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JKP! Ep.118: Vampire Horses – Jump Kick Punch!

“…This isn’t even my final form.”

In this week’s digest-sized episode, Brandon, Josh, Zack and Heidi sit down to share thoughts and reactions to the series premiere of Nickelodeon’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Also included this week: Zack’s recent anime con adventures, a brief review of Tokyo Jungle, and a special message from Ted Turner himself. Sort of. Not really. Plus, some listener emails!

Don’t forget to hit the jump for this week’s related videos!

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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.118: Vampire Horses

  1. good news is that your hockey team went Winnipeg, to bring back the “Jets” back to winnipeg and giving the city a reason to exist again. no really, without the jets, there is no reason for this city to exist on the map. I’m pretty sure the only reason it was founded was because the pilgrims just got too depressed to carry on, so they stopped and gave up on life. why else would someone build a city in an area famous for having temperatures ranging from +40 to -40 ( or 104 to -40 for those using the fahrenheit system) and a mosquito problem.


    • Brandon Oct 3, 2012

      They’re way better off up there. Down here, the vast majority of the city was always shocked to learn we even *had* a hockey team. I hope they’re getting treated like royalty up there.


      • they are. its hockey. they will always be treated like kings up hear.

        also, just fair warning, I’m going to try find things to ask “is this jkpleasant?”. don’t expect them to make sense.


        • If the JKPleasant points of discussion are completely sensible or completely safe for polite society then why bother?


  2. Patrick Oct 3, 2012

    Zack on steroids dressed as Captain Planet, okay my fears are now complete. I guess I need to never sleep ever again.

    Film zack playing Tokyo jungle, instant content!


    • Just don’t loot or pollute, and you’ll probably be good.

      Now there’s a 3-way battle royale I’d pay to see: Zack dressed as Captain Planet vs. Ted Turner dressed as Captain Planet vs. Don Cheadle dressed as Captain Planet

      also, film Zack pretending to be in Tokyo Jungle, additional content


  3. legice Oct 3, 2012

    totally unrelated, but this is something I would expect from zack xD


  4. Worth noting, the episode “It’s Z-Time” (the one Zack hosted) is the ONLY time Zack has said the email address correctly on his first try, ironically enough.

    I know because I listened to it again today, for no reason in particular (don’t judge me)


    • It is quite a fantastic episode and its Zack’s birthday today so Hurrays!


  5. Are you guys going to post the new podcast tonight?


    • Brandon Oct 10, 2012

      We certainly are! Hang tight, minor technical glitch. Had to recover some audio files. Sorry for the delay.


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