It’s all about big heads, little bodies, and no one liking Cyclops.

In the first half: Brandon, Tom and Josh discuss the big Playstation news to come out of Gamescom, including Media Molecule’s latest little darling of an IP, Tearaway, as well as some quick hands-on impressions of New Super Mario Bros. 2. Then, after the break: Zack joins in to talk about the latest goings-on in the world of superhero comics and we end on one listener email and one very, undeniably special JKP fan fiction.

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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.112: Accidentally the Whole Jump

  1. X-Men is basically a Mexican soap opra starring a bunch of luchadores. Thanks for reminding me every reason I avoid that corner of comics.

    While the 9/11 issue had some narration, Marvel had done a a no written words “Nuff Said” month.

    There’s a fair amount of ok in the reset and a few standouts. And too many things fall apart if you try to investigate how the timeline works. It doesn’t seem like they’re really working to fix most of it, a patch here or there, still fluid history(such as Lobdell’s declaration that Tim Drake was never a Robin, even though there have been many references to him being a Robin and being in on the whole Batman secret and being in the War of the Robins) and a book set in the past building the character in the future-present running concurrently with all the other books set in that future-present isn’t helping.

    My wife had never read a comic book when we met, so I gave her a reading list. She eventually passed that reading list on to several other people. All of them now read comics regularly(though only through TBPs). So here’s that reading list:

    Agent X and Taskmaster
    All Star Superman
    Ex Machina
    Y: The Last Man
    The Walking Dead
    Astro City


    • Brandon Aug 22, 2012

      This is a pretty rock-solid list for comic book newcomers. Hopefully Jennifer sees this!


  2. Patrick Aug 22, 2012

    I think your comments on Nintendo are very spot on because these launch titles are incredibly safe when you look at what all they have done in the past. The only part I would disagree with is a wiiU Mario galaxy, chances are they will try something new if you go by their track record (n64/mario64, GameCube/sunshine, wii/galaxy) not saying they won’t revisit galaxy I just think they will try something completely different and try to wow us with a new shiny idea. In regards to new Nintendo games, where is advance wars or any of the very popular games that started on the GBA? Will I have to wait another undetermined amoun of time before they figure out those games were cool?

    When It comes to comics I have found that if I stay 5-10 years behind whats is on the shelves I stay relatively happy (the one exception is Kirkman because walking dead and invincible are amazing) also it makes it more accessible to find the trades which means I dont have to sift through the garbage of bad single issues or dumb comic runs.

    If they kill off Hal in light of this “steel” (as in ethnic stereotype version of an existing “better” super hero) green lantern than I might re-disown DC.


    • If you go by their Mario track record, we’re due for an awful Mario, assuming the pattern is every other one (like Metal Gears). Mario Sunshine is easily the worst Mario game ever made. No one on the planet agrees with me, but I think Galaxy was a snore fest too. As long as Mario’s items are timed solutions to puzzles rather than permanent power ups (all of them), I’m not interested.


      • Andrew Aug 23, 2012

        Until you play and beat MGS4 I still say you can’t make an opinion on it. I didn’t like MGS3 at all when I first started playing it. I think only when I was 3/4 through it and I started figuring out all the mechanics in the game did I really take to enjoying it. I think Mgs4 has some dull moments but all in all it was and is a solid fun game in the MGS series.

        I haven’t enjoyed a Mario game since Super Mario World. I entirely agree with you that Super Mario Galaxy (or if read by the stars in the letters of the box art U R MR GAY) was a snore fest. Not quite as bad as the Nazi game of Sunshine where you must cleanse the earth to make it pure, but still it was a boring game. I think the new 2d sidescrollers have been an improvement on the franchise, but I was still kinda bored/disinterested in finishing them.


        • Patrick Aug 23, 2012

          …you know what you did!

          why did you make Josh Kamek and not Joshigi?

          As much as I get that the New Super Mario games are more of the same and not the amazing jumps in gameplay as say Super Meat Boy I still genuinely enjoy what they have done with them. Ultimately I look at todays nintendo as the “it is not for you” industry. It was for me but as I got older it became more and more of a “thats like a babies toy” mentality. I still enjoy a majority of the games that come out but Nintendo games lose their flavor very quickly nowadays.


  3. I agree with Andrew, the story in Metal Gear 4 is terrible, but the gameplay for most of the game is great.


  4. Hey, Paisanos! It’s the Super Brandio Super Show!


    • looks like harrison is haveing a blast :D


    • Andrew Aug 24, 2012

      Thank you Tyler you never disappoint! The first fanfic I sent in(this one is entitled day 2) I made an attached email that explained I was really looking forward to fan art that might be inspired by my stories. I have to say Kudos for the awesome pic. I cried laughing when I saw it.




    • Andrew Aug 24, 2012

      This is also my background wallpaper for my laptop because of the sheer excellence crafted into each face.


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