

    The games to get are Nintendoland, ZombiU, and Sonic & Sega All stars racing (tentatively). The ports all have had issues of screen tearing or texture loading issues and the gamepad although can be used as a map/inventory screen/what have you it doesn’t really make it much of a game changer when picking which version to buy. From what bombcast has been saying they used the online account feature in the worst possible way in regards to not connecting the 3 separate online (Wii, 3ds, WiiU) accounts.

    S&SASR taunts me because all the characters from different franchises makes me want a game from those franchises… not to actually play the game they made. Also I didn’t see any of Danica in the trailer just like 2 seconds of Ralph in a copter.

    Lastly Check out the Steam Autumn Sale they have some awesome deals like ALL THE WALKING DEAD for $12.50


  2. 1hour into the podcast and this is what I have to say

    Christmas without snow, it sucks, but you get used to it after every year being that way.
    Now really strange, but I agree that the team fortress 2 characters are kinda the unofficial pc mascots, or might I go so far as Valve itself.
    Also when Josh said this is not Nintendo’s last console, I can just imagine Harrisons face. haha, fuck you :D


    • i’d agree with you on the pc mascot, but when i think of valve i tend to think of portal or half-life.


      • well kinda my point, as their games have a way of staying, or at least their characters you remember, which is kinda tha point of a mascot.
        well not all the dota characters, but stand out more than others imho=)


  3. And Tom Hanks appears to have gotten himself trapped in a dry cleaning bag…


  4. I see your Tom Hanks trapped in Seran Wrap and raise you a Stefon Thanksgiving.




  5. second part comment :D

    Funny that just a few days ago I found the song you mentioned Brandon and I honestly think that it’s the most JKP song ever:D
    Spanish Flea -- Herb Alpert everybody=)

    Now Josh, if you are going to buy Dishonroed, which is a great game, I recomend going for a difficulty harder, that what you played Deus Ex:HR, I found the game still a little to easy, even on the second last difficulty.

    Also when/if the end of the world arrived, I would make sausages, wooden furniture and wooden tech like gears, mills and so on =)


  6. also here are some screenshots about the mod josh was talking about


  7. I’d just like to say, I tried that DA game of yours, Brandon. And I crossed the streams (Sonic and MLP). I….it hurts….


  8. I know I’m super late to listening to this last week but in response to Brendan (not Brandon’s) email I give you an example. Braid and Jonathan Blow

    Braid is a great game, I am going to be completely honest in saying that, but Jonathan Blow comes off as a pretentious ass with his commentaries of other forms of game development. Also the greatest example is his reaction to the amazing response to braid only to be disappointed that people didn’t understand what he was trying to portray in his game during Indie game the movie (callback to that episode). If you have a reaction like that the true response should be that you should be more disappointed in yourself for not making it as important as you believe it should be.

    or here’s another example. Valid points but he really comes off like crap.

    and just like with Braid, I look forward to the witness even though I think it will be a more vibrant and appealing (and hopefully more enjoyable) myst which isn’t discrediting the experience.


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