IGNgate 2012: Impostors and Traffic Boosts

August 12, 2012

So, hello to everyone who is clicking that link from an IGN comment, and let me be the first to say:

  1. We’re glad to have so many new visitors, and
  2. We are absolutely NOT the ones commenting on that IGN article.

The responsible party/parties are clearly familiar with our site and our show, as they have now impersonated both me (hello, my name is Brandon), and now a friend of the show and recurring guest, Emily, within the same thread. That’s not cool.

To clear the air a bit: We did not create this podcast/blog just to get a free, annual ticket to E3. None of us have ever been to E3, nor have we ever had the traffic statistics to warrant a free ticket into E3, either. (This situation would probably be a little less frustrating if we did, as the imposter’s comments claim.)

We started this podcast as a way to reliably and regularly hang out while also being productive and, ideally, entertain some folks along the way. We seem to have done that with a concentrated handful of engaged listeners, and that’s more than enough to keep us going. We have one ad banner on our blog and we make zero dollars off this entire endeavor. We keep doing this for a number of shifting, complicated, and sentimental reasons, but none of them have ever had anything to do with getting into a convention.

And, lastly, if you’re the listener/fan/maniac who’s posting under our names for the sake of increased traffic to JKP, for the love of god: STOP. We’re not mad, sweetie. We’re just disappointed.

Some screencaps and such shall follow after the jump.

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10 comments on “IGNgate 2012: Impostors and Traffic Boosts

  1. We would never, ever, ever comment on the Mars Rover because none of us, maybe save for Harrison, are smart enough to do so. The best I could do is stare at the 360 panorama shot on Nasa’s website and go “wow”.


    • Brandon Aug 12, 2012

      Speak for yourself, you caveman.


      • So what, you said “cool” instead?


        • Brandon Aug 13, 2012

          It takes less than half an hour of reading something other than Cracked articles to become knowledgeable enough for commentary.


    • I’m going to agree with Brandon and STOP SAYING “WE”, DAMMIT.


      • Yes fine, you’re all geniuses. On tomorrow’s recording, you actually do get to talk about the Mars rover for the entire first half or you owe me dinner.


        • "Brandon" Aug 13, 2012

          Ok, folks, get ready for some serious Mars talk between me, Tim, Herrison and Zach. Jash will be working to divert us from the topic in hopes of earning his dinner for the first time in a long time.


  2. Shadra Aug 12, 2012

    Can I be Dr. Melzer and talk about the Mars Curiosity mission on the podcast? I took two semesters of college astronomy, I could be the president of NASA.


  3. I don’t understand this. They linked your site which resulted in a jump in views which is good, but reading the comments they all sound condescending which is bad. I guess I’m just over thinking the whole thing.


    • I think you are more on the line of confused, as we all are…lieing about site(+traffic), but hateing for no reason(-bad first opinion)….I don’t know what to think of they any more…Brandon, ok, a small haha, move on..but Emily? Now that’s takeing it a bit far


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