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JKP! Ep.123: Bad Sunglasses – Jump Kick Punch!

You missed “Purple Drank.”

In this week’s first half, Brandon, Josh and Harrison talk about Borderlands 2 keys and kinky founding fathers in Assassin’s Creed 3. Then, after the break, Heidi joins us to discuss the biggest entertainment news of the decade with Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and the future of the Star Wars Universe– followed, perhaps appropriately, by a couple of listener emails about drinking.

Don’t forget to hit the jump for this week’s related videos!

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23 comments on “JKP! Ep.123: Bad Sunglasses

  1. just so you know, our drinking place where geeks, punks, metal heads, rockers, hippies…anything the everyday joe would consider weird in a way and most of the people are artists in a way or aonther, so the costumes are usually awesome and 2 people horse costumes are not rare there :D
    also I noticed I forgot the air quotes at “peace pipe”, which I think makes everything a bit more interesting=)


  2. If you guys made animated shorts from your show I would totally watch those.


  3. just a note, and it’s mostly because i work in a movie rental place that has damn near everything, but you guys talk about the 1970’s like it was that was a shit decade for movies, and granted there are a ton of terrible movies made in the 70’s, but to me it feels like you’re negating so many other great films. 1977 not only had a new hope, but annie hall, close encounters of the third kind, and the rescuers just to name a few. hell one of my favorite comedies came out of 1977 (slap shot. you kind have to be a hockey person to enjoy it though, or just really stupid)


    • also,

      if you guys like very expensive, delightfully sweet wine, i would recommend some ice wine from the Okanagan . Infact, since i’m close to there i might send you guys some for christmas. i think you would really enjoy it.


      • sweet wine…mmmm


      • Brandon Nov 7, 2012

        Aw jeez, that’s super sweet of you, Cody. That’s absolutely not necessary, but I can guarantee that, should a bottle arrive, we’ll all sample it live on a future episode.


        • just out of curiosity, how? do you have a PO box?


          • Harrison Nov 8, 2012

            If desired, you guys can send JKP stuff to the my PO Box.

            Volpin Props LLC
            PO Box 931389
            Norcross, GA 30003-1389
            United States


        • Harrison Nov 8, 2012

          While that is very generous of you Cody, I will be passing on the ice wine. I’ve had it twice in my life, and I’m fairly sure a third time will give me diabetes.

          Brandon, Ice wine is what happens when you mix Rosé, Riesling, flat Shasta and ninety-six sugar cubes.


          • Brandon Nov 8, 2012

            … can guarantee that, should a bottle arrive, Heidi will sample it live on a future episode.

            (Probably Zack, as well. he loves the sweet n’ fruity stuff.)


  4. Tyler Nov 7, 2012

    I’m glad Josh and I play Assassins Creed the exact same way. I was six hours in before even making the switch to Connor.


  5. I work part time at a Krogers, and those pouch alcohol drinks are so fucking popular, it’s insane lol. I’ve never had one, but my inner child tries to convince me to get one all the time.


  6. Maya’s Guide to drink good:

    Step 1: Never drink to get drunk. That path only leads to vomit and regret. Get your social lubricant on, but don’t go crazy.

    Step 2: Start hanging out with people at least five years older than you from age 14 on. In a not creepy way.

    Step 3: Every trip to the liquor store or pub is an adventure, try new stuff, figure out what’s for you, take your older friends with you so they may advise you.

    Step 4: ???

    Step 5: cirrhosis of the liver.

    Bonus stage: Come from a culture of heavy drinkers, IE: Russian, Irish, Italian etc etc.

    For the record: I’m just shy of 21, been drinking for a good five years now, and only gotten shitface drunk maybe three times? I have trouble drinking malty beers because I had an unfortunate run in with food poisoning after a meal paired with some Imperial Stout. I have never looked at dark beers the same way again.

    Really I just wanted splashy drinking stories from you guys so this episode was GREAT SUCCESS.

    Also, I recommend Spicebox spiced whisky. It tastes like cake, so you sweet tooth types should enjoy it. Never try Screech. Just, don’t do it. Don’t.

    Also, also, I started listening to the podcast after Brandon linked to it from his deviantART. It is now my favourite podcast.

    Final also: Dragon*Con 2014. It is on.


    • Harrison Nov 8, 2012

      Maya! I finally remembered that beer. It’s called McChouffe, a Belgian dubbel. Comes in giant bottles and its very heavy, but I highly recommend it.


      • I’ll keep an eye out for it! Doesn’t seem to be available for purchase through the liquor store, but I’m sure it’s sitting around somewhere in some speciality pub in Toronto. Thanks!


    • Maya it’s like you’re the Rodger Dodger of drinking. Also try a Flaming Dr. Pepper when you get the chance, although I doubt a bar will serve it unless they tell you to walk away from the bar.


      • here we call it a sub and hell no, that is dangerous!
        Here we usually have vodka or something really strong instead of that mix, but haveing an alcoholic drink that tastes like dr pepper sounds great, just without the beer =)


        • Brandon Nov 10, 2012

          Never trust Dr Pepper. He is NOT an accredited medical practitioner.


          • well its really just an honorary title. he did a lot of work for his community and was out standing in his field, so his college gave him the doctor title in cola sciences.
            Mr. pibb was in the running, but he had an outstanding library balance and had a few unkind words to the student advisor back in the day, so he was passed up for matriculation.


    • Brandon Nov 14, 2012

      I like the sound of that! Guy knows his way around a large cast. Hope that one proves to be true.


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