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JKP! Ep.116: JKP&D&D, Part 2 – Jump Kick Punch!

Remember, kids: always check for sword allergies before an adventure.

This week, we return to the adventures of Thomas the True, Volpin the Thief, Overton the Wise and the Amazing Brando. Monsters! Treasure! Treachery! Cowardice! Bravery! Dumb luck! All these things and more await your eager mind’s eye in the second half of our inaugural D&D campaign!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.116: JKP&D&D, Part 2

  1. I’d just like to mention, when Eric was introducing you guys last episode, that episode of Community is literally all I could think of. So seeing Chevy Chase from that episode on the cover had me actually laughing out loud.

    But this was amazing, guys. Loved every minute of it.


  2. i have mixed emotions about these last two episodes. I’m split. the part of me that is a jock wants to flip your table over, give you guys wedgies and call you all nerds. the other half of me that is a jock is saying “uh, hey, that looks kinda fun. can i play?”


    • also, i should mention that i was enjoying harrison’s futurama references. i feel like he nailed benders persona.


  3. Note to self: Never allow Zack to hold a retractable pen during an episode. Also never record whilst sick or becoming sick.


    • Patrick Sep 20, 2012

      Is zack a clicker? I couldn’t really hear on the recording. Sorry to hear that you guys after getting sick (or exhausted, whatever) from dragon*con that some got sick from the aftermath. :/

      That being said this 2 parter is awesome, it’s like a radio drama to the point that if you guys were continuing this I could official say when listening to you guys that Im listening to “my stories” (not to say you guys should ever change the format of JKP because it’s perfect the way it is in my opinion)

      Lastly borderlands 2 is amazing and one of you guys should check out FTL.


      • FTL is so awesome!


        • FTL is the awesome-est! And Borderlands 2 is good as well!

          I need to make “The Good Ship JKP” in FTL and see where their adventures take them


          • Patrick Sep 22, 2012

            I can’t stop playing it. Sadly I just have 2 ships burnt ratio of survival is getting better. If you ever played the BSG board game it has a singular aspect in the gameplay (but coupled with clue because you have to figure out whose the cylon)


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