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JKP! Ep.121: F*** Off, King Swim! – Jump Kick Punch!

Ohhhh, now we see where you’re goin’.

This week: Politics! Looper! Spoilers! Bioshock Infinite! Iron Man 3! Trailers! Teaser trailer teasers! Halo 4! Heroclix! Tales From the North! New York Comic-Con! Gundam! Pokemon! Macross! Listener emails! JKPleasant! Poutine! Vladimir Pre-teen! Swim team! Soggy nachos! Doctor Who! Indie comics! Future Bear in China! AND MORE!

Hit the jump for this week’s videos, images, and links!

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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.121: F*** Off, King Swim!

  1. I probably should have clarified that, despite my groaning every time an event is announced by Marvel/DC, I do still read my fair share of main stream super hero comics every Wednesday and enjoyed the hell out Avengers vs X-Men. But sometimes, I need a book that has an ending, ya know? Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll definitely be looking into most of them. Sky Doll’s especially been on my list for ages, but it’s so fucking hard to get ahold of.


    • Given the request for an “ending….”

      Hitman. Its mainstream, slightly interconnected to the DC universe proper but still with a good amount of Ennis’ independent quirks. However, since he has an editor forcing him to be more focused it doesn’t have as many dead moments/uninteresting arcs/filler as some of his other books, Preacher or The Boys in particular, do at times.
      Most of the Astro City books are high quality, beginning-middle-end stories. Tarnished Angel is probably my favorite of them, but my wife thinks Confession is better.


      • Oh man I forgot all about Hitman. I read a dozen issues of that several years ago, and loved the hell out of it. Will definitely be adding that to my list.


    • Matt read Y: The Last Man. It ended ages ago, is available nearly everywhere and I think you would enjoy it.

      if you like Darwyn Cooke try his take on the Parker series, very slick old fashion heist stories. Blacksad is another good one and the hardcover came out a little while ago.

      Demo a series of short stories each with a slight supernatural bend by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan is quite good.

      If you haven’t read Bone or RASL by Jeff Smith then do so.

      You can go ahead and put Skullkickers to the top of your list though, right up your alley.


  2. Patrick Oct 24, 2012

    The theory behind the doctor getting younger is that each time he regenerates he reverse ages. Makes sense if you look at all the doctors one after the other.


    • Those crazy Brits love their backwards aging magic men.
      Smith almost didn’t get the part because Moffat wanted an older actor for the Doctor, but then they let Smith audition and he blew them all away.


  3. Its good to hear the whole team again. Great episode.


  4. Sarah Oct 24, 2012

    2 Sarahs give one fuck each about JKP! For a total of two fucks given to date.


    • Sarah Oct 24, 2012

      I didn’t finish listining before commenting. Locke and Key is a great read, it has a great gothic horror vibe, and the art is lovely. The detail on the keys in particular is top notch.


  5. Okay, so last week (I think?) Zack mentioned a video of like a sighing llama or something. I want to see that video and I can’t seem to find it. link please?

    Also I will be sending in an email for next week, get hype.


    • Patrick Oct 27, 2012

      YouTube search “laughing camel” or “tickling camel” it should be the top video. If the image shown is a camel sitting on the back of a flat bed than you found it. They has talked about it at least 3-5 episodes and deservedly so.

      Also while your checking out stuff on the youtube’s check out “hotline: miami”. It’s a great indie pc game with an awesome soundtrack. (The artist mostly used in the game is M.O.O.N.)


    • Brandon Oct 27, 2012

      Tickled camel, as requested:

      Josh has become rather skilled at recreating this sound. Fun at parties.

      We are hyped for email all the time every time.


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