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JKP! Ep.124: Nuts & Gum – Jump Kick Punch!

Show us where the skating deck is. We’re gonna do some kick flips.

This week finds Brandon and Tom discussing the finer, more enjoyable aspects of Halo 4, followed by a lengthy review of Wreck-It Ralph alongside special (and increasingly frequent) guest, Heidi. Plus: listener emails and another JKPleasant submission!

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.124: Nuts & Gum

  1. My second viewing of Wreck-It Ralph was solely to look for background references and to read the graffiti in Game Central Station.

    still want to go again, I’m sure there’s more stuff tucked away


    • Also Brandon, you were right, it was “Shen-Long” but he’s not MK, he’s a “fake”/april fools Street Fighter character.


      • Shen-Long is from the Bloody Roar series so that is a possible reference.


      • Brandon Nov 14, 2012

        THAT’S how that name got in my brain, thank you. After they officially named him Gouken in IV, I forgot that’s what he was originally called.
        The actual first thing I think of is the Eternal Dragon from DBZ, which… says something about me, I’m not sure what.


  2. if it make you feel better brandon and tom, my job for about 4 summers was as a grounds keeper at my university, which included jumping on those bigger sized riding lawn mowers, and mowing all the grass for the university (which was a lot). but it was the worst because you’d start the job in the spring, just after the snow has melted and the grass is super long, which is where the rabbits breed. and my campus is littered with rabbits. like huge jack rabbits everywhere. but in the spring time those bastards are breeding like, well, rabbits. and guess what’s hiding in the tall grass? the one area i’m being paid to mow. guess what’s too small, scared and stupid to run away from the super loud and slow moving machine of death.

    bunnies. not rabbits. bunnies. little baby bunnies. the cutest little buggers in the world.

    it’s super heart breaking because usually you don’t just run over one, but like two or three at a time. and you never see them until its too late. its not until they are spraying out from under the mower blades and there is nothing but a massive blotch of blood left on the grass do you realize that they’re there.

    looking back, i’m not sure how this was supposed to make you feel better, but ya i can never own or near a bunny anymore cause i feel too damn guilty


    • Brandon Nov 15, 2012

      Oh my god, Cody, that’s heartbreaking. One chipmunk doesn’t even come close to that sort of mental anguish.

      …sure hope Heidi doesn’t read this.


  3. Joe Daft Nov 15, 2012

    From an outside standpoint, at least from a JoeDaft standpoint…
    JumpKickPunch is JKPlesant.


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