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JKP! Ep.119: The Elephant’s Graveyard – Jump Kick Punch!

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With 3/5ths of the roster calling in sick , it falls to Brandon and Josh to volley words back and forth for your aural pleasure. (Oh stop it, I said aural.) This week’s heady discussions (come on guys I said stop it) include the cultural baggage behind the term “gamer,” the questionable ease of acceptance and passionate defense of nerd culture, two grown men discussing tumblr as if they just wandered out of a cave, and a generous amount of praise and enthusiasm for Doctor Who and Homestuck. Plus, some listener emails– including some new “JKPleasant” submissions!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos!

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19 comments on “JKP! Ep.119: The Elephant’s Graveyard

  1. legice Oct 10, 2012

    that cyberpuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk is looking sexy with that think on the game boy ;D
    oh and the cartridge…mmm


  2. god dammit…the end of this episode…


  3. Comment section has died out because you talk about the comment section all the time. First rule of Comment section is similar to that fight club rule, or something.


    • There’s that. Then there’s also the lack of video game announcements(those seem to be the most consistent commentary creator) to be discussed because that industry has gone into holiday move the product mode as opposed to hype mode.
      Con Season has pretty much ended, so no announcements/discussion points coming from that.
      School has started back and classes, extracurriculars and homework should take precedence to talking on a podcast’s comments page.
      Its Fall Premieres, why comment on JKP when one can talk about new awful shows like Emil Owens, M.D., The Neighbors, Guys With Kids, make bets on how long each will last before being cancelled and if there are any cancellations that are undeserved?
      Also, Sports is a thing that has started. Probably not a huge fan overlap, but The Baseball is winding down and The Footballs, “real” and fantasy, are beginning to start and that could take precious free time fro the JPK commentators.


      • legice Oct 11, 2012

        I honeslty comment when I have something interesting to say or like you said, things about gaming=)


  4. Patrick Oct 10, 2012

    Here’s a great comparison to the gamer mentality in marketing:

    The 80’s/90’s gamer movie: the wizard or super Mario bros.the movie
    Today’s game movie: Gamer or the FP


    • the FP was a brilliant master piece of writing, cinematography and acting. thats an unfair comparison. also i highly recommend it to those who have not seen it yet.


    • Patrick Oct 10, 2012

      Also Brandon, I freaking love the cold because look at me. I’m essentially the human version of a real bear (not the gay type the real “will murder you in the wild for no reason” bear)


  5. Want to get into Dr. Who? A friend of mine came up with that, supposedly, has never failed to create a new fan; he calls it “The Prescription.” Here it is:
    1 -- Season 5, Episode 1 (The Eleventh Hour)
    2 -- Season 2, Episode 4 (The Girl in the Fireplace)
    3 -- Season 3, Episode 10 (Blink)

    4 -- Season 4, Episodes 8 & 9 (Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead)
    5 -- Season 5, Episodes 2-12 (Completing Season 5)

    6 -- 2010 Christmas Special
    7 -- Season 6
    8 -- Season 1, Episodes 9 & 10, The Empty Child, by Steven Moffat.
    9 -- Season 3, Episodes 8 & 9, Human Nature and Family of Blood, by Paul Cornell.

    Technically only main intro is “required” and everything else is just a recommendation.

    I’ve provided Ross with a huge list of comics he should read and would probably enjoy. I’ve pointed out trades to him before. I’ve offered to burn some scans for him. To my knowledge, he still has yet to buy any though. I don’t know what his damn problem has been.

    For some reason(shame, embarrassment, regret) Tiptoes isn’t on Netflix despite being a fantastic movie that everyone should see once. Not fantastic the way they wanted(ie a touching, compelling story), but still fantastic. What about Peter Dinklage’s role in 30 Rock? I think a shame that only Peter Dinklage can get the good midget roles.

    Is this “later” as in “never” like the last versus lists(group and individual) I sent about a year ago, or “later” as in “actually gonna happen?” Just need to know for portioning out the slush file.


    • legice Oct 11, 2012

      I just might check it out:D


    • Patrick Oct 11, 2012

      It took me a while to enjoy Matt Smith as the doctor since I had such a great time with Tenant, that being said the more current stories are awesome.

      The season 6 premiere alone will change minds because it is so extrordinary.


  6. On the topic of love triangles and romantic tension’s effect on popularity, I won’t dispute that it is usually successful, Josh gave a good example with Avatar, and I think the same can be said about Adventure Time to some degree, but I also think we’ve gotten to the point that creators don’t necessarily need to use these techniques to achieve a large fanbase. Tumblr and other communities will still latch onto a thing and cram in their perceptions of romance and sexuality, regardless of merit.

    Eiichiro Oda has openly stated that he won’t include any romance in One Piece, but that won’t stop his fans from doing it for him. Same goes for tame TV and Movies like Gravity Falls and The Lorax. I was pretty sure there was no sexual tension between The Lorax and The Once-ler, but Tumblr proved me to be sorely fucking mistaken…


    • Brandon Oct 10, 2012

      The Once-ler fandom, in its astonishing sincerity, is the most insane and unsettling fandom I have ever stumbled upon. I have to remind myself that it’s not a Something Awful prank and is, rather, a very real thing every time.


      • It’s truly baffling, and has made me rethink everything I thought I once knew. Ed Helms as a sexual icon is a tough pill to swallow


        • i wonder what Alfred Kinsey would say on the subject, cause I’m pretty sure weird bullshit like this wasn’t occurring back in his day.


          • It would be a field day. A goddamn candy store. He’d need a new scale, that’s for sure


  7. Patrick Oct 10, 2012

    Looked up the unity engine from Ricky’s email. They are known for a ton of games (mostly phone, flash, or browser) and cartoon networks fusion fall… so there’s that.

    What you guys feel about the rumor about rare alumn getting back together to make a banjo kazooee successor.


  8. now maybe its because i watched cartoons from a very early age and i watched them for far too long of a period in my life or because i come from canada and our tv scheduling is different here, but when you guys talk about rugrats and ahh real monsters, and stuff like that i remember watching that stuff when it first hit the airways at the same time as doug, johnny bravo and cow and chicken was also coming out as “Brand New”. But then again, when i was growing up, we had one television network for kids called YTV or more accurately “Youth television”. it was pretty bitchin back in the day. later we got other channels like fox which aired cartoons on saturday morning, among the other channels like abc, or cbc. and then much later we got channels like teletoon, which aired which was this weird mish mash of canadian programming and american programming. now i should mention by time teletoon hit the air, satellite and cable packages were really gaining popularity in canada and people were for the most part just starting to order stuff in from the states like cartoon network and other fine channels. but by that time (for me anyways) i was starting to get to the age where watching cartoons wasn’t really socially acceptable, and my folks didn’t feel like spending the money to get the 5000 channels when we’d only ever really want to watch like 6 channel in particular.

    anyway, tl:dr -- all those shows came out at the same time for me, so i found it really strange that you were presenting it as a time line of sorts. did i just watch a shit ton of cartoons back in the day or is canadian programing just that messed up?


    • It’s weird for us too. Literally all of Nickelodeon’s early programming until about 89 or 90 was just Canadian Television.


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