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JKP! Ep.117: The Spirit of Ecstasy – Jump Kick Punch!

We will not share the math. That’s private math.

This week sees a return to form as Brandon, Tom, Josh and Harrison gather ’round for a chit-chat over the finer points of Borderlands 2 and analyze the slow deconstruction of the Star Wars franchise. Then, after the break, the gang shares belated thoughts on Legend of Korra’s first season finale¬†and get into a predictably heated discussion over the Wii U’s official price and release date. Plus: listener emails!

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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.117: The Spirit of Ecstasy

  1. Everytime there is something after the playoff song I always get that feeling of finding the hidden fries in the bottom of the fast food bag. Check it out if you haven’t seen it, but Jim Gaffigan does the best explanation of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YDTfEhChgw


  2. Patrick Sep 26, 2012

    If Nintendo just straight out bought sega and platinum and publicized their games I would buy all nintendo products and it would be two christmas’s to me. Never gonna happen :/

    I totally understand what Josh is trying to get across, what we all have to understand is they are making things that are extensively not for us (this age demographic). He’s totally right that nintendo will make out like a bandit for about 2 years and then fall off the planet and it will be about the big boy systems until Nintendo is ready to “grow up”


    • What do you mean by “grow up”?


      • Patrick Sep 27, 2012

        Well I halfway don’t want to knock them (since they have surpassed this issue in the previous generations… sort of) but in regards to the tech they have consistently made hardware that is a generation behind Sony and Microsoft and hide behind the term “innovation” when just call it what it is and say “a cheap way to get around limitations” case in point the jump to the 3DS from the DS

        Just to clarify I owned a wii and a DS and I love Nintendo mainly because they do reverse engineering right (ever system caters to the last system) The wii was nice until the 3rd party companies dropped it then it felt useless because Nintendo didn’t really back it up with games. The WiiU has already had its “where’s the games” moment at E3… before the system even released its price point. They are totally going to sell like crazy but I can also see it falling apart after the second year like he Wii. All in all, worst case scenario they haven’t learned a damn thing and third party devs drop it. (And Nintendo isn’t like Microsoft or Sony in regards to indie devs which is another big issue they really need to address now)

        Also maybe this time try to release a Kirby game first since I’m now thinking that they truly mark the end of a system.


  3. I love how JKP can have a technical and very heated discussion of the inner business strategies of a large corporation, then turn around and talk about body paint and meth -- all in the same episode.


  4. Damn Harrison, I might have to steal the money-bag baby photos idea…. fuckin’ brilliant (and reminds me of the recent xkcd: http://xkcd.com/946/)!


    • It has already been done, but its cool that Harrison also had the idea.


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