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JKP! Ep.111: Slower & Lower – Jump Kick Punch!

Hello, new listeners! Goodbye, new listeners.

The dust starts to settle this week as Brandon, Tom and Josh wrap their heads around last week’s JKP/IGNgate situation and share a harrowing, personal tale of determined, delusional idiocy. Things then return to normal with some double “All-Stars” action that includes the beta gameplay of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and some new announcements for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Plus: some listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos and a very special fan comic!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.111: Slower & Lower

  1. some other Josh Aug 15, 2012

    I like to eat powdered drink mix things without the drink.
    Bout a week ago for whatever reason I had gotten myself some powdered drink mix with caffeine in it, which was unfortunately quite concentrated. Not knowing this, I ate all 16 packets in the span of about 30 minutes, only realizing what a horrible mistake that was when my heart started beating ’bout twice as fast as it aught to go in any circumstances. So I sat in bed and stared at my ceiling wide eyed trying not to die for the next 5 hours fidgeting.


  2. Patrick Aug 15, 2012

    Still listening but just wanted to say, Brandon thanks for the story, don’t EVER think you can do that crazy shit again.

    I am so happy I was right that Sony All stars turd brawl is a steaming pile of crap at least at this moment.

    In the 3rd neptunia game they the creator of disgaea in the game and he uses a prinny as a weapon.


    • Patrick Aug 15, 2012

      Just to add, i have been playing spelunky almost nonstop at least an hour a day I died more than 400 times before I was finally able to win the game through the main path. It’s tough but gives you that classic feel of beating a balls hard cartridge game.


      • Anonymous Aug 15, 2012

        hell, every time you reach the next area you feel a little accomplished. I’ve accrued over 200 deaths, and only just made it through the ice caves.


        • Patrick Aug 15, 2012

          Ice caves are the easiest if you have the jetpack/cape and a compass. Especially if the shopkeepers are after you because they just run off the edge and kill themselves when the see you.

          I actually figured out a pretty effective system to get through each level except for the 4th since its complete chaos and mired with traps. I still need to play through the special stages and find the secret in world 4.


          • that “anonymous” was me, for the record. And If i haven’t found a cape by the time i get to the jungle, i kill myself and start over, because it’s not worth going forward


          • Patrick Aug 15, 2012

            why? you can always go to the black market in the jungle and buy one if you save the gold


  3. sometimes, you just gotta hug it out, bro


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