JKP Presents: Gamescom 2012, Starring Nik the Unpronounceable: Day 2

August 18, 2012

Did you see yesterday’s Nik impressions? No? Go do so. He does a mean Nicholson. Onto day 2!

Oh boy,what a day. Such good things can happen if you go to the con 5 hours before it closes… like playing some video games without waiting. Yey for patience. Well let’s start with Metal Slug online free 2 play, as that is exactly what everybody wanted. Say what? Tablets only? Perfect! Already I had low hopes, but what I saw was even worse.

So it has a RPG/farm ville/Mafia wars setting, where you select missions or something (too much crap on the screen) and when you get to the actual game, it is just a arena style game, where you have to kill soldiers. Now since Metal Slug is a 2D shooter, with precise movement required, using the touchscreen was horrible and the button placements were even worse then ever imagined. Good thing people didn´t notice the game, or else it would have been quite bad for the franchise.

Next up, the new Hitman. The game has been fixed! Cover mechanic, perfect. Visuals, perfect. Bad AI, gone. 3rd person shooting, perfected. Controls, need some time getting used to, since they are changed for the good of the game. Honestly this was the biggest surprise so far at GamesCom and as a long time Hitman fan, I could not be happier.

It’s good that Hitman is making a comeback, because now there’s one more person Zack can cosplay.

So I played Doom 3 BFG…it´s doom, but with all the p’s, throw in an expansion, some 3D (well done I might add) and that would be it. Now in other Bethesda news…

They announced a Sonic crossover in the next Skyrim Expansion.

It´s the game that whould have been Bioshock 2. Spell/range weapon in 1 hand, knife in the other, mana pool, stealth mechanics, great combat….I played this on a console and even though I´m a PC gamer, I still loved it.

Here we see legendary war hero Captain “Buttery” Porkins and his Hungry Commandos posing with someone who doesn’t know how jeans work.

Ok now I got you way too excited, so let´s get you back down to earth.

No, I don’t wanna. I’m leaving on the hype bus and you can’t stop me.

So last year Activision’s CoD and EA´s Battlefeld went with a sort of electro static look (more so battlefield 3) and this year they are at it again…kinda. Since trailers for the New Call of Duty and Medal of Honor came out a month or 2 ago, they seemed totally different and I can confirm they are, but after actually playing Blops 2 today, they share a similar thing, which is also something that Borderlands has. Cell shading.

This nice lady managed to snap a picture posing with the soldiers from FIFA 13.

With Borderlands, cool, it´s a stylized game and that works, but then you see the light cell shading of MoH and CoD, which could mean current gen consoles are at their limits and this is a cheap way to get a few more frames into the game, is this going to be a trend, or is are they going the Nintendo Sony way. In any case, I don´t care, as the CoD multiplayer is the same, except for the new brodcasting feature and I still have not forgiven EA for the last MoH, so there:)

They know. They’ve deployed drones to change your mind.

Well that´s day 2, stay tooned as we go into the magical world of Japan! Hint, may contain robots and ninjas,emphasis on may.


Thanks Nik! We’ll be back tomorrow for Day 3!

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2 comments on “JKP Presents: Gamescom 2012, Starring Nik the Unpronounceable: Day 2

  1. sorry for the unrelated pics, but thats what you get when you can´t find good cosplay, or interesting shots.
    But good macros Josh :D


    • No worries. You have no idea how big my funny internet pictures folder gets just in case something like this comes up.


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