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JKP! Ep.122: The Bones Are Guns – Jump Kick Punch!

That’s not how vampires talk.

Happy Halloween, JKPeers! Boo! Etc! Let’s all celebrate ridiculous outfits and a truly irresponsible amount of candy with a Brandon/Tom/Josh episode about custom Heroclix, Halo 4 hype, Borderlands 2 DLC, game journalism, sinister goings-on at Silicon Knights, and a special listener emails (and snail mail!) segment– with Heidi popping in as fourth chair!

Hit the jump for this week’s relevant images and videos!

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15 comments on “JKP! Ep.122: The Bones Are Guns

  1. havent listend to the podcast but damn, the posters look awesome :D


  2. Ahh Josh, you should have solicited for help with your clicks. I could have brought the laser scanner down to ATL for the weekend, scanned yalls faces, and you could have had your actual noggins on your characters!


  3. RickyB Oct 31, 2012

    “Tangled” was also an original non-Pixar 3D Disney movie.


    • Brandon Oct 31, 2012

      THANK YOU, we totally blanked on Tangled. Shameful.


      • Also Mars Needs Moms.



        • I don’t know if that shit counts, it wasn’t actually animated by Disney


        • Thanks Maya for reminding me of that terrible thing.

          Just for that and since ” one good turn deserves another” here you go guys


  4. The more I learn about Wreck-It Ralph, the more exciting it becomes. My favorite aspect of it is that they didn’t just settle for the easy videogame references, like having Sonic and Bowser in it, but they’ve included nods to Twin Galaxies, and there’s a Buckner and Garcia song about Wreck-It Ralph’s arcade game:


    I really can’t wait to see it this Friday.


  5. Just got to the email section, and dammit Brandon, why didn’t you take the Sparkster Mech? GIANT SWORD-POSSUM-ROCKETPACK


    • Brandon Oct 31, 2012



    • because sonic > mario > sparkster and who’s to say that the Robotmek (see what I did there) doesn’t have aspects of the egg copter or the other egg tech (ala Wileys giant robots which are by design better because F-you all they have skulls)

      Personally I think Dana picked the coolest although for Fortress Maximus technically it is a robot inside a robot controlled by a guy in a robot suit (like Gurren Lagann)


  6. I love pixel art and thats why I love doing. also right now I’m trying to make a short animation with it and a JKP art piece and talking about art *wink* =)


  7. Yay! So happy to see they arrived and that you fellas liked I’m so much; I had a lot of fun putting them together!

    Thank you tons, Heidi, for helping me out and being my little secret-keeper!

    P.S. Apologizes if they just end up causing more confusion with Zack ;)


  8. So, I havent been able to actually sit down and read the Kotaku article about Silicon Knights and I think since they changed the format and didn’t back up their articles. Did that just happen?

    this message brought to you by Cheif/Cortana 2012


  9. Shadra Nov 3, 2012

    Haven’t finished it yet, but I am chipping in to offer to Cap’n Jarsh Surbley that I’d be happy to teach him some basic stuff that will help his future endeavors in the wonderful land of 3D modeling.


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