JKP Presents: Adventures at New York Comic-Con w/ Ricky & Friends!

October 23, 2012

Hey there folks, my name is Ricky Bryant Jr. Freelance artist, extended friend of the JKP crew, and professional non-threatening person of color.

A few weeks back, some friends and I made the trek to the big city for the 2012 edition of New York Comic-Con. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures and video both in and out of the Javits Center and I thought I’d share them with this fine blog. Cause you know…relevant interests and all that jazz. Jump froggy!

This is what awaited me as I stepped outside the bus station. I felt really good about this weekend from that point on :)

Thursday was a preview day of sorts for anyone who managed to get a pass for it. (Ourselves included) But it was more or less a half day thing and we didn’t spend too much time taking panels and booths in as we would over the remainder of our stay. Plus we attended a Daily Show taping earlier so we were getting into the Javits a bit later in the day. That didn’t stop me from getting some nice pics though!

A running theme I noticed on the floor…Some manner of pop culture media depicted in legos or megablocks. 8-year old me would have easily crapped his pants at most of these.


To my surprise there were much more cosplayers on this night than I expected. But I refrained from getting TOO MANY as I knew there would be much crazier stuff to come.

I thought this Lady Fox McCloud was adorable. But I can’t help but noticed the guy in the back there was even more impressed.

Aside from getting a layout of the floor in general, our main goal was to get my friend Page over to the Shifty Look booth. I had not heard of these guys previously, but apparantly they take a lot of older game properties and turn them into new media. For instance: they have comic adaptations of Galaga, Time Crisis and Katamari Damacy. As well as franchises previous unheard of to western audiences like Wonder Momo and Bravoman.

Bravoman in particular (which was a side scrolling platform back in the 80’s) was the focus at the time we got there, as they were making an animated web series based around it. With the title character being played by voice acting juggernaut Rob “I’m fucking Yakko Warner” Paulsen.


[vsw id=”uKI6D9kRUZY” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

This was me being a dork and asking him about his current role of Donatello on the new TMNT show on Nickelodeon, and whether or not he tried to “reprise other roles.”

[vsw id=”w9k75yytFpo” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

And here is Page trying to compose herself as she gave Rob a picture of him she drew alongside all the characters he’s voiced over the years.

She was quite happy and he was probably the coolest middle age man I had met that day.


And now some random photos I took on the way out!


We’ll stop by here tomorrow…

That’s all for now kids! I’ll post up day 2 in the next week if not sooner.


Want more Ricky? Get in line, pal. If you can’t stand the wait, however, there’s plenty of digital, archived Ricky to go around via hia twitter account @rickybryantjr and his website, rickybryant.com!

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